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I Have A Son!!!

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Waits Rebhal
born 3-3-10 at 5:56 am
8 hours of labor and 21 minutes of pushing, totally natural
8.2 lbs and 20 inches
absolutely beautiful

first photos
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wow! he's lovely, congrats!
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ohhhhhhhh SUCH a beautiful baby, thank you so much for sharing those pictures!! Congratulations and BIG LOVE to you and your family!!!
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Congratulations, mama! He is so adorable!
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CONGRATS!!! He is so gorgeous!!
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Congrats! Love the pics!
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beautiful baby !!!! congrats!!!
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Beautiful pictures! (And love the name! )
Congratulations on your wee one!
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how handsome! congrats!
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He is absolutely beautiful. So happy for you!
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Oh my, he's gorgeous. THe photos are amazing!!!!

COngratulations mama. Enjoy those newborn snuggles and inhaling all of that newborn deliciousness
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Congratulations, mama!!! Enjoy your babymoon!!!
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All right!
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What a beautiful blessing!! Great pictures - I can really see the love!
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congrats, mama
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He's beautiful mama! Happy babyday!
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