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MissPiggy had her baby by C-section yesterday - a little girl 8 lbs 1 oz. I haven't talked to her myself - her sister told me, but I don't have more details than that. Pam will have to come post the name and so on or call me and let me know more info to post. I figured this would be o.k. to post since she posted she would try and call me to have me post here.

It also looks like my girls are coming home soon - possibly as soon as tomorrow if they continue to do well over today!
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rainnbowmoon -- Sending you warm birth vibes and peaceful babymoon vibes (if your babe is here already!) Hope everything goes smoothly for you!

CherylE -- Congrats on the good outlook on your babies coming home! that's wonderful! And, thank you for the MissPiggy update! Glad to hear everyone's healthy on her end!

Willowsmama -- I can certainly understand why you don't want to be induced this time! Pit just makes things really hard I think. Now, why is the Dr. giving you until next Tuesday when you're not even due until the 17th? I know you're ready to meet your baby, but just remember that you can refuse any kind of induction. It is YOUR choice.

Gina -- you're in my thoughts today! Hope your birth goes beautifully! (she is scheduled for today, right?)
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Spark- My due date was moved up to the 13. I had a great talk with a friend who's very supportive of believing in my body~ something everyone else isn't ok with~ and I've decided that Giles will come out when he's ready. Not any sooner. So the dr. can just deal and I don't want to hear about induction again til I'm 42 weeks!

My back is horribly messed up and so painful I could cry, I'm crabby and hormonal. I don't need anyone not supportive of what I want getting to me, yk? I stopped talking to my aunt since she completely believes the dr. has my best interests in mind. :

I keep telling myself~ No one is pregnant forever.
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It's true, there hasn't been a single woman pregnant as long as an elephant. We just all need to remember that!

Willowsmama -- good for you for listening to your body and your baby. I'm glad that you can advocate so well for what you want. Good work seeking the support you need and ditching the criticism. IMHO, you're making the best choice for you and your baby!

I just changed my answering maching message after hearing message after message of, "Why aren't you picking up? Are you in labor?" My outgoing message now says, "Hi, You've reached _____. For the record, I'm not due until March15. So, please, wait at least until my due date before asking me, "Have ya had that baby yet!?!?" As I get moodier and pissier my next planned outgoing message is this: "Hi, you've reached ____. We had the baby on January 28th. We're just keeping it a secret from you."
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OK, I want to do that too, that was so funny!

Originally posted by Spark
I just changed my answering maching message after hearing message after message of, "Why aren't you picking up? Are you in labor?"
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Wow! Now things are hopping around here!

Cheryl, what WONDERFUL news! Even with the hospital stay you're STILL getting to bring home your sweet babies before most of us! :LOL

Rainbowmoon, :dancing banana You've got everyone's attention...we can't wait to hear!

Today is Gina's day too!

Helen, stay strong Sister! Good for you. We all know how hard it can be to take on the established protocol. You can do it!

I'm actually having a pretty good day. Not too sick, no ctx. I think I am much more patient waiting for this baby on the days when I'm not contracting every other minute and getting my hopes up.

Okay, here's the news. My one actual, tangible fear this whole pregnancy (yes, more than when the baby was staying transverse even) has come back to haunt me after I thought it was put to rest.

Dh works in a satellite office with 2 coworkers. One is out of the office on sales calls almost exclusively. The other (K) was hired in Nov to replace the useless woman who was doing that job. This was awsome, because K is capable of being dh's back-up, which the other woman was not. So I stopped worrying that I might call dh while in labor only to be told that he couldn't leave until he took care of x, y, and z. Plus it meant that the home office agreed that dh could take a week off when the baby was born.

Yesterday dh calls me and tells me that the Atlanta office is sending K to Atl Tues-Fri. of next week. They called down there to see if there was any way it could be rescheduled. No, they are installing some kind of system and a rep from whatever company is going to be there to train several people at once. Oh, yeah, Tracy's expecting to give birth any day? Sucks to be you.

So, the odds are very low on this, but the possibility now exists that I could go into labor on a day when dh simply cannot get away immediately. Realistically, it is very unlikely that he would end up missing the birth (just based on several factors--they've been slow lately, the baby could come at night, or the next week, or this week...) but...!

What is a very real concern is that if I have the baby any time between now and next Friday (yes, that would be 41 weeks for me) dh will not get to take off the first week of the baby's life. I've pretty much resigned myself to this. At least there are some people who can come over and help out, take A out or play with him, whatever. But again...!

Okay, now back to anyone who's got any real problems. Or maybe (I hope) everyone's doing GREAT!
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willowsmama-I'm sorry your doc is being a butt about this. But, sounds like you've made up your mind to listen to your body rather than what he says. I'm sorry you're feeling bad-have you been to the chiropractor? Mine is the only thing keeping me sane right now. I would marry him if polygamy was legal.

Spark :LOL on your answering machine. I have dial up on the puter, so as long as I stay on it, no one can call and that's my plan for now. My mil left 3 msg. yesterday!

MissPiggy and Gina-can't wait to hear your birth stories!

Cheryl-that's so great that your girls are probably coming home. Please keep updating us.

I've been getting some strong cramping on my right side-I wonder if this is ligament pain? It's only on one side and does come and go. I'm such a worrywart, I immediately worry about placentia previa and all that.

Can someone answer this question for me? I tested + for GBS-of course the doc wants me to go to the hospital as soon as I'm in labor, which is ridiculous, we plan to labor at home as long as possible-if I DON'T get the antibiotics before I deliver the baby, what happens? I certainly would rather get shot up with them myself than have him have to go through that after being newly born. Anyone know? My Bradley teacher/doula didn't. Thanks!

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Tracy, I just missed your post and wanted to give you . That really, really sucks and you must be feeling stressed and anxious right now. Like you said, you DO have some positives on your side...there are people who can come in to help, and it's possible that things will all work out so that your dh will be there during that first week. There's nothing you can do about his work as they obviously aren't going to accomodate him (I don't suppose he can call in sick?), so try to meditate or pray or whatever you can do to get some peace about this. again, mama!
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Hooray Ms. Piggy!
Hip Hip Hooray CherylE - won't it be amazing to have your girls at home!!
Can't wait to hear from Gina. . .

I went to my mw today and got pretty depressed. Not only am I locked up like a clam, the baby, though still head down thankfully so I can remove my 'wrappings', is still pretty high up in my belly. She is sure she'll see me next week for my checkup. And, it appears though I cannot believe it, that I gained another 5 lbs this week!!!! That brings my total up to about 60 and puts me at exactly the weight I was when dd was born. OH - I want my body back, I want to wear fun bell-bottoms and cute navel bearing tshirts; I want my shoes to fit and my wedding ring not to cut off circulation. Mostly I want to have this baby. WAH, wah, wah, it's just getting old, yk? sorry to be sooooo whiney.

gotto to go adjust my attitude. . . .
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Racheepoo- if you don't make it on time, they just don't give the antibiotics, at least that's what happened to the woman whose birth I doulaed who made it into the hospital about 15 minutes before baby was born. They just watched the baby like a hawk and scared her a little bit about GBS and did some shaming (you should have come in sooner, all from the nurses,nothing from her mw or her ped who siad baby was fine). Even if you are +, you can still refuse the antibiotics. The last issue of Mothering (not the current one) had a great article about GBS and the risks. The current one has some letterees to the editor about the article and a response to them, so even that is helpful.

So excited for all the babies on the way!

CherylE! I can't believe you get your girls home so soon! You must be loving that.

Willowsmama- now you have me curious, I know you're in the TC, so am I, and I am dying to know who your mw was. And who your doc is.

Tracy, how frustrating. My dh is taking three weeks off after the baby and his grandmother keeps telling me he doesn't really want to and I should just let her and MIL take Athena if I need a break rather than "making Dan take all that time off." First of all, I wouldn't let them have dd for an hour, much less the whole day, and secondly, I'm not making dh take time off, he wants to. Is there anyway for your dh to work less that week, or is he picking up the slack for there being fewer people? maybe he'll be able to take some time off when "K" gets back? I hope it all works out.

Spark- I am so sick of telling people "a couple more weeks." Really, I'm starting to get used to the idea that my "real" due date is the 20th, just so I don't get too discouraged if I go that long. Am I really due a week from Friday? I would crack up if I got your message when I called anyone. It reminds me of something a friends of dh's said to us after Athena was born: We were talking about how the houes was always full of annoying people who wouldn't leave and this friend said, "You should really put a sign on the door with viewing times and hold the baby up in front of the window for 2 minutes." The idea just about made me pee my pants laughing. Can you imagine, "Monday 10am-10:03 am, 3:42-3:45pm"? The other thing it makes me think of is I recently changed my outgoing message to "Hi, you've reached _______, if you called, I assume there's a reason, please leave a message." as a direct result of getting 4 calls from MIL and no messages! We just got caller ID, so I know she's calling, she knows we know, why doesn't she leave a message????

I scheduled a massage for Tuesday. can't wait.
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Originally posted by RacheePoo

Can someone answer this question for me? I tested + for GBS-of course the doc wants me to go to the hospital as soon as I'm in labor, which is ridiculous, we plan to labor at home as long as possible-if I DON'T get the antibiotics before I deliver the baby, what happens? I certainly would rather get shot up with them myself than have him have to go through that after being newly born. Anyone know? My Bradley teacher/doula didn't. Thanks!

I am facing the same dilemma, as I also tested posative for GBS...
Here is my plan of action, as I do not want IV antibiotics...
1st of all since I tested pos. I have been taking loads of acidophilus, eating yogurt, kefir, sour kraut, and cutting sugars... also been taking extra vitamin C and colloidal silver...
now when it comes to the hospital I plan to wait as long as possible before I head in, then I plan to say NO to the antibiotics if they try and give them...
hopefully I'll have waited long enough and be progressed enough in labor that it won't even be an issue.
My labor w/ ds progressed so quick and I am hoping this one will as well.

Now, if you don't get the antibiotics during labor they may ask you to stay an extra 24 hrs to observe the baby. If the baby appears to get sick then the baby will be given antibiotics. Early onset GBS usually occurs in the first 24-36 hrs after birth....

Congrats MissPiggy!!! I can't wait to hear more about your precious new baby!!!!

And Gina, I hope all went well today!!

Rainbowmoon... Tell us more! How thrilling!!

3 babies, YAY!!!!!

I'm still in waiting....
we have a bit of a storm in our forcast though... beginning late Thursday night and lasting through Sat... and Sat is the full moon... so I am hoping the tides and barometric pressure will urge this baby to come out and meet us!!!

Fiacre~ I have the pg induced carpal tunnel as well... I have been struggeling w/ it for a couple months! It really sucks!
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I think I'm in labor! I went to a doula meeting today and was surrounded by tons of positive birth energy. I had tons of contractions while I was there (and we were practicing labor comfort techniques!). The contractions have been getting stronger ever since. They're less than 7 minutes apart right now, and very consistant. I'm having to moan through them, and I'm losing my plug!!!

I'm so excited! I really hope this is it! I'll post an update when I can.
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OMG, I just wrote out a huge post, and accidentally deleted it. I'm so bummed.

well, I said hi to everyone, and commented on many things you've been discussing.

darn, darn, darn!

Oh, well. I'll write more another time.
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Hi all!

Happy baby vibes to Miss Piggy, Gina, and rainbowmoon! Can't wait to hear more!

Willowsmama, if your Dr. is giving you grief about being possibly GD+, you might try to reassure him w/ a test my previous back-up doc did...hemoglobin A1C...it's a simple blood test that looks at the imprint of glucose on your blood cells, and pretty accurately shows if your glucose has been out of line. Best of all, the imprint lasts for about 3 months, so you are really taking a retrospective look at your blood glucose for the last trimester! Apparently it's a test they use to monitor diabetics. I was so excited when he told me about this and I share the info as much as I can...thank goodness there are still some Dr.s out there with knowledge that supercedes "what everyone else is doing" in terms of prenatal care.

And good luck in your labor as well, livelybaby!

I keep waiting to post until I have some news, but frankly my labor life has been slow and I just have to accept that
Not one contraction, not one sign that labor is starting...just an ever increasing stomach... For some reason, this baby keeps dropping really low then floating up again, although I'm taking it as a good sign that he or she is trying to find the perfect position to birth in. But almost all the time now baby's butt is sticking out in a certain area just above my bellybutton, and said area is now very, very sore and I got lots of new stretch marks there, the only ones I've gotton this pregnancy! It also seems to be the one area my dd can't stay away from and the one spot I keep bumping into everything...

At 10 today I have a meeting with a "Healthy Start" program person, it's a Florida thing I guess but they have access to lots of social services that might be helpful, so I'm looking forward to that. And on Friday I finally get to meet my probable doula (she was just getting sick last week when we had our appt. scheduled). Also, my mw is coming over...I'll be 38w5d, and it'll be interesting to see how I measure. With baby dropping and floating, my measurements the last few weeks have been 35cm, 34.5cm, 37cm...But I really feel like baby's growing like a weed as well with all this stretching. I've declined a cervix check so far, because I don't think I dilate much before labor and I don't really want that non-issue to become a concern. I'm really hoping to avoid exams during labor, as well, and just trust my bodies signs. We'll see!

My mother's political campaign is rolling along, with the election on Tuesday I'm hoping babe stays put till after that is over. My grandma and cousin are coming to town this weekend, but my grandma has been very unsupportive lately and my cousin is sometimes really distant, so I hope they don't get to me too much. It will be nice to have them help with Peri, though, and give us(my mom, sister, and self) some breaks. We could all use them!

And as far as lame-o husband goes, I got divorce papers a few days ago, and he still hadn't scheduled a plane or hotel reservation for coming down his spring break, which is just a bit over a week away. So I doubt he's really going to be able to, and Peri was SOOOO looking forward to it! One day I hope he wakes up and smells how much all his excuses for being a lousy husband and father STINK!! On the other hand, though, getting the divorce papers made a lot of the rage I'd been feeling fade. Maybe it's just because I know I could get everything I want if it went to a trial, or because I like having some official paperwork filed on our status. And every time I talk to my lawyer I want to go to law school, so maybe that'll be my future and I'll be rich and put my husband to shame. hehehe!
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Originally posted by bebe luna

Now, if you don't get the antibiotics during labor they may ask you to stay an extra 24 hrs to observe the baby. If the baby appears to get sick then the baby will be given antibiotics. Early onset GBS usually occurs in the first 24-36 hrs after birth....
and late onset GBS, as I understand it, isn't related to mom's GBS status, so antibiotics during labor wouldn't prevent it anyway.

Mamaroni, that has happened to me at least two times. It's so frustrating.

Jster- sorry things are so stressful, but you sound like you are getting a hold of it. Law school in your future? Sounds like a great idea. What is your mom running for? I'm sure you've mentioned it, I just can't remember.

Have I mentioned that Athena was 3 yesterday?! I can't believe it. She asked where the baby is, because we've been telling her after she is three, the baby will come. We went to a steak place for dinner, it was soooo good, and I don't even eat red meat when I'm not pregnant!

So exciting about being in labor, Livelybaby! Sending strong and gentle birthing vibes your way.

I woke up early this morning and seduced my dh then when I got up for real and went to the bathroom and wiped, it was a little bloody! Yay!!! Maybe that means something is finally starting to happen. I can't remember how close I was to having Athena when this started happening, but it makes me feel closer than I felt yesterday, iykwim.
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Rachel, I was GBS+ with my last pregnancy. I labored at home for quite a while thinking I had lots of time. I arrived at the hospital sure that I had hours to go and the antibiotics would have plenty of time to work. Much to my surprise, I was dilated to 9cm when they checked me and I delivered less than an hour later. The did hang the antibiotics, but there was no way they made it ( I don't think the bag was even empty by the time I delivered), even my doctor knew that, but they did it anyway.

My ds was fine and suffered no effects whatsoever. I asked my pediatrician about it and she told me not to worry. She showed me a chart of GBS risk. One of the main risk factors for whether a baby would be affected or not was how long the bag of waters had been ruptured. Basically, the risk of GBS transmission was VERY low until about 12 hours after the rupture of the membranes, then the risk began to spike upwards. She said that the only difference in how they would handle my case was if I had wanted to leave the hospital early, they would not have wanted to release my baby until the 48 hour point. I personally like my hospital so that wasn't an issue for me.

I was tested for GBS this time, though I was going to decline the antibiotics if I tested positive. I was going to have them treat me only if I showed other risk factors -- ie: prolonged rupture of membranes, fever, etc. Those are the things they treat for even if you haven't tested positive.

There is still a chance that although I tested negative this time I could be positive by the time I deliver, but it's not something I'm going to worry about. I'm going to stay home as long as possible unless there is reason that I go in (my water breaks, and I'm still not going to rush in for that either.) As long as I don't show any other risk factors I'm not going to worry.

Sorry for the novel, but since I had the same thing happen last time as your question, I thought I'd answer.:LOL

I'm still hanging in here. I'm feeling pretty good today. I find that I really have to take it easy when it comes to how I treat my body. If I do too much walking or lifting (or cleaning or laundry) I pay for it. If I take it easy, I feel pretty good. The ligament pain is still my number one complaint since it is awful, and what wakes me up at night. For a change, I'm desperately hoping NOT to go into labor today, at least until after about 9:00pm since it is my kindergarteners spring program tonight. Not that I think it is a big possibility, but my due date is slowly creeping up without me really noticing it.

I start my 40th week tomorrow so it really could be any day now. I was 2 days early with #1 and 6 days late with #2 so who knows, but even if I'm a week late, that means I have only two weeks to go, and we have been so busy that the days are flying by. I'm really hoping that it is next week simply because my ds1 will be in school during the day, and that will make it much easier on my MIL who is coming to stay with the kids. The week of the 15th is spring break, and that would mean that poor MIL would have both kids. Not that she wouldn't be fine, but they can really try one's nerves when they get going. The only time she's going to be alone with them is in the morning and early afternoon. After naptime, they will come up to the hospital to hang with me and eat dinner with me. We are bringing the Game Cube to the hospital so they can play it when they are there. They aren't good at volume control and although I'm going to request a room as far away from others as possible, I'm hoping to be able to keep them relatively quiet.

Is it strange to say that I'm looking forward to the hospital food? Our hospital hired a chef, so the food is actually really good, and they make a killer Boston Creme Pie. Yummy! Basically, I just want someone to cook for me.:LOL

Anyway, enough babbling from me. Good luck to those delivering soon, and I can't wait to hear the birth stories.
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Livelybaby -- I hope you're nursing your newest family member right now! Happy babymoon! Let us know how your homebirth went and all about your little one whne you get the chance!

THe labor index for today shows a huge chance of labor over the midwest. It's centered around Iowa, but goes down to Dallas (Livelybaby's area) over to Cinncinati, up past Minnepolis and over to Lincoln. I think this is the first time a mama has gone into labor that 1. I checked the labor index and 2. The Mama had her location listed. So, maybe the labor index is correct??? (the link is on page one of this thread, if you haven't checked it out)

Mothering Mag had a good article on GBS+ either last issue, or the one before. http://www.mothering.com/11-0-0/html...ing-side.shtml

Jish -- thanks for your GBS+ story. I know it probably really helps the + gals on our thread.

DNR -- :LOL about the viewing times! What a funny idea! Jude was born close enough to December holidays that most people's schedules were full. We didn't get hardly any visitors. I wonder if it will be different this time. Also, your blood sounds exciting!

So, don't you feel like so many of us are just wiating for a sign? Every time I go pee, I think, "What's that pressure? Is my water going to break?" or after sex, I think, "Did that do it? Am I in labor now?" I could see how if I go until March 29 (2 weeks past EDD) I could be quite insane. I'm trying to find the balance of being patient and observing. Either way, I'm excited to meet my on board passenger!
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welcome to all new baby's that have been delivered in the last few days. can't wait to here from ya!

my ob appoint was disappointing today. i was supposed to get an ultrasound to confirm if i was still breech because 2 weeks ago i was breech at the ultrasound. i had my mw appoint yesterday (she came to my house and had no problem finding it) and she was pretty sure it was head down. we were looking forward to the ultrasound, but the ob had other plans. he thinks i'm at 36 weeks when he said i was 35 weeks two weeks ago. ob did a very quick check of the baby and said the butt was still down and he did not check most of my tummy area. so diff from the mw. so he's saying breech and is afraid that i will now go into labor since he put pressure on my tummy. i'm glad he thinks i'm so not far along so i won't get pressured into c section. he doesn't know i have another plan.
mw has a mw friend that specializes in breech who she will have on call in case the baby is breech in labor. plus, her assistant actually had a breech birth for her first baby. if it is breech, i'm am very willing to stay at home. i've done enough reading on the subject, i'm up for the challange and i'm confident that my mw and her team and my dh will help me get through it safely.
oh, well.
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Good afternoon everyone...

I just returned from my midwife appt... I lost a few lbs (can't eat much these days), and I am still at 3cm dilation, but now effaced to 80%...

I thought forsure I was going into labor last night, as I had ctx occurring every 2-3 minutes for about 2 hrs... then I fell asleep and woke up still pg and not in labor:

I am hoping this storm we are expecting here gets the baby motivated to come out...
but also, if I do go into labor tonight or tomorrow, my dh may not be able to be there because he has to work when we get over an inch of snow

I was talking w/ my aunt last night who is a nurse/doula/healing touch practioner... and I asked her what would happen if I refused the antibiotics for GBS. She said they may try and talk me into it, but ultimately it is my choice and they cannot refuse me further treatment or send me home because of that choice (it would be a far too high risk of liability for them to refuse treatment or send someone home)...
we have the right to accept or refuse any treatment....
you just may have to sign consent forms if you do refuse (so they aren't held liable).
I plan to refuse the antibiotics. Years ago I had some serious issues w/ yeast/candida and do not want to relive that, or start my newborn baby out in his life pumped full of antibiotics if it not necessarry....
why treat a problem before it's a problem? I don't mind waiting there an extra day to observe my baby and then treat him if he showed any signs of GBS, but I don't want to give him a treatment before he shows signs of illness...

Livelybaby and DNR~ keep us updated!
This is such an exciting time as all sorts of new lives are coming into the world!
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We just got back from the hospital

Ava Joanna Pirri was born Tuesday March 2, 2004 at 2:19am.
7lbs. 0 oz. 19 1/2 inches

The labor was fast and furious but it went very well.

Ava is nursing like a pro. I am so happy to finally have her in my arms.

Iwill give a birth story and picture as soon as I can finf some extra time.

Congratulations Miss Piggy, Gina and rainbowmoon. I have not had a chance to update myself on all the post.

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