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Colleen, thanks for thinking of me...

I must say you're way behind on the whole "don't get your hopes up" process! :LOL I'm getting pretty good at it, mostly cause I've actually started to believe that this is going to be a 42 week pregnancy...
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Originally posted by citizenfong
I must say you're way behind on the whole "don't get your hopes up" process! :LOL
Well, I'm really good at it, apparently, until *I'm* 39 weeks pregnant!! :LOL
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Spark- Happy babymoon to you. Your birth story is beautiful as well as babe.
Rainbowmoon-I loved your birth experience. IMO, it's just what every woman should arrive at. A scenario where she is in control, and makes the best decision for herslef at the time, not what she thought would be best or wanted to happen. And a gorgeous baby to boot

Mamaroni-Yes I'm still here, albeit with a not very fun cold. I've been sick since Sunday and b/t my head fog, and my visiting mother trying to wear the baby out of me, I've been a bit too delirious to post. Still keeping up though. I'm going to the ob tomorrow to talk about scheduling a c/s later this week. I'm still on the fence about it, very much. But I really want my mother to be here for the birth and she's leaving Sunday, and dp is less and less comfortable with a breech delivery as the overdue days drag on. I really want to respect my baby though and act in their best benefit. It would be nice and so much easier if I just went into labor TONIGHT! But I still feel like no where close. I did begin homeopathic remedies for labor onset today, so please everyone, keep your fingers crossed!
My momma did take me and dp out for a "last supper" tonight. I had spicy Indian food and creme brulee. (Two different restaurants required:LOL) Come on baby...spicy food should do it, right? ...Headed upstairs to hop in the bath dp drew up for me
Love to all, happy sleeping, laboring, birthing gestating...whatever the stars have ordained
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Good morning, Ladies! I'm' still here, but going stir crazy. I dropped the van off at the dealership yesterday morning so they could dig into the mouse damage. After a while they called my dh and asked him to contact our insurance company. There is really no point since we carry $1000.00 deductables on our vehicles to keep the cost down and have an emergency fund to cover if needed. Neither one of us have ever made a claim in our lives. They wouldn't do anything to the vehicle until we had heard back from our insurance company, despite the fact that we told them we were going to pay for it ourselves. Well by the time we finally heard back from the insurance company it was about 2:30pm (I had the van there at 8:30am). They didn't do diddly squat to it. The dealership seems very upset that insurance isn't going to be involved. Dh and I think that they were planning on using us to bilk our insurance and were pretty disappointed when we told them our deductable and that we would pay ourselves. If we had had a $100.00 deductable I think they would have really pumped up the charges figuring we wouldn't be paying for it anyway. It's frustrating.

Needless to say, because of their screwing around, they didn't get anything done on it yesterday and it is still sitting there this morning. I'm not a homebody and I miss my ride. Dh is having to leave work to take ds to school, and both boys have dental appointments afterschool, and if the van isn't done, I have no idea how we are going to get them there. Darned dealership.

No labor going on here. Funny thing though, as I was dropping off my car at the dealership yesterday, the OB with whom I have my next appointment was there dropping off her van too. Her kids also go to the same school as mine. Only two of the five obgyns in the office are going to be in town next week (it's spring break here) and I feel sorry for them. They are going to be busy. Imaging having to staff the hospital and the office with only two doctors. They are both going to be basically on call all the time -- uugh! Since it looks like I won't get my own doctor at this point, I hope I get her, since the other doctor REALLY likes interventions.:

I tried to get a bit more sleep last night so we'll see how the day goes. Good luck to anyone who might be in labor! I'm still waiting for the mystery of labor to start. More later.
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lost my plug this morning!!!! hopefully that means something. Nothing else happening. Boards moving slow, maybe we have some mamas in labor land...
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Yay dnr! As for me, just really quiet, not in labor. Enjoying these last few days with my toddler.
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Doc checked me this morning. Big mistake-nothing, nada, tight as a clam, hard as a drum. Now I"m totally depressed and feeling like I should've stayed at work a few more wks. He won't induce until Easter, which is good (I keep telling myself) because I don't want to be induced...I know, first babies sometimes come late and I'm still 10 days from my "estimated" due date...I am just wretched. WHY WHY WHY can't he just come out now? How many more days of throwing up do I have to endure? I am feeling so selfish and self absorbed. I can't be there for anyone because I cannot pull the focus of my miserable, waddling self for even an hour. I hate that I've become this way and I"m honestly starting to resent being pregnant. Then I feel like I'm bringing bad karma on myself and the baby for feeling that way. It's a vicious cycle.


Hope everyone is doing well with their new babies, hang in there to everyone who is still waiting...hope everyone is feeling okay and sorry Jish about your van situation.
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hang in there racheepoo. you never know what each baby is going to do. tight as a drum today, loose as a goose tomorrow. keep your chin up!
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Racheepoo and others due in the next week or two (like me due the 21st) My first son came three weeks early. I was sure this one would come early too. But at the risk of sounding crazy, I'm starting to wonder if this baby is waiting to be born an Aries instead of a Pisces. Doesn't it change on the 20th? I went to have an NST and didn't have ANY uterine contractions even though last month I was suffering with tons of bx hx.

Who knows? Just a thought....
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Racheepoo - we are in the same boat, thought I am 'due' tomorrow. At my apt. last week I got the same news you got today and went into a funk. As predicted, I made it to my apt. this week (today) and teh baby's head is still so high that it wasn't even worth getting a pelvic to confirm what I know to be zilch for action. And I'm with you on feeling like the novelty has worn off. My first week out of work was sort of spent searching for things to do, but now that I am in week two, I think I have the hang of it. I had hoped to have some 'vacation' before the baby and I am trying to be one with it (I've not had meaningful time off from work since xmas '02). I've made little plans for myself each day to get out and have been psending quality time with my dd. A good dose of retail therapy can't hurt either. . . . . I think I actually got high on bargains at Kohl's on Monday
Seriously though, I was sick like you with dd and I know how exhausting it can be physically and mentally. I am amazed, as others have been, that you were not treated in some meaningful way for hyperemesis. . . . I was on Zofran and though it didn't stop the vomit, it limited it to 1x a day or every other day, which today doesn't sound like much, but then it was quite a relief. try to hang in there and do some things you enjoy before your baby arrives. Don't worry about being self-absorbed right now, give yourself some latitude; your feelings are totally justifiable.

Yipee to the mamas who are in labor or seeing signs of labor in the near future. Can't wait to join you!
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Originally posted by RacheePoo
I am feeling so selfish and self absorbed. I can't be there for anyone because I cannot pull the focus of my miserable, waddling self for even an hour. I hate that I've become this way and I"m honestly starting to resent being pregnant. Then I feel like I'm bringing bad karma on myself and the baby for feeling that way. It's a vicious cycle.
Rachael! I am so glad you posted this!!! I am so glad to know I'm not the only one feeling SO guilty. I think I have a little more perspective hearing it from you. From the outside it seems RIDICULOUS that you would feel guilty. WE all feel sorry for you and how much all that vomiting must stink!

I think my guilt comes partly from the fact that it seems like my primary desire to have this baby finally is so I won't be sick anymore and it makes me feel so selfish somehow. And it's not like I don't KNOW that it's worth it (whereas you only have other peoples' word on it...at least that's how I felt last time). But that doesn't explain it all. I really don't understand why we would feel this way. Good grief, I'm crying now. This makes me cry all the time! I've cried more in the last month of this pregnancy than in my whole last one and all of the rest of this one put together.

Let's decide together to try not to feel so guilty anyway. What do you say?

BTW, with my last labor I was fingertip dilated at 3pm and holding my baby at 8:30pm. It really does happen that way for some!
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Well I am finally home and holding my new baby!!
Taurin Lynx was born Monday morning at 4:22 am. He weighed a whopping 11 lbs and 1 oz! and 21.5 inches long...
He is huge! But very healthy!
Labor was very very hard! I went in to the hospital at 5PM having very uncomfortable ctx 2 minutes apart... midwife checked my cervix and I was only 3cm dilated and 80% effaced... yet my water had broke earlier in the day so they wanted me to stay...
I went for a walk and my aunt helped me w/ some healing touch... ctx kept getting more intense and pretty painful... I took a bath and then they checked me again at about 8PM... dilated to 4 cm... we began to fill the birthing tub and I took another walk... at about 9PM the ctx moved mostly to my back and hips and became what I would say unbearably painful... I tried the birthing ball, another bath, massage, various positions... at about 11PM I was dilated to 5cm w/ even more painful ctx coming 1 min apart... I got in the tub but felt the need to get out... I couldn't walk because of the pain and was getting very woozy...I asked for some relief, as much as I didn't want to. First I tried Vistral, a muscle relaxant, which did nothing for me... then I tried saline packs under my skin on my back... painful going in and no relief... ctx were getting more intense and close together... at 1am was dilated to 6cm.. I was also worn out and passing out from pain... I then tried nubain and felt "high" but no pain relief.... at 3AM I was dilated to 7cm and took an epidural.
I so didn't want to, but I couldn't bear the pain... after the epidural kicked in my labor progressed very quick. I quickly progressed to 10 cm, pushed for 19 minutes w/ no tearing , although he did get stuck and had to have his shoulders manuevered to get unstuck...and at 4:22 Taurin was born...and he wasn't posterior. He was quite bruised though! I think the fact that he was so big and me not very big was why I had so much pain and why I progressed so slow... he was having so much trouble getting down the canal...
but although it was hard and I had drugs (something I really didn't want) I am thrilled to be holding him.
I am feeling really good. Barely sore "down there"! He's getting the hang of nursing pretty well, and sleeping a lot!
The hospital was great... they provided essential oils, healing touch practioners, massage, relaxing music, and a super helpful, friendly staff. And unlike the hospital where Talin was born, they left you alone if you asked for as long as you pleased, so I really was able to get some rest...
I took a few baths w/ lavender salts, had healing touch every day, a massage, Taurin recieved healing touch and massage... it was quite nice. Being home is not quite as relaxing, but still it's nice to be w/ the rest of my family again.
I can't believe I had such a big baby!
My first was 8lbs 9oz and I thought he was big!

Congratulations Spark and baby Cicely! What a delightful birth story!!!

Well I hope to hear of more births around here soon!
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Jaze, what a great birth story! Happy Birthday Taurin! 11 lbs 1 oz, my goodness!
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I have a sec right now. Monday I woke up with ctx that were 1-3 mins apart and went to the hospital after a few hours of laboring at home. I had dh and my doula helping me through it. The docs wanted to put me on pit but I put my foot down and did it myself. It took me a little while to dialate to 5 cm, which the docs didn't like but I got there and started pushing at 5:45 pm and at 5:57 Jack Aidan Smith arrived in the world (his face is bruised cause of how fast he came ). He was 9 lbs and 22 inches long! He LOVES to nurse and my milk has already started coming in!

The hospital has a website online and Jack's pic is in it:
www.altrunursery.org follow the links and put in his name to find him
Didn't read any posts yet, but congraqtulations to any mamas who had their babes!

Happy gestating/birthing vibes to everyone!!
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Congratulations Jaze! Wow, what a story and what a big boy!! Welcome to the world Taurin, and happy baby moon to you and your dh.

RacheePoo and Citizenfong and fiacre. . . hang in there guys! I can't imagine what it's like to be so sick for such a long time. FWIW, I don't think it's one bit selfish to feel the way you both do! I think it's perfectly normal and natural, not to mention OK! It's been a long 9/10 months. Here's hoping you both go into labor very, very soon.

fiacre, I had a little "retail therapy" today myself! I finally felt well (as in not extrememly exhausted, which seems to be my main complaint) enough to walk the mall a bit. alone. it was nice.

and like kirstie said, you can be tight as a drum one minute, and hold your baby the same day. With my ds, I was dilated to 4 for a good week (that I know of) before he was born. So that didn't mean much either. I haven't had any checks this pg. It would just cause too much dwelling.

gratefulmum, here's hoping you start labor and that baby turns!

dnr, I think my plug is slowing going, too. I never noticed it at all with my other two, though, so I'm not putting much stock in it. I'm also feeling lots of pressure right on my cervix, and more on my bladder than ever before. I feel like I'm repeating myself. . .ahhhh, pregnancy brain!

I hope you all get a great night of sleep, and can keep some positive karma going for these last few days and weeks (and that goes double for me!).

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Emily, we were posting at the same time.

congratulations to you, too! He's perfect. Enjoy your baby moon!
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Trust me ladies, no one should feel guilty at this point for wanting it all to finally be over. I am so ready to go into labor so I won't have all these pregnancy aches and pains, but I keep forgetting that I'll have a new baby out of the deal. How silly is that. That will bring with it a whole new set of challenges, but it's hard to think about that when all you want is to not be pregnant anymore.:

Congrats to all the new moms!!! And 11lb1oz -- yikes!!! My first was 8'5" and 22 inches and my second was 9 pounds and 22 inches. You have me a bit scared now. I keep thinking this one will be around nine pounds also, but dang, I guess it could be bigger. My doc never seems to be concerned. I'm small, but evidentally I have a very birth friendly pelvis. Although my perinium doesn't really accomodate their huge heads.:

On a side note -- The dealership is still holding my van hostage until tommorrow afternoon. I'm not a homebody and this is making me insane.
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Let's decide together to try not to feel so guilty anyway. What do you say?
Tracy-YES YES YES!!! No more guilt! I am going to pray about this and do some meditating on the positives of the situation tonight and I will send some thoughts upward for you too. s

Fiacre-:LOL love your retail therapy idea...by the way I HAVE been on Zofran the whole time-the max amount per day-it stops me from barfing 50 times a day and instead it's only 3 or 4...sorry if I gave the impression I wasn't on anything to help cope with this. I think without it I would have been in the hospital, cuz I simply can't keep anything down without it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again to all of you for helping me get some perspective and much needed cheering up about this... you are wonderful women. Next dr. appt I am going to refuse if he wants to check me! I would rather not know.

bebeluna WOW 11 lbs! Congrats on baby Taurin!

Emmama Jack is a cutiepie!

Jish, we have one car and I know what you mean about being homebound, luckily I am a homebody but I can sympathize...you're probably going crazy!

Hope some of you are having those cute babies even as we're speaking!
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wow congrats newly postpartum mamas!!! HOw wonderful. Jaze--wow. What a big baby!!!

okay, here's my whine....warning: TMI ahead.... but I'm hoping someone knows something to do....a miracle cure. I have this *horrible* hemorrhoid that has popped out all the sudden the last couple days (it was kind of there before, but not nearly so big and painful) and NOW I can hardly walk. People think I"m waddling cuz of the big tummy but uh, no, it's cuz of my butt! :LOL

I am so miserable! I've tried most of the stuff in the SUsun Weed book, ice, motherlove salve, and now tucks pads and a preparation H like thing (though I"m sure I"m not supposed to while preg....I was hoping it would be a miracle cure! : ) Anyway, any help mamas? I was totally feeling fine, happy to wait til the end of the month for the babe and now can't WAIT for the pressure to be off!!

Okay, that's it. Sorry for the whine...

anyway, it's so exciting hearing about all these babes! They're al lovely and now I need to get into the waiting mode.

take care mamas!
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CONGRATULATIONS Jaze and Emily and welcome to Taurin and Jack.

Thankyou for sharing your birth stories, these tales of big babies (11 lbs 1 oz !!!) are very inspiring and reassuring to me.

Jack is gorgeous!

Racheepoo: This is absolutely the time in your life to be focusing internally (it's not self absorption). Especially when you have been so ill. I have been well for most of my pregnancy and I am finding it hard to hold on to topics of conversation that don't revolve around either my baby or the other people I know who are due soon. I am sure that it is a prerfectly normal psychological reaction. Afterall, this life-changing stuff. Feel free to come and vent to us on this board it it helps you, that's what we are here for.

Indigolillybear; I am so sorry, I have no constructive advice but I sympathise, I can't imagine how much added discomfort that must be for you.

Things are getting exciting round my neck of the woods. Two people from my antenatal class have had their babies and it seems as though one is on the way. It is all seeming more real to me now. Especially since my baby spent much of the night doing what felt like press-ups on my pelvic floor. I presume that he/she is moving his/her head even further down. Hopefully the baby and my body are starting to get ready although I have had no practice contractions yet.

to dnr and mamaroni

to everyone
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