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Baby is here:)

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Ruby Sarah
Born March 2nd at 4:22 am at home in water
37wk 5d
7lb 7oz
19 1/2"

Healthy and Beautiful
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Congratulations! Hurray!
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Hooray for little girls!!!

Enjoy your babymoon, mama!! And I love your LOs name!
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Congratulations, mama! I love the name! Yahooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Many Congratulations!!!!
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Congrats on your newest addition!!!!
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Lovely, congratulations on your little girl!!
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Enjoy those newborn snuggles mama!!

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Ruby is an adorable name!!!! Congrats!
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Happy baby moon!
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Woo Hoo!
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Congratulations on your new baby girl!!! Ruby is a beautiful name!
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Yay for baby girls! My "baby" girl just turned six on March 2nd. A great day to be born.

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Welcome to the world little Ruby Sarah!
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