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Mattress Protection

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As my birth is getting closer, I'm starting to wonder about new things.

For example, what kind of mattress protection do we need before the birth and after baby comes? I'm guessing that the possibility of waters breaking/leaking in bed now and the probability of postpartum gushiness and baby peeing in bed later make mattress protection important.

We don't use any kind of mattress cover now. What do you all use? Wool? Plastic? Please advise.

I hope this is the right forum for this question!
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I've gone through three children without a mattress pad, and this time I *am* getting one. I leak a lot when I am first breastfeeding, and I've had babies soak through their diapers at night. The good thing is that breastmilk urine is not really that odorous, and drying the mattress with a blow-dryer seemed to work just fine, we haven't had any permanent staining or smell. Still, it would be so much easier and nicer to just be able to strip the bed and throuw whatever is soiled in the washer.

A mattress cover is also great to have if you're giving birth at home. We have always used plastic sheeting, but that tends to slip and is not as comfortable as a mattress cover. I wouldn't worry too much about your waters breaking and leaking all over the bed though. Gushes are rare.
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We didn't do anything when I was pregnant with ds. I guess it just didn't occur to me that my water would break in bed, which could happen. We have an older mattress, though, and I'm not too concerned about it.

We are planning a homebirth this time, and will put down a pair of clean sheets, then a waterproof liner, and then some older sheets for the birth.

As far as the baby peeing in bed - well, we had some leaks, and maybe we are just unsanitary people, but we just washed the sheets and left it at that!

I've always liked the idea of a wool matteress pad, but it sure would be a pain to wash all the time, and I just haven't been able to afford one for our king bed.
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I use a cotton mattress cover. It makes my cheap-ass mattress more comfy (can't feel the coils as much) For the birth, I put nice clean sheets on, then a shower curtain, then an old sheet. After the birth, I used a flannel sheet folded so it was 4 layers thick underneath me to catch leaks (so I wouldn't have to wash ALL the bedding as often)
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Thanks for the ideas

Truthfully, I doubt I'd even think about mattress protection, but we just bought a new mattress. The old one was destroying dh's back. Funny that it would be him & not pg me who would finally require a new one.

Anyway, since we're not getting a spendy crib, why not splurge on a good mattress for the big bed? I'm not really used to it yet, but I do have the urge to protect our lovely new investment.
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We have a new mattress too, and since we are having a homebirth, I definitely want to protect it well. So, I got a vinyl protector (got mine at Walmart for about $10, but I'm sure they are available anywhere) that goes over the entire mattress, like a pillowcase rather than a fitted sheet, KWIM? It's not as easy to put on, but it is total protection! It zips at one end.

Then over that we have our regular cotton/poly quilted mattress pad. Makes it more comfy, no rustling, no sweating because of the vinyl, etc.

Would love a wool mattress pad someday, but it sure ain't in the budget for now! :LOL


PS....I've been thinking about buying another vinyl zip cover to protect the box spring....it has a skirt over it (which I wouldn't care too much if the skirt were stained) so you'd never see the cover. And for only $10 more, it seems like a very reasonable way to protect an expensive mattress!
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Lemon, I'm with you, I felt very protective of our new mattress set and purchased a good quality mattress pad several years ago. It is a layer of vinyl surrounded by two layers of padding. It does make the bed warm in the summer, but I appreciate how it has saved my mattress from urine, vomit and other body stains, especially with kids co-sleeping. And it doesn't rustle like the vinyl ones do.

If I was going to buy one now, I would chose wool for its breathability and antibacterial properties. I have seen posts in the sewing and crafts forum describing how to make a mattress pad inexpensively from a felted army wool blanket, so you might want to cruise around that forum for ideas.
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we use wool. you can buy wool yardage (expensive method) and make sure you put a layer or two of cotton over it, like 2 fitted sheets or a flannel sheet, to soak up and water and keep it from pooling.

or (cheap method) you can go to some thrift stores and no doubt find a few old wool blankets. no thrift stores? try an army surplus store. they have tons of wool blankets! wash and dry these on hot to get them tight and clean, and put them under layers of cotton or sheets.

for our birth, we will have 2 or 3 such layers on our bed alone, so that if one gets messed we can just fold it off and have another waiting. i am also making smaller wool/ cotton pads to squat over wherever i am giving birth.

no plastic for us.

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I got a vinyl cover, but that was too hot, so I got a cotton mattress pad to put over it. The bed is still comfortable, but we need universal fitted sheets! It's good to have the protection--my mom's water broke in the middle of the night when I was born and so she told me to get a mattress pad. It has come in handy when the baby's diaper leaked!
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Thanks for all the great ideas. I'm leaning towards wool, but we'll see what we can find shopping around.

Don't think I'm feeling crafty enough to make my own in this last month of pregnancy, lol. I've got enough unfinished projects I'm determined to complete before the baby arrives...
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We used trash bags, taped together with duct tape and placed under the sheets. We also did several layers. I admire the ones who were able to use wool and avoid plastics though. Trash bags were cheap and didn't stink as bad as vinyl mattress covers do.
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For the birth we just bought a new vinyl shower curtain. We use them for our showers anyway, so it will be re-usable afterwards.

But for the actual co-sleeping, etc, we'll get some wool things for me and baby to sleep on.
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I am with Molly- we do the same.
A shower curtain for the birth and then a layer of wool under the sheet. In my opinion, the wool smells better, less toxic, than keeping plastic on full time.
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I had a mattres pad from walmart on my bed (8 months preg) and we took it off. Maybe we needed more that one sheet on top of it because it caused us to sweat bad. we stuck to the sheets and it made noises when we moved...yuck
we now have nothing on our brand new mattress....not sure what we are gonna do now.
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We have a vinyl one from Target that cost about 4 bucks. I wouldn't want to use a wool one during labor because I (personally) would worry about staining it. (Dumb, I know.)
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We splurged and bought a wool mattress pad (with a cotton cover) when we got our new mattress set. (Let me tell you, I've slept really well this pregnancy.) I have a hand-me-down mattress protector (came from my grandma) which is a rubber sheet with cotton bonded on either side... it's about the size of 1/2 a regular queen sheet... we'll put that on the next time we change sheets. It's not crinkly at all, so I think we may leave it on indefinitely for leaking boobs etc. We never have leaking dipes. (Though ds will be potty training one of these days... guess he could have accidents!)
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