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Congrats to the new babies!! River's birth was inspiring. I love the part where you said you OWNED your labor. And good for your dh to support you with getting your stepfather out when you needed it.

Mamaroni- How are you? Was your bathroom visiting signs of impending labor? I'm on my toes wondering if you're in labor right now?

PinkSunfish- big baby? what are they basing that on exactly? ultrasounds are notoriously off after 20 weeks, getting more and more off with each passing week, yet for some reason doctors continue to act like they are the end all and give soooo much info. They could be off as much as a pound. I honestly believe that, barring some strange development in your blood sugar situation, your body will not grow a baby it can't get out. Big babies are healthy and happy too. They tend to be calmer and sleep easier. You will be fine. Deep breath.

We did get a lot of snow, about 5 inches or so. The bus strike is really cramping dh's style. A friend of ours picked him up for work today. Normally, dh's alarm goes off around 6:45 and he wanders out of bed about 7 and leaves about 7:30. Today, it went off at 6:15 and he fell back asleep and I woke up at 6:50 and asked him what time he was getting picked up. He jumped out of bed saying 7! Luckily for both of us (probably more so for me), the snow made our friend late, so dh got ready really fast, then had time to shovel and clean the car off. Woo Hooo, I don't have to walk in the snow quite as much!!

hope everyone has a great day!
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Thanks dnr - I am sure that you are right. I have pretty "sturdy" hips so I am very optimistic that the baby will get through okay.

The main thing that is concerning me is the possibility of GD but I wonder how likely that is at this late stage when I haven't had any symptoms? It isn't easy to find out that kind of information. I suppose these are all questions I should have asked at the appointment but when you're there your brain turns to mush IYSWIM. I have a midwife appointment on Tuesday so I will raise these concerns with her then.

I have been wondering the same thing about Mamaroni - she has been unusually quiet today .

to everyone
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I like this website re: GD she has lots and lots of info on there and lots of references too.

YOu don't have to be a plus sized mama to get great info on her site.

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Thanks PumpkinSeeds, I have bookmarked the site, looks like there is lots of useful info there.
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Come to think of it, I haven't heard from Mamaroni today either. We usually e-mail back and forth. In her last e-mail sent last night she said she was pretty sure the baby wasn't coming until at least the 15th (EDD). So, I'll go ahead and believe her thinking. She did say that she was just vomiting, but no ctx. Hopefully, she's not still vomiting.

PinkSunfish -- I totally agree with DNR -- U/S are more and more innacurate later in pregnancy and that your body won't grow a baby too big for your body. Are you well educated on different birth positions? Some positions (like squatting) opens up the pelvis much more than on back in bed. I wouldn't give too much energy to the idea of GD. If you aren't showing any signs other than an U/S's opinion that you're carrying a large for dates baby, then I don't think it's worth your effort to worry about it.
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Mamaroni's not in labor. Just to keep enquiring minds in the know. But, she is sick. Yuck! Sending her stop vomiting, get rehydrated vibes.
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Thanks Spark! Yes, I am sick. I have the stomach flu, I guess. My ds had it two nights ago. I haven't had any elimination "episodes" since the middle of the night, and I'm about to get us all down for naps. I'm really achy and very tired. I need to get rested up so I can have a baby soon!

I saw my mw today. I'm measuring 34 (down from 36 last time) so I guess the baby has dropped some. She thought maybe -3 station. Baby is loa (had been pretty much directly posterior). So, I'm ready! (whenever she is, that is).

OK, just wanted to touch base. I really need to lie down.
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Mamaroni I can't even imagine being sick now.

I am starting to lose my plug....
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Mamroni: STOP vomiting right now

PumpkinSeeds : how exciting!

Spark: Thanks very much for the support. I am sure you are right! Ed: to add, I feel pretty well educated about birth positions, I have been to lots of good antenatal classes and antenatal yoga. I will definately be arguing with them if they try to get me into a bed .
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Been off for a couple of days so whew! here it goes!

dancinggirl, livelybaby, gina, MissPiggy (did I forget anyone) : to all of our early March additions!

CherlE- that's great you are bringing your girls home. No more long drives to the hospital for the mamma's milk truck.

citizenfog- That's unfair that dh might be unavailable for you. If birth was recognized as the sacred event it is with all of its societal implications....urgh! but then the number of things that would be different.

Jster- I know what you mean about little one's prominent "bump" getting knocked around too much. I actually get a little worried sometimes though because it's mine's head that's sitting up top getting all the attention from refrigerator doors, doggy paws, four year old nephew bounces. Also, about not-so-dh...I think he should be scared of you even without a law degree! You are very capable and intelligent and have the moral wall to back you up!

fiacre- I didn't get my Mothering mag this month yet either. It's my first month's subscription, so I though maybe that was why.

rainbowmoon- a bit past, but I can't believe the mw's forgot to mention that if your bp stayed high you'd be induced! Oh, you're only the one having the baby!

And a couple of you girls (Spark, citizenfog) your sarcasm makes me laugh:LOL

I've been pretty unemotional (so I say) this whole pregnancy up until last few weeks... THe other night, dp came in late from his night shift, cuddled up to me, and fell asleep. Which is wonderful, except every night when I get woken up at four or five am it's hard to fall back asleep for a while. And he is laying on me, and he's taking up the whole bed, and I cant' wake him for the life of me! I ensue to work myself up into a complete frenzy. Peeling back his eyelids, bouncing over him and trying to toss him by his hips (we're tied in the weight division now) and alternately storming through our bed/bathroom slamming doors and ranting. He finally gets up and moves to the couch without ever waking up and I'm so upset still I don't even put a blanket on him
Next morning I ball for ten minutes because someone was rude to me on the phone and somebody elso cut me off on the freeway. Um, can anybody say time to have the baby and get all those dopamine like hormones I've heard about circulating!

I called my baby's father yesterday. We havent' talked since first week of Jan. I want to find out from him how interested he is in having a part of this baby's life. He said he hadn't thought about it yet. (What has he been thinking about?) but that he would call on Sun pm and let me know. If he doesn't want to be involved I'm tempted to tell him, fine. I feel guilty having him pay child support since I'm LW/raising child with another man. But I'm on medicaid, so I need to put down a father's name to stay on the program. And that father will get hassled for child support. If he (father) is willing I'm considering putting down dp's name as father just for legal purporses. My child would know their real father, but the system wouldn't have to KWIM?
It just feels a bit too deceptive though.
Any thoughts? Please don't think I'm an awful person, I'm not trying to deny the truth, I just want the easiest thing for all. I know, I know the truth is usually always easier!
Check ya all later
Birth some babies!
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Gratefulmum -- I'd be leary about naming the incorrect father. I mean, yes, the baby's biological father may or may not want to be a part of the baby's life, but he did his part for the conception, he should do his part for helping you and baby out, too. Just because you're with someone else doesn't mean that he's free of responsibility. You should never feel badly about having him financially support your child. And, what if it doesn't work out with your current partner? (Hopefully, this is not ever the case. It is something to consider though.) That's just my thinking on the situation. Sending you love, light and peace. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
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I have to second Spark on this. FTR, my oldest dd isn't my dh's bio child. Her bio dad does see her, pay support ect.And it's good for everyone involved, she gets 2 dads, the bio dad learned soem responsibility and my hubby has a girl he's proud to call his dd.

I would also think it may be illegal to name another man knowing he isn't the father. If you were to cease being together his feelings on paying support may change and he could prolly order a paternity test and ask that all back support be repaid. ( Just a thought~ I am NOT a lawyer nor do I play 1 on tv)

Still hanging in therebut I really wish this baby would come out already!
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Thanks for all the good thoughts! I am feeling much better, although not 100%. This afternoon's nap helped tremendously, followed by some food and lots of water and recharge drink. I'm still a little achy, but a far cry better than I was 24 hours ago. But now, dh is sick! I told him he isn't allowed!! He's not as bad as I was though, and hopefully doesn't get worse. I feel so badly for dd and ds--they want to play and just don't understand what's going on. It's times like these I really wish we lived close to family.

gratefulmum, I agree it's best to stick with your baby's bio dad for the paper's. If things work out, your dp could always adopt, keeping things legal.

Hmmm, it's been a while since we've heard from Tracy, hasn't it? And bebe luna? Hopfully good things are happening for them.

Here's hoping we all wake to a birth announcement or two!
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I know, I know, I know you are all right. I guess maybe it was sort of wishful thinking on my part to just write him out of the picture. The truest part of me knows that's not right. Oh the tangled web...right? I also wanted to avoid what I've heard is the exorbitant amount paid to adopt a child. But you all are right, if anything should happen between me and dp, the muck would get deeper. I can't get over feeling guilty about accepting money from the father for a child he will rarely ever see though.
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Hi everyone!

Danaeya Beth Evelena Crarey was born at 12:54 Tuesday afternoon by c-section. She was 8lbs 1oz, and 21 inches long.

She's been doing awesome! It's such an amazing feeling! I can't even come up with words for it!

I don't think I lost much of the miracle of birth on the c-section. As much as I was scared of it, it turned into a really great experience for both dh and myself. (He even looked over the sheet to see her coming out)... My midwife also took some pictures of her coming out, as she was allowed to scrub in to the OR with us.

Anyways, I need to go sleep. I just got home this afternoon, and I am exhausted. I will write more when I get a chance. Hope everyone's doing well. I haven't read all the posts from the last few days, but congratulations to anyone who's got their babies now!

I'll see if I can get dh to help me post some pictures in the next few days!
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Okay, he says it's easy, so here's her picture http://bb.bc4x4.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=272758
please reply if it works. thanks.
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MissPiggy, it works! she's beautiful! congratulations!!
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wow...first, the picture worked, and Danaeya is beautiful! Congratulations, enjoy your beautiful little girl.

Wonderful birth story, Cori, and WELCOME to River!!! thank you for sharing.

Pinksunfish--I had an u/s at 34 wks that said the baby was 6 lbs 13 oz. I actually figure it's pretty close, as I'm expecting a big baby. The tech kept asking me if I was GD, I kept reassuring her that I was tested, and my numbers were phenomenal. They just tend to freak out when a baby is big. Erik was 8'14, and I've expected this baby to hit over 9 lbs. Sounds like you've worked t through most of it, but believe me that you will think your baby is the most perfect ever, and you will pity those who have little babies (LOL! No offense to any who have ) Oh, and I would RESIST an early induction based on an u/s prediction of size, as hard as you can.

Mamaroni, glad you're doing better...I hope it continues.

LOTS of labor vibes to those of you who are close. With the way the babies are coming, I think I'll be the last holdout
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MissPiggy--so glad it went well! Congratulations and happy babymoon! SHe's beautiful. YOu did good.

Mamaroni--hoping wellness is making it's way to your house......

Gratefulmum--I agree w/everyone else (and you!). I actually had a friend (a long time ago in my youth) who did something similar and I always felt really uneasy about it. If nothing else, for the record things should be "true". But as you said, you already know that.

As for me, I am procrastinating preparing for my blessingway tomorrow. I need to clean house (the list is getting shorter and shorter as to what I want to do.....:LOL) and do *something* to add as my contribution....letter to my baby, something like that to share. And especially now that even my mom is coming, I just don't feel that comfy exposing myself too much, KWIM? It's not much of a dilemma, but when my one remaining brain cell is as tired and 9 months pregnant as it is, it's not pretty! : All in all, I"m just ready to really enjoy it, though I'm also scared of the part AFTER the blessingway when everyone leaves!! Last time I felt like, "Oh yeah! They didn't just do this cuz they like me so much, they actually *expect me to have a baby now*!!!!! " It made me feel like the last hurdle had been crossed... But I'm more prepared and less worried than ever w/the other two.

Well hoping someone who wants to be is peacefully birthing their little one into the world now!
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