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Thanks, I am reading that book currently actually, just haven't gotten to that chapter yet... maybe I should skip ahead for the moment...

My heart is bleeding right now because my Mom just called me with this account:

My Mom just called me... she really thinks STBX yells at DD when I'm not around. She reacted very strongly to my Dad's male voice telling her gently "no-no" about not playing with a picture frame. She burst out in tears and started trembling and kept hiding her face in the couch then found my Mom and clung to her and wouldn't let go. *cries*

A not even 14 month old should not have this severe of a reaction to male voice!?


I know you want support, I don't think your ex is good but this isn't true about yelling... My dd did! and I know her dad wasn't yelling at her. 


When we got a new doctor he was so "big" think lumber jack she was terrified of him!  But he was  AWESOME!! He was use to scaring kids because of his mammoth size and he knew how to befriend them.  


At that age, my other child would cry if anyone even looked at her sternly.  This was and is her personality.  She is very sensitive to body language. 


I hope he does become the disappearing dad if he gets visits. He doesn't sound good.