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Whoo hoo on the water intake Bunnyflakes! So good for your body!

Have been nesting and organizing over here which is self-care in a way, because it makes me feel more SANE and HAPPY to get things ready for when the baby is coming. Otherwise I've overworked again this weekend. This is my own responsibility. I tend to just go-go-go and not stop. There's still always too much to do. Now I am fighting a cold and maybe pink eye? Argh. It's hard to fit in the self-care stuff esp. with such little children around who need you all the time. I have to be able to say "To hell with it!" when there's a kitchen full of dirty dishes and laundry piled up and dirty carpets, and just say, "I'm gonna have a nap!"

On the positive side, I wore a very pretty blouse yesterday and got lots of compliments. That's always nice.

How's everybody else?
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I worked out this morning, then showered and put a headband in my hair, put earrings on and even wore a bit of makeup. One of my coworkers said I looked pretty
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I did well on vacation with my self-care.

The five or so days we've been back? Hmmmm..... Could use improvement.

I am doing something good for myself this weekend. Friday through Sunday I will be in the mountains with friends (no kids or husbands allowed) scrapbooking the days away. I packed my toiletries today and added makeup. I decided on my clothes today and opted for decent clothes instead of yoga pants and/or jammies. There will be 4-6 women and no one would complain either way, but I want to feel good about myself even if we never leave the cabin. (We buy groceries and cook and clean together. The cabin belongs to two of the ladies mom and she only asks for the utilities to be paid and the place to be clean when we leave. Awesome deal!)

Maybe this weekend will kick-start the good at-home self-care I had going before vacation??? I sure hope so....

I hope everyone is doing well with their own self-care.
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Okay it has been a month I am bumping this thread back up!

I haven't done that great on the physical aspect of things. I found that I did not enjoy doing the full body moisturizing each night I don't know why My skin just didn't like it!

I have been washing my hair a lot more often because it is so flipping hot here now. And I spend 3 hours a day outside, if not more with the chickens. I have become pretty lazy though with them because the hotter it gets the slower I want to move, apparantly

I joined Weight Watchers and I have been doing really well so far this week. I wont weigh in for another full week though because Monday is a holiday and they are closed. I have been really trying to eat healthy though and to drink a ton of water.

And writing every thing down that I eat.

And feeling my feelings for a change rather than stuffing them down with food. But I feel kind of sad lately. I filed for divorce. Why am I sad? I am doing what I wanted to do.

I hurt myself at work last week and I am stressing out because of that. I think I am fine, just an ankle sprain and irritating my already bad knee. But I have to go get papers filled out, etc, and that is stressful to me, I think.

No makeup though now, because it just sweats off anyhow. My clothes look better on me now, too.

And of course I conquered my exercise demon on May 15th when I walked the nature trail at my job. I barely made it around but I was so proud when I did. I hope to do it again soon!

How is everyone else doing?
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Glad to see that you're doing good. I hope everyone else is doing well and sticking to their goals.

Can I join? I need to start taking my meds. I always intend to, and then make excuses or just plain forget. Or I start them and stop them for stupid reasons (like wanting to drink at a club ) I need to take my pills and I want to start tomorrow morning. Maybe having some accountability here will help me stick to it.

I'm good on make-up and all that girlie stuff already. My diet and exercise could use some work...but one thing at a time for now.
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I just took my pill. I lagged, but I did it.
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