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I am jealous. I miss the PNW!
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Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post
I am jealous. I miss the PNW!
I'm jealous too. If we do it again in 2011, I'm totally in!

Plady ~ for Nora

Lala ~ for you!

I'm having the post-parent-visit blues. I miss having all that help! But I finally made it to the YMCA today and did a 10 minute walk, 30 minutes of elliptical intervals, and my hammy stretches. Then my core endurance class tonight. Nice to be moving again, even if it's not running.

I am really unsure about what to do with my Indy Mini registration. Sell it? Run/walk the race? Walk the entire thing? I'm in a freaking preferred corral, but there is no way I'll be running from there! I'm already 3 weeks behind on the training and still have another few days of no running ahead. What think you, Dingoes????
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Hey Dingoes - work is commencing on the 2010 dingo shirts. Can y'all check into the race list on pg1 of this thread and see if it's accurate? DrJen is the race list curator, so PM her for any changes or additions.

Got my workout done today

Now DH is sick. All of the sudden. yuck. he's not fun to be around while sick.
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Okay...so those that know me? Do I have a rotten egg stench? Is there something basically obnoxious about me? I cannot figure out what is going on, but it just seems like I cannot find a niche with the homeschooling groups. I find a group that is very open, diverse, and think, "yes!" And yet, just never have found a connection. Kind of feel a little like I'm on the outside looking in. Then I find two women with kids my age who approach HS so much like me, have similar philosophies about what kids need, etc. And yet it seems like they cancel all the time on me. On me. If one person cancels, the other just immediately tells me they aren't up for it. Then, someone sends out an invite for a get together and I say what day I can't do it. So what day is it scheduled for? Then, someone I've been looking forward to having over for dinner for a long time sends out a feeler message about cancelling. I dunno. Those that do hs, have you found it hard to find that connection? It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't that dd needs that social so much. I can handle less, I'm more introverted than she is. But I'm having a hard time with this because I feel like they're messing with my baby.
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bbm, I have found it hard to make connections with the homeschooling crowd, too. Honestly, I have one good friend/family that homeschools and other than that... none? There are a few people I know that I will occasionally get together with, but not on a regular basis.

This year we have really cut back our socialising because I am working so much more. I need to be home to make soap, list stuff online, do homeschooling stuff, play games, etc.. etc... I just can't be going everywhere to gtg with people. It is hard, but if I don't make money then we can't hs, so that's how it is for now.

I feel like I often am turning people down or cancelling because of my business/lack of time management skills. Maybe some of them are that way?

I'm sorry you are having a hard time finding some like-minded friends. It is hard.
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Runningmommy--I hope your ears start feeling better soon; they have been making you miserable for awhile. It will be great if the antibiotics can knock out whatever's brewing in there.

Geo--You are SO welcome to all of the winter cold from Massachusetts. Today it started to snow and I nearly started to cry.

grnmtnmama--Eek, the race list is going on the shirts? I guess I'd better sign up for something. Probably the local 5K is safe.

Thanks for all of the virtual hugs. I decided my main problem was that after the doctor's visit I bribed DS with a trip to Dunkin' Donuts, where I ordered a SMALL coffee for myself. It gave me major anxiety for the rest of the day, which made these minor issues seem not so minor. When DH got home, I was already coming down from my caffeine high and he talked me through the rest.

Tonight we went to this great book night at our local bookstore. They had representatives from DD's school (kindergarten teacher, gym teacher, music teacher, principal, librarian) and townspeople (fire fighter, police officer, town librarian) sit and read children's books to whatever kids showed up. Man, that principal is a rock star to the kids! There was no pressure to buy stuff, but a portion of all of the sales from the evening goes to the school. I managed to find things for my niece's and my grandmother's birthdays, which was an added bonus.

Tomorrow I face the librarians and pay for my book. It's just that I appreciate the library so much but I already feel like I'm kind of a pain, since I request a ridiculous number of books for them to hold for me. So to now be not just a pain but also the pain who ruins books.... is hard for me to handle. Eek. It will be fine, I'm sure.
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bbm, that sucks. i've had a hard time connecting where i am but i *think* it's b/c of religious reasons. i get the impression they tend to meet up only with those who go to the same church. i can't seem to get a darn thing going and i even made a listserv for the group. which is why i am heavily involved in activities right now: baseball, taekwondo, horseback riding & violin lessons, and they do the offertory at church - all of it for both boys. i know it's not me but just the lifestyle out here and i know i can't change that. i keep hoping someone else will join us who are just the people looking for us.

hi maplesugar. yum, that sounds good. i love maple candy. where are you?

la4, i have and hate days like that, too.

Originally Posted by memiles View Post
I just had a run that made me remember that I actually love running. Only 4 miles, slower than dirt, still a bit weird on my right leg, but DAMN it felt good. After reading Born to Run in practically one sitting I've been pondering my form and shoe choices, so today I went out in the uber light nikes I bought because they were cute when I started c25k way back when. Compared to my clunky, uber corrective NBs, I could feel the road, I could feel that a heel strike doesn't feel good and that midfoot does, and I felt about 20 lbs lighter. Now I just need to remind myself that I've still got to get the hip healed, that I'm not in any hurry, and that slow and steady wins the race.

But, again....damn that felt good.
i know just what you mean!! it's hard to explain but an addictive feeling, for sure. I actually love running more now than ever before.

speaking of, MAMABETH, where are you? i have a bf question. i know there's a forum on rw, but i just can't dial-up another page right now. you said you would run with your Vibrams - how did you do it? I tried that today and i just hated carrying something. i guess i'm not used to that. i never carry anything, not a phone, water bottle, etc.

Mandy, Sorry ds is sick! So I haven't added mine to the list yet b/c I'm still vaccillating between the 5K and the half-marathon. I guess I'll just decide. Pressure...

So I went out for a 4-mile bf run today. I warmed up on gravel for the 1/3 mile of my driveway and then another portion on the other dirt road until I got to the paved road. i wore minimalist shoes for this but then took them off for the 4-mile paved portion. I really like how this particular pavement feels on my feet, so I didn't want to run with shoes. Plus, I find I get a better upper body workout with the less that's on my feet. So i took them off and carried them. My time wasn't so great - back to 12-min miles which was a disappointment b/c I ran 10:15 min miles last Sat in Austin. But I was super-distracted. I dedicated the race to someone I'm very close to who has cancer and it looks like does not have long to live. I'm very close to the whole family and was almost in tears the whole run, was distracted by holding the shoes, etc. I know I can do better. I can for sure run the 5K on May 1st. I'd like to run the half-marathon, however.

JayGee, you're race is the week after mine. Where are you in the training? I have no program and I'm just winging it. What are your long runs at this point?
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(((BBM)))) and some for N as well. It stinks. I have been in phases of my life like that and I hate it. Just for the record: I would have a play date with you two if you lived closer. We aren't homeschooling .... but um, apparently the stuff we do for "fun" is what the local crowd does for homeschooling? I get that a lot from the "homeschooling" crowd. Coincidentally this crowd mostly parents of 4.5 year olds, has suddenly decided that I'm not a total freak for sending my kids to private preschool and public school. Since my Erin retains a lot of her sense of "self" the school must not be too bad --- err or maybe we're figured out how to encourage something that might have happened naturally. In any event I find myself in an unusual place of trying to explain my schooling choices often to the 4.5 year old crowd I know from prenatal yoga with my youngest. For the record I often felt very left-out and very isolated because I didn't claim I would homeschool right from birth. Geez. Somehow we as a society try to pigeon-hole each other and it turns out just because someone is doing something differently it doesn't mean they are doing a bad job. Anyhow that was a long way to say, Kathleen if you guys can get here, I'd take you and DD any day.

blah blah blah >>more daisy scout leader crap <<< blah blah blah
Both of my co-leaders bailed on me tomorrow. One has a family emergency. One is just a freaking flake. But the meeting is a 5 in my hometown. I work until 4:50 about 20 minutes away (from close office door, walk to car, drive, etc.). Apparently dh will be leading the show until I can get there. Why am I doing this again? 6 more meetings. 6 more meetings. I can totally do it.
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la4, that is me. i request a ridiculous number of books, too. i have found that some librarians love me for it and think it rocks. my books are always waiting for me behind the desk and so the kids arent' tempted to run around like i crazy while i search. mostly, they love it, however, there is this one town where the librarian is so mean i learned she is called the library-nazi (ala soup nazi) behind her back. after i was there one afternoon for several hours with the kids spread on the floors reading quietly (there were zero other people there the entire time, or they would've moved) she posted a sign after we left, limiting everyone's library use to an hour!!! even if you're on your own computer! imagine having a maximum amount of time to spend in library. that did it. we go out of our way to drive to other libraries now. oh and i've been wanting to ask you where you are in mass. oh and are we fb friends? i still don't know who's who?
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Dana I think you should go and just press the limit. Make her ask you to leave.

I view a library book as something one is careful with, but it's not a white-glove affair. If something happens to the book, I accept responsibility and pay for it. But I don't feel *horrible* about it (unless it was truly not an accident or I tried to slip it in without someone noticing). I mean sometimes when I'm reading a kids book and nursing I do spill something on it (or in one instance sprayed it with breastmilk due to my overactive letdown).
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Thanks for the welcomes!

It will be encouraging to read here as i embark on my running adventures. I have been snowshoeing all winter, so we'll see how that serves me.
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Thank you, SS! A nice little package of happiness in my mailbox tonight, soooo needed after my day o' aggravation and (literal) headache.

Speaking of which, I have retreated to bed, albeit taking the laptop w/me and watching tv still, so is it really that different from the couch? I'm hoping it will encourage me to actually go to sleep a little early so I can be up at the crack of dawn to drive up for orientation for the job I don't really want.
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for Nora. So glad that she is getting good care over there.

maplesugar - welcome!

bbm - it took us a long time to find our HS niche, too. Lots of times I attributed it to religious reasons like someone already mentioned. The rest of the time I figured it was just my pretty extreme introvertedness. It took some time but we finally found (made?) a great group. You will too.

drjen - could you please add the Palos Verdes Marathon on May 15 to the list for me? Thank you!

jaygee - you'll be able to do a pretty decent run/walk by then, right? Would you enjoy that and be able to stick to your walking schedule in all the excitement of the race? If it were me, I'd probably rather skip it than run/walk it, but I'm weird.

So jealous of all who can request library books for free. Our library charges $1 per book. So often the computer says the book should be there but I can't find it on the shelf. I wish I could have somebody else do all that work for me!

rr: 13.5 miles. I'm fighting off the gnarly cough that my kids have (lots of raw garlic - I smell so good!) and I could definitely feel it on the run. Tired and sluggish but I got it done.
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Hey, all!

OK, jumping in real quick to chime in that anyone can FB message me to coordinate travel plans for the Ragnar. I live south of Seattle (close to Tacoma), so if we have enough time to coordinate efforts I could pick folks up at SeaTac on the way north, or you could come a day early and take a shuttle to where I live to crash overnight.

Plenty of time to plan the fine details. I've never done a relay before, but I assume a big rental van will be needed at some point...!
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Hey there everybody! I sure have been missing my dingo fix lately.

to everyone who is sick, bummed out, stressed out or injured!!

So sorry to hear of your friends' daughter, Plady. How scary that must be for them. I hope she is on the mend and back home soon.


Ragnar sounds fabulous. I have a relay planned with my brother and his running family/friends in the fall. September, I think... I'll have to look into it so I can maybe get it on the t-shirt too!!

cfg: a dollar a book!!! That's outrageous!! Is that a county library? I would totally complain. What the heck.

Loft: OK, that story about the library nazi is also outrageous! Who ever heard of a library with a time limit!? I have got to tell my mom about that. She was a librarian in the county library system where I grew up and she would just freak out to hear that.

So on the library topic, La4, don't stress about it. The librarians have to deal with stuff like that all the time and they won't think you are a bad person for getting a book wet, believe me. Seriously, you are one of their good customers if you keep coming back, requesting books and are teaching your kids about loving books and libraries. Really.

I've been running a lot (for me) and feeling physically pretty good, but mentally in an absolute hole. I'm feeling very alienated from my family Nothing specific, I suppose, just being far away. I'm going to get some Easter packages out this week and next, and hopefully that will make me feel better.

FM, I've worked up to an 8 mile run again, and will do 9 this Saturday. I'm feeling a little bit better, fitness wise, and am adding back in my push-ups and sit-ups, along with some downward dog and other good yoga poses for stretching.
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bbm, I haven't read to catch up past your post but yes, I did have trouble. A few years ago another mom sought me out as she thought our oldest boys would get be a good fit and in her efforts to facilitate teir friendship we became friends. I have many homeschool acqaintances that hug me when they see me but she is the only one that calls to arrange things. Any other hs families we get together with I actually know form LLL. I can try and explain why but I fear sounding judgemental and horrible. My suggestion would be to find a couple of friends for your dd and work to cultivate those specifically. Other homeschoolers are nice due to scheduling and shared interests.
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I'm consistently surprised by the various library policies out there that work to reduce people's access to books. I've got a couple of bullying books waiting for me, requested from other libraries in the system. K's got a book waiting for her that was picked out by our children's librarian. I wish you all could come to our library. The only catch is that I won't let you dominate our children's librarian's time on Saturdays. She's ours.

BBM, following on kerc's comment, for the group around here, I watched some of the "I'm gonna homeschool" crowd through AP groups develop into a rather cliqueish group during the preschool years. I can imagine that if I were to insert myself into that crowd now, it would take a very long time. You also have the added variables of having a job, and having two amazingly smart, energetic, and creative children. I'm sorry it's being so hard for you. Speaking of, any idea when the rails to trails might be clear and we could meet up?
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more on homeschooling - the big difference is they have religion and I have brilliant children. Nothing being blunt. Maybe some of the clickishness combined with me straddling all possible boundaries is why I don't feel like a real part of any group. On the other hand it could be my general abrasiveness.

La4 - We accidentally destroyed an out of print children's picture book. I am struggling to recall which one but I had it for the maximum time available as I tried and tried to buy a copy for myself. Finally, I went to return it and something happened on the way to the library. The details are slipping my mind but it did feel horrible. The librarians took it in stride and assured me the book was worn when I got it. they even let me check out dozens of books that day.

JG - I would want to sell the race slot but the details wouldn't happen Iso I would just out it out of mind. I have a similar struggle going on over the flying pig. If I do run it it won't be pretty.

I have found the level of commitment I can handle right now: Substitute coach for Girls on the Run. Our season starts today and there are two places I am subbing for. Alice is in one and the other is in the next town over. I hope they don't need me too often as it will be a stretch to get there on time after school.

Geo, I hope I didn't hurt your feeling with the science ed stuff. I love a good project but struggle to get started. I tend to order kits but that is an expensive way to go. BTW, I still dream about the granola and yogurt post marathon. I am not sure if was the best I've ever had or if anything tastes that good after a marathon.

I ran a little over 4 miles on the TM. It feels so hard. I am not sure if it is time off or the TM or what. I am hoping to run a few miles outside this weekend and see how that goes. Foot: Beware the road camber and random rocks!
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I love our library. La4, I have ruined a book...in fact, I checked it out and lost it from my stroller on my way home. I didn't return it...someone else found it and returned it for me. I've spent hours there. It's built on the river with a view of a dam and cormorants and sailboats in summer. *sigh* and next to it is a small park with an amphitheater and a splash fountain, where they hold the farmer's market. We were just discussing our bikes. I hope to have everyone on a semi-decent bike this summer, so we can bike in and tool around the library, parks and downtown, pack in our lunches, maybe hit the pool. Summer is going to be AWESOME.

Dh is home today. Not sick (sorry, Mandy!), but taking a day off. He's going to put the kids on the bus and I am going to hit the Y early and work the full day (more or less ). Hoping to do a double this morning, run and bike maybe.
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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
Geo, I hope I didn't hurt your feeling with the science ed stuff. I love a good project but struggle to get started. I tend to order kits but that is an expensive way to go. BTW, I still dream about the granola and yogurt post marathon. I am not sure if was the best I've ever had or if anything tastes that good after a marathon.
No offense, I guess I was just trying to express that I have a lot of resources to draw upon. Academics share ideas when they come up with something good, so there are a lot of good ideas out there. It's just a matter of adapting them to your audience. Ironically, it now appears as though the age 6-10 audience isn't that different than the 18-22 audience.

Northstar cafe is awesome anytime, not just after a marathon. C'mon back and I'll take you again.

OK, into the tunnels of the lab. Time to decompress my sample.
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