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March Mamas! It's here 3-1/3-15!!

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Hope I'm doing this right! LMK if I need to change anything.

When are the March Mamas due???

lisab 3/1- Paul Thomas born 2/12/04
dancinggirl- Ava born 3-02
Boobiemama (Angie)3/3- Jack Stephan Robinson born 2/19/04
mamamorag- Kieran born 2/26/04
bebe luna 03/03
MissPiggy Daneaya born 03-02
Rainbowmoon Dylan born 03-04
Citizenfong 03/05
2girlsmom 03/05
Oak Faerie 3/5
Red Hot 3/5
Penguinlady 03/06
Sahara (Steph) 03/06
Gratefulmum 3/6
livelybaby River born 03-04
Jish (Beth) 03/12
fiacre 03/12
Dnr3301 (Rebecca) 03/12
gina 03/13
jster (Jennifer) 03/14
DandelionCrown 03/14
Mum2sarah 03/14
coloradomom 03/15
Mamaroni 03/15
Spark 03/15
heythere heather 03/19
Emmama 3/20
RacheePoo (Rachel) 3/20
PumpkinSeed 03/21
Phoebe 03/21
Oceanone 03/22
thyme 03/22
kirstie 03/23
embalene 03/24
BathrobeGoddess 03/25
mamaMAMAma 03/26
PinkSunfish 03/28
indigolilybear 03/28
CherylE 03/25- Megan and Maribeth born 2/2/04
moom 03/31
lemon 03/31
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Thanks for setting up the new thread, Helen!
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HI March Mommies!

I can't believe it's our month! I hope everyone is doing well out there...I checked the other thread and it doesn't look like anyone had their babe over the wkend...if I missed anyone, I'm sorry!

I tested positive for GBS, so..bummer-heplock when I get to the hospital. Oh well, this is not going to bring me down. I am still so over the moon that he's turned and is LOA that nothing can make me feel bad at this point. Also I'm off work, so I can do a little gardening and tidying up around here before the little guy arrives, hopefully!

I'll CB later, hoping to catch more of you posting.

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Here, I thought I'd put this link on the first page, so we could all use it if we want to. This is the one with birth forcast for the US and part of Canada and Mexico. http://www.intellicast.com/Local/USN...x&prodnav=none

Gosh, so we're officially in March. SOMEONE's got to give birth soon. Who's it going to be?
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Boy this post has been slow today compared to the past 3-4 days....would it be safe to guess we might have a mama or two in labor??? I hope so I am ready for some birth stories!!!
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Just checking in... still big & pg here!
Any leap day babies???
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Hi Mama's! How's everyone doing? Iwas expecting to hear about some births. It's finally March after all!

I've been having shooting pains in my vagina and inner thighs. It's so painful, I can't stand up sometimes. My doula thinks the baby is pressing on a nerve.

Lucky me.
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Helllloooo March! Am I ever ready for you. I keep talking to baby every time we're outside. I point out the moon and tell them, "See that baby? The moon is growing bigger and bigger and when you see it full, when it's as big as it can be, that's your sign to come out and join me." Makes me feel like the poignant still frame from a movie if nothing else :LOL
Spark-your blessingway looks so special. How touching to have so many women out there supporting you.
I am not having a Blessingway. I had studied the Beautyway ceremony before, but wasn't even familiar with the Blessingway. Well, today I got a letter in the mail from my closest girlfriend. She hasn't given birth, but she's dearest to my heart. In the letter she painted this beautiful scene that we experienced together last year on the beach and told me that if it helped during labor to go there with her and she would be there helping me. I was having an emotional day before that, but that really put me over the top!
Looking at our "labor indicator" it's most likely someone in the eastern great lakes/Canada region that's going tomorrow...who? (although ny is closing in there!)
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gratefulmom! I LOL at your moon. That is so sweet and special! Gosh, I love it!!! And, then your friend withe picture. Oh, that is just amazing. Thats' really beautiful. What a great friend!

Willowsmama -- Thank you for starting this thread! We really appreciate it!

Ok, so this is new for me, I'm having ctx BEFORE I go to bed. They're really getting intense lately. I've had 10 (lasing 1 min each) in the past 20 minutes. If only I was a normal contractor, I would know that birth was close. But, since I'm all about quantity and not so much about quality lately, it's probably just nothing. Although, I am close to the orange in the labor index. And, I did just teach class tonight. If I birthed tonight, I could probably make my next class next Monday night. That's been a little dream of mine to not give my college students a day off.

In class tonight, a student asked me which hospital I'd be birthing at. I said, "Home actually." The class was dead silent all of a sudden. I fear I "outed" myself too soon. People looked shocked. One person asked, "What if you need a C-section?" I told them I had very good cutlery at home, winked and then said, we'd go to the hospital for that! Then, I went on with my lecture (if you can call babbling a lecture). What page are we on again???

Virus Update: Jude has been vomit-free since Friday/Saturday. YEah! I hope it continues!
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I'm still keeping up with all of you, waiting for more birth stories! Just havent posted since I have my arms full!

Jack was jaundiced for a while, but we kept him naked in the window and I talked to the birth center nurse daily. I nursed round the clock, well still am, but it was quite time consuming keeping him awake long enough to get a full nursing in. He's less yellow now and nursing for longer and having lots of wet diapers, so he's doing good!

Oh, you guys were talking about your other kids/having them prepared, etc....
My other 2 are 5 and 2. Right after I gave birth, the 2 yo didnt want anything to do with me. I asked her if she wanted to sit on the bed with me, and she sid no. She only wanted daddy.
I was really worried that we were going to have an awful time with her, but as soon as we got home from the birth center 5 hours after birth, she was fine. The nurse said it was totally normal, especially since I was in a weird place.
She is really sweet to the baby, likes to rub his head, and open up his gown to look at his feet. Its so cute. So I guess things are going really well, soetimes it gets really hectic and all three of them are crying at the same time(oh and one day me too...) but overall, things are good, and I dont think I traumatized anyone too much. Except for my hubby! LOL
He said no more kids the other day. But then tonigt they were sitting quietly on the couch eating apples as the baby nursed, and he said well maybe we can have more if they can act like this more often! LOL

Anyway, thats enough of me....
I am anxiously awaiting all of your babies!
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Hey everyone, just a quick update on what's going on with me.

I had the appointment with the ob this morning, and although I actually think that if I were in this thing by myself I would be comfortable enough to try the vaginal breech with him, my dh really isn't comfortable, and I'm not comfortable with that. Although some of you may not agree with what I have decided, and as much as it really pains me... tomorrow is my c-section. I couldn't live with myself if something went wrong, and knowing that dh isn't behind my decision would just be devastating, and I know it would be something I would never get over. Some things aren't worth it.

So, hopefully I will get to call CherylE in the next couple of days, and maybe she'll get a chance to post about my new baby (not like she's got a lot of time though, so who knows...). Otherwise, I will let you all know what we've had later in the week or the weekend. I will be in the hospital for the next 3-4 days approximately. Hopefully the food won't be as bad as I'm imagining. My OR time is for 12:20 tomorrow, and I can't eat anything after midnight tonight. I'm tempted to binge in the next 2 hours, but I guess that wouldn't be so great, eh?

I'm hoping that some of you can send me out some of those great peace vibes! I'm extremely excited to meet my baby, but at the same time scared to death of this surgery.... Can't wait until it's over, and I'm holding my baby!!!

Hopefully, there will be lots of great birth stories on here by the time I get back! Maybe a birth is what this place needs to get the ball rolling - there's lots of close ones coming!! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!!

And good luck to you on Wednesday Gina - I'll be thinking about you!
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Hey MissPiggy~
I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!! We can't always have our "ideal" birth but still you will love that baby and be a wonderful mama, and that is what is the most important thing!
I hope all goes smoothly... keep us informed and take care!

Gina~ I will be thinking of you as well... peaceful birthing

bathrobegoddess~ how is it going for you???


Now... when am I going to "pop"????
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thanks all, for your kind words.
this preg. has me so isolated it is really touching when someone says hello in there. (apologize fro sounding pathetic!) i tend to be very independent and to really enjoy being alone though, so it hasn't been so awful-
so, miss piggy and i will be meeting our little ones on a schedule! i think i'm going to go for acupuncture tomorrow morn. and see if i can stimulate labor somewhat so as not to surprise the little one too much- how hard on them to emerge so suddenly into the world w/out warning-
i'll report back after the weekend w/ my story- b/c of this partial bedrest, we have all felt so deprived i have a big fantasy about our lives starting just after the baby is born- i can't wait to spend time out in the world w/ my almost 3 yr. old- she has been WAITING and she needs her mommy to be able to be there for her- in many ways i emotionally (and physically, of course) detached from her b/c i wasn't able to take care of her properly- we need to find each other again-
yuck- my surgery is wed. at 3:00- i am going to be so hungry!!!
looking forward to hearing more from everyone-
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I can't believe that MARCH is here already!! What a fabulous month this will be.

Sending peaceful birthing vibes to Miss Piggy and Gina. How exciting to know when you will meet your babies. I hope that all goes well for you and that you have as good a birth experience as possible. I look forward to reading your stories.

My belly casting kit arrived yesterday so I am hoping that we can have a go tonight. Really looking forward to it

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Miss Piggy -- The decision on how to birth is always the right one! It's what you want and I'm here to support you in that decision. I know you didn't enter into the decision lightly! I'll be thinking of you today and sending your belly full vibes your heart happy vibes to meet your baby and your body smooth, peaceful healing vibes We can hardly wait to hear back from you!

Gina -- I know this is has been really hard on you. A pregnancy like yours would take its toll on anyone! You've done such a great job taking care of your baby and keeping him/her safe and healthy, despite the sacrafices that you and your family have made. It will be worth it. The end of pregnancy/the beginning of the rest of your life is so near. I'll be thinking of you today, your last full day pregnant and tomorrow, the day you meet your baby. The one, who will make it all worth it! May your babies birth go smoothly, your recovery be easy and your heart soar when you go out for the first time with your family!

BebeLuna -- Maybe you need a magic 8 ball. Does anyone have one? Ask when Bebeluna is going to "pop"! Inquiring minds want to know! Gosh, I believe mother's intuition and you thought you were giong to go early. So, until we hear from the magic 8 ball owner, let's say you'll go today, ok? Does that make you feel better?

Boobiemama -- So glad to hear that adjustments are going well in your house! And, way to nurse that jaundice away! Good work!

PinkSunfish -- Have fun with the belly cast! Are you going to stand, kneel or lie down for it?

Now... if I only had a dollar for every BH I got...
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Hi Spark.

I am planning to kneel for the cast. I have a wee kitchen stool which I have been using (as per yoga instructions) for OFP and to help my back. I think that kneeling in that position will be the most comfortable and give a nice shape. If you have a better suggestion then I am all ears and ready to take advantage of your experience .

I forgot to mention that I have been having very vivid dreams about the baby and about labour (all good dreams so far). Last night I dreamt that my water had broken and that I was in the early stages of labour. There were lots of people in my room and I was yelling for everyone to leave me to be alone with my H. It felt like a pretty positive dream though so I am hoping that my subconcious is getting my head prepared for things.
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Ooh, good call, PinkSunfish. I think that's a great way to go -- kneeling on a stool. For the record, I've only done one. I'm no expert, but I could play one on TV if you gave me a job! My friend had me lay down and I think it made everything stretch outwards. I would have liked more forward of a belly. I like your dream. I reminds me of one I had early pregnancy - I was in a hospital (real weird sterile one) and the Dr. said, "it's time to push" but I didn't feel like pushing so he was going to give me an episiotomy. I started saying is a strong voice, "NO MEDICAL CONSENT FOR EPISIOTOMY!" over and over again. The words fell like gold. All the nurses and Drs. left. I waited and THEN felt the urge to push. I pushed the baby out into my hands. I think both our dreams are positive and powerful!
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Ah, I see I'm not the only one up...

had my appt with my mw tonight (mon). My BP is up when I'm upright (160/100 -ish!), but when I lay down it's only 122/64, so I have to make sure I rest a few times each day, by actually laying down, which as those of you with toddlers know is no easy feat. I show no other signs of hypertension, so mw isn't too worried. She thinks I get nervous when I see the BP cuff. I'm going to borrow my mom's cuff tomorrow and take my own periodically and see what that tells us. Baby is still off to the right, but at least is facing my hip rather than my pubic bone, which, come to think of it isn't as sore as it was a few days ago, so anyone who feels inclined to send turning vibes my way, go for it.

Somehow we started talking about astrological signs and what this baby will be. I'm surrounded by Pisces (sister, father, dd, friends), and have kinda always thought this one would be too, but then she asked what sign I was and what sign Dan is (both Leos) and said, oh you could easily have a Taurus this time, and I mentioned that I had my chart in the house (usually it's at my mom's in a baby book, but she brought the book over a few months ago during a time of turmoil in her house when she didn't want important stuff to "disappear"), so we looked at that for a while. It was cool, but I don't know much about that stuff, so don't remember what she was saying with any detail, except that it made sense that we get along so well. At one point she pointed at somethingon the chart and mumbled something about having "issues with father, hmmm." Ummm, yeah. My tub gets here on Sat! It's sooo real!

I was really thinking we'd get at least one Leap Baby, but no.

Heathy and peaceful birthing vibes for all, especially Miss Piggy and Gina. Isn't support an important thing? I bet you are so excited to meet your little ones! Good luck with your births. Oh, Gina- dd's birthday is wednesday. It's a great day for a birth.

Spark- so funny about the Magic 8 ball. Dh and I were joking that that's how we'd name the baby if it's a girl- "what is the Baby's name?" we'd ask, to which the Magic 8 ball would reply, "Not Likely!" What do you teach? I've been meaning to ask you for months. Isn't good cutlery great. Cracks me up.

Indigolilybear- I asked about the head rushes, only because you wanted to know. I was terrified that it was something to do with my BP, and would just as soon avoid it, but I said to myself, Indigolilybear needs to know too, here goes... Mw said it could just be low blood sugar or fluid in my ears. I was trying to remember if it was times when I had taken a bath right before bed, but haven't figured it out yet.

talk to you all later, I'm going to try to go back to bed...
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DNR -- Hope you get some sleep! I'm planning a long nap this afternoon! I teach Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, Advance Public Speaking and Oral Interpretation. Currently, I just have one Public Speaking class (they do half the talking, easiest one for pregnant woman to do!).

Alright, I've posted too much here lately. I'll read more, type less. But I only have two eyes compared to 10 fingers!!!
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Hmm looks like we're all up early this morning! Or maybe it was last night that all these posts magically appeared?

PumpkinSeeds-ouch! Is there anything you can do for the pain-are they ligament related perhaps? I wonder if a chiro would help?

gratefulmum-what a cool picture of being 'framed' by the moon telling baby to come on out when it's full.

Spark I had to :LOL about your "slip-up" in class...you have c-section cutlery at home! HAHAHAHA...thanks for the laugh.

Boobiemama-I'm glad Jack is doing better!

MissPiggy-please don't feel like you have to apologize for doing what's best for your baby and family! Happy baby day tomorrow mama! Sending lots of good wishes your way...

Gina-here's hoping for a happy baby day for you and a quick reconnection with your dd.

PinkSunfish-please post pics of your belly cast! I didn't have the nerve to do it with this pregnancy, but I love seeing others...

dnr-your baby's sun sign will be Pisces if you birth before the 20th, but the ascendant/moon/etc could be in Taurus...I've given some thought to this b/c I'm a Pisces due to have an Aries child...boy oh boy talk about a lifestyle change! Hope you get some sleep!

Anyone feeling extra pukey of late? Or is it just me? I'm so glad we're in March already...

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