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I'm still among the waiting. Three or four days past my edd.

Congrats to all the new babes and families.

The last two nights I have had birth dreams and signs that I *hoped* but sort of knew were not indicative of labor. In last night's dream I dreamt that I'd had my baby but had no memory of the birth. I am getting anxious too, remembering what hard work it is but also just wanting to be on to the next chapter with the baby in my arms. I am crabby (barked at dd this a.m. for sitting in snow while trying to get her in the car. . . I sounded like one of those moms that make me want to roll my eyes when I see/hear them in public). I am tired of people's well intended but stinging comments; I'm so swollen everywhere that I am embarrassed to be seen. WAH.

It's another mild day here so I'll go for my daily walk soon and see if that stirs anything up. On yesterday's walk (went by myself) I tried to follow Claire's example and have a little talk with the baby about how nice it would be to meet him when he is ready, but stressing that mom is pretty ready.

Way back when we were all discussing when we thought our babes would arrive, I said I thought either 2/29 or 3/17. We'll see if I stay on target for 3/17; I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd go longer than that. . . . but even two more days feels like an eternity. If Weds comes and goes with no baby or no sign of baby, I might be ready for the cookoo house.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far. Sorry to be such a downer, especially for all of you who are totally blissing out on your babes. . . . don't mean to kill your buzz. Off to sit on my bball.
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Hey fiacre, I'm with ya! Don't worry about it. We can still be grumpy, over-due mamas! The others won't mind, I'm sure. I won't officially be over due until tomorroow, but I "feel" your pain! I'm bloated as well. Yesterday I went to a family function (a baptizm gathering for a 5-day old cousin) and I only had ONE shirt that fit me, and it barely did. It was gapping a little. Oh, and enduring the "you must be soooo ready" comments. Gee, is it that obvious!?! :LOL

Last night I was up again from about 12:30 to 4, having contrax, and extreme pressure on my rectum. I spent most of that time on the toilet, realy thinking it was "it." But I just breathed, tried to relax, and did end up falling back asleep. The contrax didn't stop me in my tracks, but they were definitely more than BH. For a couple hours, they were pretty regular up to every 5 minutes or so, too. I figure maybe I at least got another cm out of it!

Here I sit on my birth ball. . .
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Here is the link to the 3/15-3/31 thread!

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