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I kissed my parents on the lips into the teen years.

I started out kissing DS on the cheek or head, but now he insists on lip kisses.
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lip kisses so far; I stopped kissing my parents some time in elementary school so it may happen the same way for us.
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Originally Posted by readermaid View Post
I'm in the "kisses on the lips are for lovers" camp.
Yep, us too!

I do kiss and hug my kids a lot. We just personally feel that lip kissing is too intimate for doing with your children.
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Yes, lip kisses! I never thought of it as being for romance only - b/c certainly that doesn't apply with children.
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its a cultural thing.

i grew up where kissing by itself is not a norm.

i do the lip kissey thing though.

however only with my dd.

for germs and respect of how other parents feel i dont kiss their child on the lips. actually i rarely kiss other kids. in fact now that i come to think of it, i am not comfortable with others kissing dd on her lips.

to me kissing on the lips means connection and i would not be comfortable seeing a not really close person kiss dd on the lips.
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We are lip kissers too. It actually never occurred to me that it had anything to do with lovers. Our kids are still really little. When they get older this may change.
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Lip kissers here too! When I was little I used to give my parents what I called "Fonzie kisses" - my parents still tease me about it, heh. I don't normally kiss my parents at all now, but the last few times my dad kissed me it was on the lips and I was an adult. And trust me, it felt nothing like kissing a lover!
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Dd is 8 and I don't very often anymore. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I haven't really thought about it much. We're much more of a hugging family.
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We kiss on the lips here too. My DS is 11. I still kiss my mom on the lips and I'm 36. I had no idea this was taboo.
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Of course we do :-).

(My youngest even kisses me on the but, lol: a little 3/4yo having a hugging and kissing mood, 'attacking' me with his strong love-filled pressure kisses and hugs wherever he can, picture child clinging to mom busy in kitchen and kissing her behind, loooool. )

For me, as a mom, soft kisses on the lips are the most natural expression of mother-child love (and vice versa :-), those are just the most wonderful love-filled kisses and I wouldn't want to have missed these, ever! When I get one of my youngest, I name it the 'sweetest kiss in the world'.

So yes me and my children do lip kisses.
But ONLY mother-child, or little siblings among one another, in our case.
I may personally also kiss a very good friend on the lips (and only rarely that happened), mostly just on the cheek with a big hug, but when it happens this also feels just natural and spontaneous :-).

I found out other people do not find lip-kisses that naturally: my dh did not grow up with lip kisses at all, in fact with not much kisses at all (cultural thing) and so he is not comfortable with it at all and was not comfortable upon seeing me do this with our children. We had a 'discussion' folloeing a situation where our toddler would be expected to 'kiss goodbye' a friend (adult) and then mistakenly kissed that person on the lips, one blamed for teaching to lip-kiss, the other for expecting child to kiss non-parent adult/stranger(to the child, and also to me).
Anyway, now both children are old and 'experienced' enough to know it's not to be done and they wouldn't accept any either !
So between me and my children it is very much our own thing and a cultural thing, and it's so normal and natural and lovely to us. But as a compromise towards my dh, we more or less limit it to the setting of our house since we also live in a culture where this is not much practised either. Also, my dh does not wish to be kissed on the lips by his children either, for him it does not feel natural nor 'right', so they use cheecks among themselves, and that's fine by me :-). The children now get these preferences/kissing 'rules' totally, and that's cool.
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Right now DS2 gives me teeth kisses. Which is him smiling while I kiss him on the teeth and he makes a "mwah!" sound. DS1 and I still kiss on the lips, most parents I know still do with their preschoolers.

As for germs, the minute they get their germy hands on me from school, I'm infected, so I don't sweat it. *G*
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Ah, no. Never. I only do cheek, forehead, nose. It feels very awkward for me to kiss my kids on the lips. Once my dad did that when I was grown up and it just felt very, very weird.
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Smoochy lip kisses here ! My DS also hasn't quite learned to kiss with his mouth closed so his kisses are rather sloppy . I'm going to soak up all the kisses I can because one day it'll be "eeeww mom, gross".

I love my baby's kisses . Dh also kisses him on the mouth, so does my mom and sisters. No one can turn that little smushy face away.
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DH gets cold sores (Herpes) and I've learned more about viral shedding than I ever wanted to know
So nope, no lip kisses here. Still lots of love though
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It feels incredibly awkward to me to do lip kisses with children. I think it's more on how you are brought up.

DSD always wants to kiss on the lips because that is how she was brought up and how her Mom and Dad kiss her, but it never felt right to me and I always turn my head for her to get my cheek or quick kiss her head before she can kiss me goodbye/goodnight.

I only kiss DD on the cheek or head too.
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We are a lip kissing family unless the child has a runny nose and then they get a forehead kiss. I think with immediate family it shows a special bond. I still kiss my mom and dad on the lips and it is intimate but NOT in any way sexual. In fact the definition of intimate has no sexual connection anyway. It really must be a cultural thing.
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We did lip kisses, but taught the kiddos that they were between them, Mommy and Daddy - others got cheek kisses. That kinda ended when the older one tried to french kiss me (or, as he put it "like Daddy kisses YYYY"). Uuuuh... no.
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Lip kisser here (and tummy kisser and forehead kisser and cheek kisser (both) and and and...). I did not grow up in a lip-kissing family but that is just how it evolved with DD. I will take for as long as she allows it though it is getting to a stage where I think I have to teach her that it is only for Mommy and Daddy, not others.
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Kiss everywhere but the lips.
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Absolutely. Lips are for kissing. My son is in the big wet toddler kissing stage and I would not have it any other way.
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