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My Great Grandma

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My Great Grandma passed away about 8 1/2 years ago. Does she have any messages for me?

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Right off the bat I heard "Great Grandma Flo" so I hope that is who you are looking for.
The woman I'm seeing is wonderful!! She's cheery and plump..hugable, loveable and totally what you think of when you think of Grandmas. Smells like cookies...the whole bit.
In fact, baking cookies is coming up for me big hear. As if that's what she did a lot of. I see that giving back to her community was also important to her. It looks to me like she crocheted and made a lot of things like blankets and such for other people. Sick people, babies etc. What a giving woman.
And in that, her message is to continue that one. Be of service to others. She sees as a Spirit, that she did that so right and if she could pass anything along it's how truly important it is to be of service to others and make other people feel good. Invite them into your home, bake them cookies ( )
give them a shoulder to lean on.
Also, she enjoys it when ppl visit her grave.
And she is telling you to "buck up Sweetie, everything will be fine"

Hope this brings you a smile.

P.S. She smells good too. Sort of floral and cookies and warm all mixed together.

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Thanks Jamie, It's does bring a smile. She was the best Grandma ever!
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