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S/O Do You Kiss Your Kids on the Lips?

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Someone on another thread said that lip kisses were only for lovers. I only have a 1 year old DD and my husband and I kiss her on the lips all the time. She knows the word "kiss" and she'll pucker her lips out and it's just the cutest thing ever. I will kiss her on the lips until it embarrasses her and she wants me to stop.
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I didn't used to, but at 3.5 yrs my DD1 insisted that I kiss her on the lips (but not DH). Funny.
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In our family, mouth-to-mouth kissing is for people who are romantically involved. But I've had friends who do mouth-to-mouth kissing with their parents even into adulthood. It's not for us, but I don't judge.
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We kiss on the lips.
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DD wanted to kiss everybody (friends, babies,animals, etc..) we finally instituted a no lips kissing rule just because it also meant satisfying her need to give kisses
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Yes, we kiss on the lips, too.
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We kiss on the lips. And we haven't had to discuss kissing differently with friends...not there yet!
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No kissing on the lips here. To easy to pass germs back and forth that way. But then I dont even kiss dh on the lips but for reasons other than germs.
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Baby to parent kisses on the lip aren't remotely romantic. I guess it will turn to cheek kisses when my son gets older. But for now, he's three. Even his father (king of the macho good ole boys) still kisses him on the lips.
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I'm in the "kisses on the lips are for lovers" camp. Which is fine for our little family, but extended family on DH's side do kiss on the lips. It's very strange to me as I didn't grow up with it, but I don't say anything about it.
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Lip kisser over here.
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Absolutely. DS is only 11 months; when he "kisses," he sucks on my whole mouth. I think it's hilarious.
I imagine when he's older (I don't know how much. 5-6+, perhaps?) we'll move to cheek/head kissing, but for now he's a baby. I'll take my lovin's where I can get 'em.
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Kissy lips here.
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Lippy kisses here too. My 2yo kisses everybody he knows on the lips. You can see him coming a mile away though, so those who prefer cheek kisses can just turn thier heads a bit.
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yup, at least until age 3 or so. heck, i'm 35 and still kiss my mom on the mouth.
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Lip kissers here too, though I know many people that are uncomfortable with it...I don't think you HAVE (or should be made to feel like you must) to kiss anyone you don't want to on the mouth! If you only want to kiss lovers, then that is perfectly fine. If I don't, then that's perfectly fine too.
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Lip kissing so far! My DD is 11 and it doesn't seem that we'll stop anytime soon...
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yes at DD's insistence.
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I usually kiss DS on the lips (he's 19 months). Once I turned my face so he would kiss my cheek. He stopped mid-kiss, put his hands on either side of my face, and turned my head so he could kiss my lips!
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Lip kisses here. DS2 would explode if he couldn't do lip kisses. Sometimes, he likes to give us "love kisses", which are long, big kisses, with a gigantic smacking sound at the end. It's kind of funny.
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