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So, what did you think about the Oscars?

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I really enjoyed it! I thought Billy Crystal did a great job!

I am so happy that Tim and Sean won! They have been so put down by the media. I liked that Tim used his few minutes to talk about abuse. I also enjoyed Sean's WMD comment. I am surprised they left it in. I like that the winner of the short film category compared the war to Veitnam.

I am very happy that Lords won all the awards it was nominated for!!

What did you all think???????
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I loved it, but hated that there wasnt enough red carpet time. I love looking at Fashion!

The music was really good. I loved Alison Kraus, both songs, and Annie Lennox. I would love to see Annie and Sting get together!.....to sing.

I didnt get to see alot of the movies this year, but a good portion of them.
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I thought the 2 songs from cold mt. and the LOTR song were pretty boring.

I thought that 'Mitch and Mickey' (the song from a Mighty Wind) was hilarious and should have won (if you haven't seen the film you wouldn't get the subtle humor of their performance).

I thought Jack Black and Will Farrell were freakin' HILARIOUS.

I'm glad I have tivo and can fast foward through all the crap.

I think Uma Thurman had on a weird dress, and that half the women looked like they were in wedding gowns. Can't decide if I like Liv Tyler's new look.

I loved seeing all my hobbits together again, one last time. The boys look cute in their ties...
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We didn't watch it.........

I'm overjoyed Sean Penn won..........can anyone sum up what his speech was for me???
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A much deserved win for Sean!

He got a standing ovation from the crowd.....as this was his first and IMHO he should have gotten it for Dead Man Walking a few years back.

He thanked everyone from the movie, esp Clint, professionaly and humanly, and his mother who was there and his father who wasnt (he looked up), and then thanked his wife Robin, who has been with him on this rollercoaster ride. I saw later backstage he talked about having a loving partner and how that is the drive to do better career-wise, when you have that love behind you. Very touching!
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I thought it was great. The begining was was hilarious! I wish the French song would have won. And where was Viggo??
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And where was Viggo??

YES! WHere was the beautiful man-god??????? He was sorely missed!
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Not a bad show. I loved that Michael Moore showed his sense of humor about himself in the opening bit. I always get annoyed Oscar night since I moved here. The red carpet shows on cable I get live in the middle of the afternoon. The Awards show itself they tape delay 90 minutes to 2 hours... so if I want to maintain any suspence I have to stay offline during the slow parts of the show and screen calls. Ugh.

I agree about the songs! That french song rocked! And the one from Mighty Wind was fun... the others were just dull. Did anyone else think it felt weird to have them all bunched up? Annie et al only won because LOTR was in sweep mode. I am still bummed no one from LOTR was even nominated for an acting award. That was just dumb. Anyone who has seen the films agrees, the technical achievment is astonishing but it is the story and the strength of the actors telling it that made the films great. I just KNEW if they won Best pic they would drag the whole lot of them onstage, so I was glad they got the chance.

Loved the new thing of having the star of the nominated pictures introduce the clips from their own film. Bloody brilliant. Why did no one think of it before?

Best line of the night: I am SO relieved LOTR is not nominated in this catagory.

One thing I loved in Sean Penns speech was I was actually wondering if he had forgotten to say Robin... he mentioned his kids, his parents, Clint, the others in the film.. and then he thanked Robin 'being with me on this roller coaster ride I am beginning to enjoy' and she smiled this darling smile and nodded. I loved that moment.

Anyone else thinking that the three extended tributes (Bob Hope, Kate, and oh hell... I forget the third biggie that they kicked off the montage of dead folks with) is going to become more and more regular? Hollywood royalty is aging and dying... every year for a while there are going to be a fair number of people whose career warrents more than simply inclusion in the 'dead guy reel'. It could become a problem.
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I thought it was boring. Boring fashions, predictable winners, and uneventful speeches. I went to bed early....
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So, did you like the song that Will Farrell and Jack Black sang? The boring song.....
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... by kama'aina mama
... Best line of the night: I am SO relieved LOTR is not nominated in this catagory ...

Don't ask me why, but the instant I read this I remembered being much, much younger and watching some music awards show ?? and hearing some winner say "And Thank You Stevie Wonder for not being nominated in this category."

No, I didn't watch the Oscars. Just sort of heckling y'all ...

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Re: So, what did you think about the Oscars?

Originally posted by Marg of Arabia
I I also enjoyed Sean's WMD comment. I am surprised they left it in.
I love Sean Penn, it was awesome to see Spicoli at the Oscars! I have grown up with him and he just is so cool. I however love Johnny Depp to, all the way back to 21 Jump Street so I was a bit conflicted, I did think Sean's preformance was more worthy of the Oscar.

I was soooo pleased when Sofia Coppolla won too!

One quick question: What does WMD stand for?
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Re: Re: So, what did you think about the Oscars?

Originally posted by mountain mom

One quick question: What does WMD stand for?
I got that one---Weapons of mass destruction

But who the heck is Viggo??
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He was in LOTR...yummmmm
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But who the heck is Viggo??
Only the hottest King ever!!!!!!!!!
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I thought it was pretty dull--no upsets--everyone who was predicted to win ended up winning. It is always nice to have one or two shockers.

Everyone looked ok, but all seemed to be in white or off-white of some kind. I love Renee Z. and Catherine Z-J, though. They are so curvy and "womanly"--such a nice change from stick thin.

Sean Penn was totally adorable. He actually looked sort of overwhelmed at the standing ovation. My DH thinks I am weird, but I think ol' Sean is incredibly sexy . . .

What was the deal with Bill Murray? Was he really upset that he lost? Was he really trying to leave? I can't imagine . . . I think all the predictions were that Sean Penn would win, so Bill M. should have been prepared.

Oh well, back to reality . . .
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Sean Penn

somewhat boring fashions...boring thank you's...

everyone seemed a little "off" or something.

I thought Sean's winning was the most genuine moment of the night. I was happy to see his wife Robin with him and Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins..they seem like family.
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Viggo wasn't there because Disney has him busy shlepping for Hidalgo (which comes out friday).

Viggo - nummy, but I have a weird thing for a couple of hobbits.

I was shocked by the way Johnny Depp looked - his haircut made him look 21 again, way hot!

I don't think Bill Murray was really upset, but I read that the director had to talk him into coming, and promised him he could say anything and talk for as long as he wanted if he won... I remember him saying "if Bill starts in on Pebble Beach Golf stories, this thing won't be over until 4am!". I think Billy was just playing off that...

I cracked up at Tim Robbins' sons, I bet that is the last time they put pre-teen boys in the front row! I can't remember what had happened but they looked *way* bored.
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Oy! How did I forget the "You're Boring" song! High point of the night, entertainment-wise!

I think Bill was deeply disappointed. He has waited his whole life for a role like this. He is unlikely to ever be nominated again. He knows that. Sean has had other nominations and will have more. Which is not to say that is how the awards should be decided, but that's how disappointment gets awarded, ya know?
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