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Is anyone watching this?
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Me! Me!
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DVR-ing it.
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I love Lauren Graham.
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Have tivo set to record but it's not time yet.
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Will watch it later today.
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Looks like it's up on hulu already, so I'll be watching it tonight. I <3 Lauren Graham.
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We watched it! Dh and I really enjoyed it, can't wait to see more!
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I'll be interested to see other's responses to it. For me some of it hit way too close to home!
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Opps I forgot I meant to watch it. Thank goodness for hulu.
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I started out not really liking it. Until they got to the part about finding out the boy is on the autism spectrum.

Hit VERY close to home and I had trouble not to keep crying. I hope they continue having the storyline of a child on the autism spectrum. I think so many parents these days can either relate to that or will benefit from seeing that.
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Loved it! I'm pregnant, so not surprisingly, I cried through the show episode I also thought the autism storyline was great because those two parents could be ANY parents. I'm interested to see where they go with that.
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I thought it was pretty good. I caught the second half of it. Seemed very touching, we'll see how real they can keep it.
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I liked it, but I fear they're going to end up making it too much of a complete drama. I mean, I think with Lauren Graham it'll always have some funny. But I just hope it doesn't turn into a night time soap opera.

ETA: It reminded me of a drama version of Modern Family.
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Oh, I want to see it. I LOVE the movie. I think it's one of my fav movies of all time, actually. Looks like the storylines are pretty similar so I was wondering if the pilot episode would just be a remake of the movie.
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Loved it! Then again, I absolutely love Lauren Graham and think Dax Shepard is really hot, so the great story line was just a benefit
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I watched it last night on Hulu (forgot to DVR it). I liked it well enough to watch it again next week. I too hope it doesn't get too be too much of a drama-only; it looks as if it has the potential of being overly depressing. But, there were some touching moments, and some entertaining ones too.
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liked it
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I liked it too. I thought the second half was better than the first.

Ok the sperm in the freezer was stupid, since that isn't how it works ( frozen sperm is actually stored in a liquid nitrogen tank not some basic freezer) but I tried to let that go LOL
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Is anyone still watching?
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