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So... I wasn't neccesarily working out regularly before becoming pregnant. But I wasn't a couch potatoe either. Me and a friend try to walk together a couple times a week and I chase around a toddler and an almost toddler. DH just bought me Wii Fit Plus and I really want to start using it!! Is it ok to start doing it? Like, not hard core or anything but the lighter stuff... I just REALLY would like to not gain 50 pounds this time if possible...
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Any thoughts? Anyone at all??
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I would talk to your doctor, but I think light stuff should be fine. Listen to your body - if you get lightheaded, couldn't carry on a conversation, or it just doesn't "feel right," then stop.

Also, don't do anything that inverts you (though I can't imagine the Wii Fit would have you doing headstands?).

Those are the criteria even for those of us who work out regularly when not pregnant, so I would think they'd be the same for you?
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Lol the closest the wii fit gets to inverting you is a few yoga poses but those aren't hard to avoid. I know they say not to like... Start running if you weren't a runner before but I don't think this would be quite that strenuous.
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Yeah, I think the general rule is that you should still be able to carry on a conversation - and I am a runner and I can hardly run right now without being completely winded....so i think that's a good criteria!
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My midwife said if it feels Ok, do it.

If not, don't.

Seems pretty simple. She did say to watch out for shifting center of gravity, balance issues, and relaxing joints, but that's later, more like the middle of the second tri and onward.
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The best exercise non-exercising mama's can do for themselves while pregnant is walking and gentle stretching (like pre-natal yoga). I've been meaning to start the stretching exercises in Active Birth by Janet Balaskas. Her exercises help strengthen your thigh/leg muscles so you can achieve more squatting positions in labour for longer periods of time, as well as the rest of your body too.
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I just did some random wii fitting... I felt totally fine during it! I think I am going to kind of ease into it to make sure I don't push it too hard tho, just because I am a worry wart. I am not overly worried about excercises specifically for labor and pushing since I know I will be having a c/s but more about general fitness to make this pregnancy as easy as possible since I have my other 2 spawnlings to chase after too!! Me and one of my good friends are going to start walking again when she gets back from her trip Friday so that will be good too...
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