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I Have A Son!!! - Page 2

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I couldn't check out the pictures earlier (silly, slow-loading laptop while at my MILs).. but I'm at home now... and I'm pretty sure I cried seeing your beautiful son...

Thank you for sharing him with us here
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He is adorable!!!
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Originally Posted by Sayward View Post
Waits Rebhal
born 3-3-10 at 5:56 am
8 hours of labor and 21 minutes of pushing, totally natural
8.2 lbs and 20 inches
absolutely beautiful

first photos
DDC crashing, those photos made me cry a little bit. So beautiful!
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Great pictures of your new son. Thank you for sharing! Congrats.
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Congrats, mama!! He's beautiful!
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Again, beautiful pictures. Very happy for you!
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Congrat's and welcome to the world baby boy!
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Beautiful! Congratulations!
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Congrats! Awesome pics.
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Welcome ! CONGRATS!
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So beautiful. Congratulations...
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Woo-hoo! Great news!
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