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Should I bother with a naturopath?

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My son(14) was diagnosed with fibromatosis this summer, which is a rare case of tumors. They are not malignant, but they are not really benign, either. They do not metastasize, but they can act aggressively, spreading and recurring. My son had two tumors, one large one that was removed surgically, and one in his upper hip/pelvic region, which was inoperable. Because of his age, and the location of the tumors, he was not a good canidate for radiation, a common treatment for this disease. I was grateful for their wait and see aproach, unfortunately the tumor in his leg has come back. The dr. is going to speak with the surgeon, but will most likely want to prescribe Gleevec, which is supposedly very nontoxic.

My question is, do you think a naturopth could be of any help to him?
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You can always go to see what they'd say. Sometimes they can suggest ways of supporting your sons body while he is using conventional medicine.
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I'm sorry I don't have time to research right now b/c I should be in bed! but if I were you I would first determine if there are research studies showing that fibromatosis tumors uptake iodine.

If they do, then low iodine is your cause as it can be the cause of my fibroid tumors throughout the body, including fibrocystic breasts, ovarian cysts, thyroid nodules, etc.
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Oh my gosh goylesgirl I was just reading some post and I am being tested for this next week! They removed 3 tumors out of my airway which created a blockage therefor my left lung collapsed until the blockage was removed. I had reoccurring phnemonia since 2005 and that would be why they say due to the blockage and not getting proper air. I was so glad they found the problem but now it is wait and see approach. How old is your little one? I am so sorry to hear he has this problem. The dr's told me if I had this it would have already most likely been diagnosed as a child but they are not ruling it out since the tumors removed were neurofibroma's. I would consider seing a homeopathy ND doctor, a holistic physician practicing homeopathy with the highest degree possible. Good luck mama and I hope you find answers soon. (((((((HUGS)))))))))
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I would absolutely seek out an alternative perspective.

Often times their approach is far more uselful/successful and safer than allopathic treatments
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