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Alice in Wonderland is ALMOST here!!!!

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so who's going to see it on friday?

i have been waaiiiiiting for this movie but alas my pocket says we will have to wait.

but i am still so excited that its finally here.

this time i plan to make it to the IMAX to see it.

are you excited.
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Well I'm not going on Friday, but I can't wait to see it.
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This weekend! 3-D! Can't wait!!!!!!!!
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I'm going to a screening tomorrow!! I read some pretty good reviews about it - The Hollywood Reporter said it was "Truly, Madly, Wonderful" - so I can't wait to see it myself. Enjoy, everybody!!!
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I'm hoping for Sunday, but it all depends on whether or not we can get a sitter. I'm very excited!
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I hold a grudge against Johnny Depp for the remake of Willy Wonka, one of my favorite movies ever. As Alice in Wonderland is pretty much in my top 3 movies of all time, I am a little scared of what he's going to do to this one.

I'm a big fan of his in a lot of movies but any movie he's in tends to circle around him and his facial expressions. Ruined Wonka for me (which I was waiting for for MONTHS to open, I had it written down in my calendar and everything lol).

Maybe my expectations are just too high?
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I thought Depp's Wonka wasn't as good as Wilder's Wonka, but reasonable and that the whole movie was more true to the story.

So : for the same thing from Alice.

(Hmm, from the trailers she's an older teen? WTF? Alice makes no sense if she's not 8-12 years old.)
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sapphire and kaleanani,

this is NOT the original Alice in Wonderland. it is a 'sequel'. its about alice being older and going back to visit. so it is BASED on lewis carrol's book, but the story is different. so technically it is NOT a remake of alice in wonderland.

it isnt depp at all who interests me. heck he is hot, but not that much of an actor. i am looking forward to see what tim burton has done, harriet bonham carter red queen (she is a fantastic actress and i have followed her when she used to perform for the stage) AND i looooove pantomime. it was my most effective parenting tool and still is. so i am looking for colours and feast for my eyes. and hopefully some bizareness too. i can also see stephen fry making a great cheshire cat. he does great dry humor.
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The whole family's going to see it!
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It was released here a couple of days ago - excellent stuff!
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meemee - if it's a feast for the eyes you're looking for, then you will definitely be happy! I feel like you hit the nail on the head with this one with your predictions/anticipation! I actually was able to go to a screening last night and the movie looked AMAZING. It was very Tim Burton - all weird but beautiful. And the 3D totally adds to the amazingness. Depp does play a "mad" hatter, but I preferred Helena Bonham Carter & Anne Hathaway as the queens - both kooky in their own right. But my absolute favorite was the Cheshire Cat - now that was one cool cat. I thought his character design was creepily awesome and Stephen Fry voiced him to perfection.

Tell me what you think! I didn't see it in IMAX so I'm betting that is going to be an even bigger treat.
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DH and I saw it last night and absolutely loved it!! It was wonderfully weird and funny and very beautiful. I would go see it again today if I could.
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LOVED IT!!!! DD (8) was scared in parts. I am glad we did not take the 3 yr old. I thought the end was just so cool. Really made me like Alice as a character. Andd wasn't the cat just too cool. Oh and the dogs were just so sweet.
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I loved this movie! I only took my 9 yr old thinking it may be a little scary for my 7 yr old but I think I will take her on Tuesday.

I really liked Johnny Depp in this movie...
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I'm seeing it next weekend and I'm so excited!! It looks really good.
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Oh! The best ever! I"m a huge alice fan and it was great! The 3D was wonderful, and the story & plot were great too. I liked that it was a later story and not a remake as mentioned above.

Oh, and the fingerless gloves! I : fingerless gloves and they were all over the place in the movie. Pretty cool. And Johnny Depp as the madhatter was great. They changed his makeup everytime his mood changed, so it was really neat & helped the role.

I'm glad she didn't lose her "muchness!"
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Lovely and as wonderful as I'd dared hope for. In the beginning, my brain was busy sorting out who was real and who was CG and how CG was being used like I usually do. I realized, once it was over, that I'd stopped even noticing and had simply fallen into the story. Wonderful!
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I LOVED it! It was very Tim Burton in that it was creepy/dark, but it stayed true to the family adventure story of Alice. I saw it in the IMAX 3-D, and thought it was well worth it. I also loved the ending, it made me wish I was Alice
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ooooooooooh TY guys for giving your opinions.

i am DELIGHTED to hear that stephen fry and carter were that good. and that the dark bizarre was present too.

oh boy i cant wait to see it. and yes once i get my check i will watch it on the imax. if there is any movie to be seen on imax this must be one of them. yipppeeee!!!
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I'm be the dissenting opinion here. I was tremendously disappointed. I thought Mia Wasikowski was great, but everyone and everything else was lacking. I usually love Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, but I felt like neither of them put much into their roles. Visually, it didn't come anywhere close to what it should have been. It didn't feel Wonderlandish to me at all. The script and storyline were poorly developed. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is my all-time favorite book. I also really love Through the Looking Glass. I've read them both more times than I can count. There is such beauty, such poetry in those books. Tim Burton just didn't seem to translate it onto the screen. I'm very bummed about it.
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