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Deep Breast Pain

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I'm sick w/a cough, fever and bad headache (all the kids have it, too). Well, yesterday afternoon I developed an excruciating pain in my right breast. The whole outside of it. There's no knot or redness and the fever may be coincidental. Could it be thrush? We've been battling that for a couple of weeks, but it's not a shooting pain and my nipples have no pain at all.

The doc has called in a scrip but antibiotics will just make thrush worse so I don't want to take them unnecessarily, yk?

Can thrush give you general pain deep in the breast? It's almost like a very deep bruise.
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Sounds like mastitis. I had it a few weeks ago, felt like someone used my boob for a punching bag, it also was very hard. It was mainly centered on the outside to underneath of my breast. So painful. They put me on Bactrin (sp?). The doc told me not to bf but my LC (part of LLL) told me it was okay, I just chose not to freeze this milk. I did get a clogged milk duct from it. A heating pad helps alot! I used heat 3x a day as well as standing in a hot shower for a little extra longer than normal.
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It definitely sounds like you have mastitis . I would listen to your doctor and take antibiotics. Mastitis is not something to mess around with.

I often take acidophiles when I'm taking antibiotics. It really helps prevent yeast infections.

Good luck
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I had deep breast pain and it was thrush. There was no sign of it on the nipple or in baby's mouth. Just excruciating pain that was enough to make me cry.

I followed Dr Newman's Candida protocol to the letter (GSE, GV, APNO, acidophilus etc) and it totally cleared it up.

I think with mastitis you would have some sort of lump. I didn't have one at all. The pain was worst right after a feeding and felt like someone was digging their thumb into my breast with full, full force
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My experience with yeast was like an icepick deep into my breast, a sharp shooting pain, the outside of my breast didn't hurt at all (except my nipples, which felt like they'd been through a cheese grater).
I think yours sounds like Mastitis - sudden onset, concurrent fever, outside of the breast. I would either look into homeopathics (I don't know the name, but I know a couple of people who think it cured their mastitis), or take the antibiotics with acidophilus etc. If it is mastitis, you will have to treat it first, and deal with any possible yeast aftermath later. (Mastitis untreated can lead to abcess.)
Best of luck.
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