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So, here I am a mere hour after posting that my ds is sick and I don't want to go into labor for several days to let you all know that my water just broke. I'm actually sort of pissed if you can believe it. I'm so bummed that he won't be able to come up to the hospital tomorrow, or possibly the whole time I'll be there.

I had just finished eating when I felt a sort of 'pop' and I just prayed that nothing happened. About five seconds later came the first big gush and I'm leaking now. No contractions as of yet, which is a bummer cause I know they'll want to give me pitocin. Plus, the longer the membranes are ruptured, the more likely I am to have antibiotics.

I've never had my membranes rupture until about an hour or two before I delivered so this is something new for me. Wish me luck. It looks like I'll actually have this one on it's due date.
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Wow Jish! *I'm* excited even if you're pissed! (but definitely sorry your ds is sick. . . that's no fun for sure). I hope all goes well, I'm sure it will, can't wait to hear!
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Oh, Jish, as sorry as I am to hear that your ds is sick--bad timing for sure--you're not gonna get me to say I'm sorry you're starting labor. YIPPEE! I'm sooo glad for you!

Don't fret about the water breaking early, it'll just stress you out. Try to keep their hands out of you as long as you can, is my advice on that.

We'll be eagerly awaiting your news!
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Jish! I'm so sorry (for the sick boy) and so happy (that you'll meet your babe soon) for you! Sending you opening vibes!
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Jish, lots of peaceful birthing vibes your way. Maybe your dh will just throw off whatever he got, the fever having done it's work. There's always hope! Can't wait to hear all about your new little one.

Pumpkinseeds, I am so sorry you got risked out of your water birth. I wish you a joyful, joyful delivery, in whatever way it happens for you.
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Jish- happy birthing night I am excited for you, despite the circumstance...tonight must be the perfect night, because it is I am thinking of you.
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Jish, yay! You will be in babymoon soon!

Oceanone, thanks I've had that hormonal quivering lower lip for 2 days now.
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Rebecca (Dnr3301) had baby

I'm Rebecca's (Dnr3301) sister-in-law and just wanted to let you know she had a beautiful baby boy this afternoon (March 11th) around 12:30 PM. She'll post the birth story when she gets a chance, but she wanted you all to know her little one is here.
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Wow, congrats Dnr! Can't wait to hear the details.

Spark--loved the birth story...sounds wonderful and just the perfect blend of everything!

Jish--sending wellness and peaceful birthing vibes your way!!

gratefulmum--thinking of you and wishing you clarity.....you will surely make the right decision for you and yours.

Thanks for all the sympathy everyone on my "friend". It's not so bad today--I think I've figured out that it was all the sitting I did the last two days at playdates and our extreme heat wave that is now mellowed out a bit. Still a "pain" :LOL but not as bad.....It was kind of exacerbating this feeling I tend to get at the very end of pregnancy anyway, this anxiety thing that everything is not working "right" and I get really anxious. I mean, all in all, I'm very confident about my birth and body but I tend to get wound up towards the end....my BP is up too and though it's not *that* high, it has me a little worried. My mother (a retired RN) told me today, "I think if you were seeing a dr., he'd have you on bed rest." The up-side of her assesment is that she and my dad are taking the kids tomorrow so I can be on bedrest!! So that's nice...I plan to do the last of my sewing as well and finish my body casting too....Is that considered bedrest??

well, hoping everyone's who's hoping to go into labor, does, and those (like me) who'd prefer a couple more weeks, get it, and those already holding their little babes in their arms, are enjoying every minute!!
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TLS: thanks for posting on behalf of DNR. CONGRATULATIONS Rebecca, can't wait to hear more

Jish: I am so excited for you, lots of happy birthing coming your way. I am really sorry that your DS is ill, sending healing to him.

My wee one is definately running out of room. He/she keeps sticking his/her bottom out, it looks and feels really odd but it's also nice to be able to pat my baby's bum before he/she comes out IYSWIM !

to all in labour to those in waiting and to all.
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Well wishes to Spark, Bebe Luna (11lbs!!), and Dnr...birthing vibes to Jish and healing vibes to your ds.

Today is my last day of work and I am glad. Next week is dd spring break and my midwife told me to "set my mind to this weekend" for laboring. Hey, anything after Sat. afternoon would be fine with me!
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well, I woke up this morning to like a couple TBSP of red mucus! I'm surprised since I was thinking at least a couple more weeks. I know it still could be but I'm wondering if I'll go earlier. OOh, it made me nervous to see it!! I actually might have a baby!! :LOL So, I'm trying to decide whether to lie low today or what. DH is on alert at work, and he works very close to us. My parents were supposed to take the kids and I"m definitely going to let them (my mom is worried about my high BP)....I'm thinking though maybe w/in the next week? No real other signs, other than the last days, I've been having increasing cervical pains/twinges when I walk for any period of time.

ALso I was so sure this would be an aries! Maybe we'll get a picses after all!

Mostly I think I"m in shock that I am actually going to go into labor!! :LOL well, I'll keep you all posted.
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Well, I went to the doc this morning to see what his comfort level with my delivering late is. Not so hot. He said he no longer recommended my delivering vaginally because while the risks still weren't high, they were higher. Tried another version, just to be sure, but my babe has a personality already and is very content to be leading with the wrong end!
So I go to the hospital in an hour and half for my c/s. I am warming up to the excitment, but am still mostly really bummed out. I am a worry wort though and am already concerned about future pregnancies. I'm off to read Pamela England's chapter on c/s birth. Really though, I will be holding my baby by this afternoon
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Happy laboring to Jish and gratefulmom!!!!! Soon i.l.bear is be holding her baby too!

I'm so excited for you all. Can't wait to read the birth stories.

I'm also a little jealous. I want to hold my son! It's just what? me, mamaroni and Bathrobe Goddess left.........
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Indigolillybear: that's so exciting, lots of to you!
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Gratefulmum: Very best wishes and lots of to you too. How exciting to know that you will be holding your baby soon.

Willowsmama: I know what you mean, I've still got a couple of week 'till my due date and no signs that things will be happening any earlier (except for lots of headbutts on my pelvic floor).

Does anyone else feel that their brain has turned to mush? My mind is totally one track on the baby now and it's getting embarrasing quite frankly. People ask me questions and they just get nonsense back or it takes me ages to formulate a sentence. I have had to edit this very short post five times already to deal with typos :.

Does it get any better after the baby comes?
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Originally posted by willowsmama
I'm also a little jealous. I want to hold my son! It's just what? me, mamaroni and Bathrobe Goddess left.........

And me!! Please don't forget me! If you do I may really never deliver. :LOL I admit that I'm starting to feel a little left behind myself. Though it doesn't quell any of my excitement for Jish, gratefulmum, or indigolilybear or anyone else who is on the verge of holding their sweet babes.
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Tracy -- You will have your baby in your arms soon. I'm so sorry you've been starting and stopping labor. Maybe your baby is scared. I think mine was. (She floated high up until I talked with her on my long walk.) Just know that I'm sending you loving, peaceful vibes. I'm sorry you're having to wait and wait.

Gratefulmum -- you're in my thoughts today! Hope everything goes smoothly and your little babe makes your heart melt with love.

DNR -- Congrats! Can hardly wait to hear about it from your fingertips.

Pumpkinseeds -- I missed your pst the first time about getting risked out of waterbirth. I'm so sorry. I know you were really hoping to birth in water. Maybe the shower will be your friend. Sending you love.

Jish -- I hope you're holidng your baby right now!

Indigo -- Wow, that's exciting. Keep us posted, if you can!
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I'm still out here too. "Due" either yesterday or today, depending on who you ask. No action though as of Wednesday, baby is still riding pretty high in my belly.

Yipee for everyone else who is either holding their baby or getting really close.

Pinksunfish - my brain is also mush. I know there are tons of examples, but I'm blanking on them - case in point, I guess.

I'm off to snooze for a bit - hopefully I'll regain some clarity after that!
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Hi everyone.

Spark, I'm so glad you're keeping up with us "still-preg" mamas!

Yeah for DNR, I can't wait to hear more!

Indigo, wow, you just never know, do you? Sending good vibes your way. . .

you too Jish. . . I bet you're holding your new little one as we write, here too! some for you

gratefulmum, I wonder if you are holding your babe yet? more to you too

Pumpkinseeds, sorry about no waterbirth, too. I know you'll make the best experience possible anyway. some for you

bathrobe goddess, that's great about the last day of work. I hope you get some time to relax before your baby comes!

Pinksunfish, in my experience, my brain came back after dd was born. But after ds, it did not! What does that mean for me after #3 arrives??

willowsmama and citizenfong: I'm going for a pedicure and foot reflexology this afternoon. Then maybe a long walk. Then maybe some sex. Perhaps that will help things along? any other suggestions?
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