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Yep we kiss on lips. I also kiss my parents on the lips.
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Originally Posted by beckington View Post
Lip kissers here too! When I was little I used to give my parents what I called "Fonzie kisses" - my parents still tease me about it, heh. I don't normally kiss my parents at all now, but the last few times my dad kissed me it was on the lips and I was an adult. And trust me, it felt nothing like kissing a lover!
LoL, I agree, nothing romantic about kissing mom and dad on the lips

We're lip kissers. Before we had kids DH thought it was strange anytime he saw me kiss mom or dad on the lips the few times I'd kiss them.

As soon as DD was born DH realized just how natural it is ... she's 12 now and we still get lots of kisses each day, all on the lips. DS is 3 and loves kissing as well!
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Originally Posted by verde View Post
Yep we kiss on lips. I also kiss my parents on the lips.
Same here, but I don't have any kids. Lip kisses for mom and dad, and I'm 27 years old.
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I grew up in an italian family, so we have ALWAYS kissed on the lips. Maybe more women then men. I actually just kissed my husbands cousins wife on the lips when we saw eachother at a party the other day. She was a bit surprised, and I did it without even thinking

If I had a nickle for every lip kiss I get from my kids, Id be a very rich woman.
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Originally Posted by treegardner View Post
I usually kiss DS on the lips (he's 19 months). Once I turned my face so he would kiss my cheek. He stopped mid-kiss, put his hands on either side of my face, and turned my head so he could kiss my lips!
Mine have done this!

My 7 and 4 year olds both still do lip kisses, though my son is a little overboard with his affection. He can't just give one kiss, it's got to be multiple kisses all over the face and then usually on the belly button, too. He's very enthusiastic about it.
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Lip kisses. There's a difference between pecks and long romantic french kisses.

Of course, my family always did lip kisses growing up, too, so I never thought about it until now.
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Add me to the lip kissers list! I didnt grow up in a household that did this. I never did it to my parents or to relatives nor did they do it to me. But right after DS was born it was my first instinct to kiss him on the lips. Dont ask me why. No romantic connection was ever made to me kissing him on the lips, it never even crossed my mind. Its funny because I dont do it to anyone else, not my mom, not my nephew or any other kids... just DS. I imagine Ill be doing the same thing with my soon to be DD on the way. Its just the norm for me and my kids. I feel for me at least it conveys a deeper love then a peck on the cheek would. Although I do kiss ds all over too, like the forehead, hands, feet... all over really cuz that boy is so kissable! But he does go in for the lips as well. I too have turned my head before and he will grab my face and turn me so that he can kiss my lips. He loves his kisses! But I wouldnt want him to learn to do that with anyone outside the family. I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there.. but hes only almost 2 so we have a while...plus Im sure he will grow out of it as he gets older.
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Yes. The only people our family kisses on the lips are our family.
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I do, but DH doesn't. Sadly, DD doesn't want to be kissed anywhere but her hands anymore. But if she let me, I would still kiss her on the lips.
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I guess it come down to what is normal in your family.
In our family we lip kiss. I still lip kiss my Mom, sister, and Grandma's
Cheek kiss Dad and brother.

DHs family on the other hand don't even hug 90% of the time.

I remember DH coming to his first Christmas with my family. When we left the first thing he said was " god your family hugs alot"
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We do, but DS is only two right now. As he gets older I know I'll be more uncomfortable with it.
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Lip kissing here too.

I'm not worried that I'll get confused between the sort of kiss I give my DH and the kind of kiss I give to anyone else (mostly just DD, but occasionally my mom and grandparents).
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We do sometimes, but we take our cue from dd. She just turned 6. There are tons of snuggles, zerbits (sp?) etc. over here. One time she "open mouth kissed" me and I must admit that completely freaked me out. She said that's how me and Daddy do it, so I did explain a bit of a difference there.

What has always made me uncomfortable is touching/smacking on the bum. I patted dd there as a baby, as a comfort thing; but ever since then I'm just careful not to touch her there if I don't have to. I think her sweet little behind is cute, but it's hers and to me it's private. OT, I guess, but that's where my boundary is with my kid.
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Originally Posted by Barbie64g View Post
If I had a nickle for every lip kiss I get from my kids, Id be a very rich woman.
Awww, sounds like you're pretty rich even without the nickels.

I totally kiss my DS on the lips, but he's only 9 months old-- I don't know how long he'll let me do that! Given that we're a breastfeeding pair, I don't think too many extra germs are going to be transmitted via kissing.
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I kiss both my kids on the lips unless one of us is sick. They're 7 and 4. If one of us is sick we do cheek kisses.
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Not intentionally. If DD goes to kiss me and kisses me on the lips, that's perfectly fine, but it's not something I would initiate. It feels too intimate to me, but I certainly wouldn't raise an eyebrow if I saw someone else do it w/ their young children.

I would NOT like it if anyone else kissed my DD on the lips (even her beloved grandmothers. Too intimate for my comfort, and not something we do in our family)

I find it very interesting that there are adults who still kiss their parents on the lips. That must be a cultural thing, because it's not something that would even occur to me. Ick. Once I kissed my first boyfriend (Dh! ) at seventeen, lip kissing=romantic kissing for me.
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I have no problem with lip kisses, but DS only receives kisses on the cheek and doesn't give them out. If he asks for a kiss or you ask to kiss him, he'll offer up his cheek for a peck.
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Yep, we kiss on the lips. I still kiss my extended family on the lips too -- it's just the way we greet each other in our family.
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Originally Posted by mtiger View Post
That kinda ended when the older one tried to french kiss me (or, as he put it "like Daddy kisses YYYY"). Uuuuh... no.

I tried that on my mom once...too many daytime soap operas (used to be that was ALL that was on during the day).

I'm not a hugger or a kisser by nature, but I really wanted to create a loving atmosphere where healthy touching is the norm, so I got used to it. (I feel like my distaste of hugs and intimacy is NOT healthy, which is why it's important to me.) DS kisses close friends on the lips (ours and his) and family, but I know that won't last forever. I'm trying to imagine a junior high school boy (or even an 8-year-old boy) kissing relatives or friends on the lips voluntarily.
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Yup, we kiss on the lips.
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