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Originally Posted by Lusa's Mom View Post
So here's my question, yes our little friend loves his giraffe, but it's made of "natural rubber" isn't that latex? The same thing LOTS of people are allergic to?
What most latex allergic people are allergic to are in fact the chemicals used in "manmade" latex for lack of a better term.

I'm latex allergic, but have no difficulty with true real latex. But get near me with a latex glove and I'll swell up.
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I'm sure DS would love Sophie, but I'm allergic to latex, and DD2 has a worse reaction than I have ever had (and she's had MUCH less exposure) so we can't chance it in our house.
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My DD LOVES Sophie. She has had her since around 2 months and still loves her (now 8.5 months). It was her first real teether that she could get in her mouth herself and she smiles when she sees her. We actually have 2 (my mom bought her a replacement just in case). I have seen them go on sale at Toys R Us.
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I'm so glad to see this thread. I didn't know it was latex and was planning to get one for the next baby. I'm allergic so that won't be happening now!
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Sophie is currently on sale at Amazon for 14.95$.
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DS loves his Sophie. It's been a godsend.
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We received two Sophie's as gifts. At three months and teething, the hooves and head were too large for son's mouth. However, now (two teeth later) at four and one week, he is able to mouth it very well and enjoys this toy quite a bit.
However, we constantly have to hide it from one of our dogs, she desparately wants Sophie. It does look exactly like a dog toy! I only wish dog toys all had the food grade paint that Sophie has.
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I would have never even considered Sophie if it were not a gift. I thought it would just be a cute toy to sit on DD's dresser and collect dust. Not so!! She LOVES that thing! I do not know exactly what the attraction is, but Sophie seems to be very likable among the little ones!
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My DD loves Sophie... but DS re-named her Rio.

Why we like her:

* DD could hold her by herself really early on, at about 4 months. It's easy for her to hold onto now at 7 months
* Lots of places to chew: Legs, horns, neck
* DD likes the squeakiness
* She's big enough to be easy to find around the house (ours moves around a lot), but
* She isn't prohibitively large.

She is overpriced, though. No doubt.
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My DD loves her Sophie too! I found her for about half price on amazon. And then my sister gave me a hand-me-down Sophie a few weeks later (didn't know she had one). So now we have two and one stays in the diaper bag.

The legs are very grabbable for little hands and they can easily shove a hoof in their mouth for teething even when they are still fairly uncoordinated. My dd also loves to mash the head in her mouth because of the nubby little horns, nose and ears.

It's very lightweight and the soft rubber is perfectly pliable for chomping. I wasn't sure she'd like it, but it's definitely her absolute favorite. Everytime I pull it out and give it a squeak, she goes wild!
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My 6 month old adores her sophie.
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yet anther sophie lover here!
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I got DS a sophie for xmas and he likes her a lot I've since gotten a couple sophies for friends who have babies and they've all been pretty impressed thus far
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i gotta say...you all are making a pretty convincing case....might have to splurge
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I just ordered one based on this thread alone.
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My DD isn't absolutely in love with her Sophie but in the car when we are traveling it keeps her quiet for longer. Here's hoping I haven't given her latex allergy for life.
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We bought a Sophie for our baby (due in May) after reading all the glowing reports on MDC too I found her on eBay for less than the usual price (proper shop not a private seller).
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We got Sophie as a gift, and I pulled it out for my 3.5 month old son - and sure enough, he loved it. Started gumming her little ears right away.
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Hmmm. Might need to buy one now!
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Sophie us still very popular at our house. My LO is 13 months and still loves to chew her. Sophie's shape is perfect for little hands to hold onto independently. I decided to go for it after DD cut her lip chewing on her wooden giraffe.
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