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30 months old and missing/not growing an incisor?

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I'm becoming kind of perplexed... My DD, 2.5, has got an very gappy little smile. Cute, but gappy. She hasn't yet grown her top left lateral incisor. Everything I am reading said she should have had that about 19 months ago. She's my little beauty, but I wonder... Is it going to some in some time... Ever? Her teeth came in very much out of the typical order, and I think that one must have just forgotten to come in at all in all the hubbub. Thoughts, reassurances, ideas? I'm on the border of developing ulcers over some nutritional deficit or something. Thanks gals.
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Oops NM, I meant canines. Sleepy. See a pediatric dentist. Sorry : (
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My dd is going to be 4 in June and is missing a canine tooth. I just took her to the dentist yesterday and he said it's fine to just wait and see. He said it might not come in until her adult tooth does, but not to worry.
Hope that helps.
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I wouldn't worry about it. All they could do is cut the gums to encourage it to come through. It may be a tooth she's naturally missing too.
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My daughter is missing a lower permanent tooth. X rays show. Said maybe the "baby" tooth will last forever, otherwise, we'll need a replacement.

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My DS1 was missing a lower incisor. He had a total of 19 baby teeth. It might be genetic as my DH said he seemed to remember missing a baby tooth as well. I think it's rather common.

When DS started growing permanent teeth he grew 3 bottom incisors first, then two top front teeth. We thought he would be missing a lower incisor, too but eventually a new tooth squeezed through. It's a year later than the other ones but looks the same.
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Apparently this is really common and hereditary.

My top two lateral incisors are baby teeth, the adult teeth were impacted in the gum and the baby teeth never fell out.

DD1 (4) is missing one of these teeth, the ones next to it have filled the space.

DD2 (2.5) is missing both of these teeth, just a big gap where they should be.

From googling, the options are to either hold the space and insert a fake tooth in the spot or to close the gap with braces and reshape another tooth to make it look like the missing one.
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