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Originally posted by owensmom
I was shocked by the way Johnny Depp looked - his haircut made him look 21 again, way hot!
Anyone catch the pre-show, where one of the emcees insisted on introducing the little girl from "Whale Rider" to Johnny Depp??? She looked like she was in shock, and Johnny Depp appeared to get that, and he was very gentle and kind with her, trying to put her at ease during a most awkward moment that was forced upon her.
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Marg, I smiled at your OP. You and I thought the same things were the high notes!

My take on Bill Murray was that he was overcome by everyone's affection for him-Billy Crystal saying they loved him, etc. How far he's come, etc. My spin, I know. :LOL
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Don't ask me why, but the instant I read this I remembered being much, much younger and watching some music awards show ?? and hearing some winner say "And Thank You Stevie Wonder for not being nominated in this category."

OMG!! I remember that too......It was at the Grammys the year after Stevie had one 2 years in a row for his two lps, the last being HOTTER THAN JULY!! Glad Im not the only old fogie in the group!LOL!
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Hobbits=cute. Where was Orly? Next to me eating popcorn. Heh.

JD is a god. He has a movie coming out very soon! A scary one. Iwas hoping he would win for Best Actor. Oh well. One day...

That introduction between him and the 13 yr old was the rudest thing. That interviewer guy was a creep.

Anybody else hate Juila Roberts? I am so over her.

In the Joan pe-show, she was interviewing Charlize and did not know who her cute boyfriend was. Stuart Townsend, Lestat himself! He is being so supportive of Charlize, despite being an actor himself.

Joan has got the collagen fishlip look goin on now. Stupid look.

OK, /fan girl rant (I sound 12)
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I noticed that Angelina Jolie DID NOT walk down stairs in that dress. I had to spell it out for my husband after I made that comment, though. His eyes got wide (no bra, no support, high heels, you do the math).
Marcia Gay Harden looked like a blueberry (in a good way).
I liked the Lord of the Rings director guy's outfit. With straining buttons and a too short tie and everything. His wife had quite the hairdo as well. They looked like they were having a grand time.

I don't think I saw any of the movies this year, so I don't have much to say about the awards. Oh. I did see Pirates. Mmmm Johnny Depp. My tivo kicked it off on time so I missed the last hour.
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No Orlando, no Viggo, no fair!

OTOH, Angelina Jolie, Sting, and Johnny Depp were yummadelic enough to cheer me up. Sort of.

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He got a standing ovation from the crowd.....as this was his first and IMHO he should have gotten it for Dead Man Walking a few years back.
I also thought he shoulda won the award for I Am Sam.

I loved Billy Crystals songs at the beginning!!! And, I loved the BORING song too :LOL

Yeah, I was happy with the awards. Super happy that LOTR won, cause they worked on that FOREVER, since high school they were scheming????

I thought it was funny when they showed the directors for other nominated movies, they were like, "Why oh why did my movie had to come out this year??? "....well, or sad I guess....
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i had a migraine and went to bed...can someone tell me about the jack black/will ferrell song?
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i wonder if sean's speech is anywhere online. I TiVo'ed it, so it cut off promptly at 11:30 or something :P Can anyone tell me more about it? I am shocked it was such a hit!
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Huge disappointment with all the Lord of the Nerds.....Peter Jackson looks like he rolled out of a dumpster.
I really hope he doesnt make any more films.
He has so much money now...he can kidnap George Lucas and start their own planet of Geeks!

Charlize rocked! And Will and Jack were great too!
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I met Viggo!

In my other life years ago when I worked for a non-profit literary arts place and he was no one BIG yet. He was, of course, married to Exene from X and I was with my honey (I've been with my honey forever) and so, well...I just gawked at him like all the gals I worked with did. He's a sweetie or at least he was. And good politics too says this unreconstructed progressive.

What a combo, those cheekbones, those eyes and good politics.

Sorry. Had to brag.

Now I have to sleep.

Sweet dreams.

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Originally posted by owensmom
I thought the 2 songs from cold mt. and the LOTR song were pretty boring.

I thought that 'Mitch and Mickey' (the song from a Mighty Wind) was hilarious and should have won (if you haven't seen the film you wouldn't get the subtle humor of their performance).
I loved the second song... mostly because I'm a Sacred Harp singer, so I'm totally biased. :LOL

But I completely agree about the Mitch & Mickey song. I love that movie - it's one of the few I own - and got totally sappy when they performed it again. For some reason, it's so incredibly touching (and hilarious at the same time)!
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Originally posted by anothermama
We didn't watch it.........

I'm overjoyed Sean Penn won..........can anyone sum up what his speech was for me???
I loved that he didn't have anything prepared. He said his kids felt it was presumptuous and pretentious to write an acceptance speech before you won. :LOL

It was very off-the-cuff and touching... he seemed like he was floundering for words, but that just added to the effect.
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Originally posted by kama'aina mama
I agree about the songs! That french song rocked!
Does anyone know who performed that? It looked like Squirrel Nut Zippers. I could only find information about the 2 people who wrote it on the Oscar site...
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Originally posted by alsoSarah
OTOH, Angelina Jolie, Sting, and Johnny Depp were yummadelic enough to cheer me up. Sort of.
I was having Johnny Depp flashbacks from junior high school... he looked adorable. And Angeline Jolie - I know she consistently gets passed off as a "freak", but I have a humongous amount of respect for her. She has tremendous dignity and poise, and apparently an amazing heart. And I was hugely impressed that she made no bones about being there alone when the red carpet guy asked her who she had come with. She said it as if it was the perfectly normal way to be.

And I'm now officially done serial posting. :LOL
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Sean said something like, "If there is one thing actors know, besides there are no weapons of mass destruction, is that there are no bests in acting..." He acknowledged his fellow nominees and a fewactors he respected, Jack Nicholsan and Robert Downey Jr. He was very genuine, imo and it was refreshing that he didn't pull out a sheet of paper. He thanked the people close to him.
Anyone else think it was odd the way Charlize thanked her "lawyer" and all that?
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Re: Angelina

I also liked when that putz of an announcer (the same one that embarrassed the 13 year old actress) asked Angelina if she would walk up the stairs, look back at him & wave. She was like yeah buddy. :
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He was, of course, married to Exene from X
WOW! I had NO IDEA he was married to Exene!!! Somehow I cant picture them together............what year was that?

He also has a book of poetry out.......and has showings of his artwork at major galleries........My kinda guy!
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Did anyone catch Catherine Zeta-Jones stupid "it's all about me" comment when she tried to open the envelope to announce (I think) best supporting actress? She said, "I have no nails" like anyone a. noticed or b. gave a shit.
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yes, I did notice that! And she is annoying. I am sick of KZ-J

Sean said:
Thank you. If there's one thing that actors know, other than that there weren't any wmds -- it's that there is no such thing as best in acting. And That's proven by these great actors that I was nominated with as well as the -- as well as the Giamattis, Cages, Downey Jrs., Nicholsons, etc. that were not nominated. We know how great all of you were. My daughter Dylan and son Hopper find it presumptuous and embarrassing to write a speech, and so I'm gonna give it a go without. God, I really thank Clint Eastwood professionally and humanly for coming into my life. The great, great cast that I had to work with, my friends. Where do you go? Dennis Lehane, Brian Helgeland, Ma. Dad. Robin, for being an undying emotional inspiration on this roller coaster I'm learning to enjoy. Thank you all very much.
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