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I need a swim suit

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I don't really like to swim all that much. In fact, I haven't had a suit on in 3+ years. BUT, we're finally going on a vacation (first and prob last for the next 8 years)! A cruise. So I need a new one (despite the last one I bought still not ever been worn). I'll be 22/23 weeks at the time, and maybe I'll use it over the summer. I need ideas!

So far I've thought that I will get a bikini top (since I actually have boobs now!) and maybe board shorts for the bottom. Assuming I'm comfortable with my tummy hanging out, will this work? Will they go under my belly? Will it look bad? I found cute ones by speedo, but since I've never worn board shorts (in fact, I don't wear normal shorts) I have no idea how they will look on me. I don't really have time to visit a bunch of stores looking for them, but it seems Speedo doesn't have their own stores anymore..?

I haven't really seen much in terms of a 'maternity' suit that I like and really, I'd like to hide my butt! I did get a VS clearance 2 piece. It's skirted, but judging by the picture, the "skirt" will look like a ruffle on me! It was only $10, so worth a try. I'm not against a tankini, or maybe even a 1 piece. I don't think showing my belly will bother me, but everything else is topsy-turvy so who knows. I also have a very nice selection of long sarongs to hide everything when I'm walking around that I can't wait to wear!

All opinions welcome!
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I had to get a swimsuit for a trip at 20 weeks during my first pregnancy. By then, you are not necessarily obviously (to people who don't know you) pregnant, but things really don't fit the way you'd like. I was planning on just wearing my bikini, but when I tried it on the day before, I felt completely uncomfortable with the belly hanging out, and the bottom part being too tight on me (last time I had worn it I was skinny & on honeymoon in Hawaii!). I went out that night and ended up finding a maternity suit from Target for pretty cheap -- tankini style. I felt MUCH more comfortable with that! In fact, I almost even looked "cute." Added bonus that you can use it as a post-partum swimsuit before your body's back to normal. I'll also be using mine again now with this pregnancy. I'd say it's worth it to get a maternity tankini for the comfort level!
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I second buying a maternity tankini. I had two (one from Gap, one from Old Navy) in my first pregnancies and especially loved the one from Old Navy. The price was right, it fit really well (good butt coverage) and was actually cute. I did sun myself in my pre-pregnancy bikini in my backyard and we actually took photos of it because I looked so hilarious- I was able to get the suit on, but it just looked wrong from every angle with flesh hanging out EVERYWHERE. Plus, the maternity suit is more forgiving with the changes you will experience in your body- mine fit from 16 weeks until the end with no problems.
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My suggestion is the same as the PPs - I have a cute maternity tankini from Old Navy that I got during my first pregnancy. Inexpensive, comfortable, cute.

You can always get a pair of board shorts (or something like that) to wear over the bottoms if you want more coverage.
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I have a maternity one piece that I LOVE. It has a little silver belt that goes under the chest, and kind of shows off cleavage.. the bottom is a one piece but under the belt it has a skirt.. covers the top of my thighs nicely.. I think it was from motherhood some time ago.
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I just went swimmig two days ago (for the first time in a while!) at 40w2d in a tankini I got from Old Navy. The top is a fun magenta halter top and I actually just wore the normal swimsuit bottoms (black) that I already had from before (never bought anything maternity). I had a super time
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We're going to Hawaii in two weeks so I just picked this one up from Motherhood http://www.motherhood.com/Product.as...ategory_Id=MC9 It's actually really cute and was only $30!

I do have some suits that will fit from my previous nursing days, but they're bikinis and at this point (with my ridiculous belly button that sticks out like a second nose) I'm not comfortable actually showing my belly to all of Maui.
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I just was in Thailand and I brought along 2 bikinis. I loved showing off my baby bump. But I was 26 weeks when we went...and I really show. But beware...I burnt my stomach. That was painful.

Oh and I wore board shorts and a pair of bikini bottoms. It was fun.
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Thanks for the continuing replies! I can *almost* (almost) get excited about a bathing suit now
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I wear a bikini all summer and dont' care what anyone thinks. I went floating ont he river, went to water parks, hung out gardening in front of the house, etc. It's my body, it's hot, and I get really hot and sweaty anyway. I dunno, I just figure it's the only time where all the stuff hanging out is okay because I'm pregnant. Once the baby comes I might not have that same excuse Plus, when I'm pregnant and hot, less is a wonderful option!

Also, I noticed that people would glance down, but alot of people would say nice things about how wonderful it was to be pregnant, good for me for wearing what I want to, etc. ANyone who is bothered by a pregnant woman in a bikini needs to remember where THEY came from!
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I love showing off my belly when preggers. But I don't like and never have liked "underwear" bottoms. I'm sad to see that motherwear doesn't have any skirted or shorted swimsuits this season. They had a nice one when I was preggers w/ DD but I wore it out.

I'll probably just buy separates at Target and size up to fit so I can get a cute skirt or shorts.
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