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Air quality in TC

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Hey mamas,

I've got a bit of a question to ask about the air quality surrounding the cities. My husband is an asthmatic and we're trying to make sure that we don't get downwind of any major polluters. We were looking into the Rosemount/Apple Valley area but I found that they have an oil refinery down that way? Does it affect the air quality strongly?

Would there be other, better areas to look into for an asthmatic?

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This winter has been terrible for air quality but from what I can tell it has been only in the city. I live in Apple Valley and the wind keeps things very clean. The refinary is east of here and never been a problem. I mean you can smell it when you drive by but no where else.

Let me know if you have other questions. I love our area, love our schools.
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ok, that's definitely a relief then. While doing the online research for a blind move I'd settled on the Apple Valley area as the one we were aiming for and the refinery came out of left field We hope to visit the area in April before signing a lease for a rental. We are looking to rent for a year before deciding to settle down and buy another house, need to make it through one winter first

I've taken a look at Parenting Oasis, does you guys accept slightly soggy people as well

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Hi! I live in Lakeville which is right next to Apple Valley. It's pretty nice down here. I don't know if there are as many housing rentals but I do see townhouse rentals.

The refinery is in the boonies of rosemount, I have asthma and it hasn't bothered me although my asthma is not severe I do take a preventative inhaler every day.
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Originally Posted by fljen View Post

I've taken a look at Parenting Oasis, does you guys accept slightly soggy people as well
Haha! Definately more soggy than crunchy myself. You need to join the API yahoo group. We have the worlds most amazing parenting community and no judgements. Just support. Let me know if you need anything.

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"does you guys"

Yes, I am americanly edumacated, and I can homeschoole my kids... /sarcasm

Cool, thank you Ophelia for letting us know, we were looking at Lakeville too. We just need to make sure that we have highspeed broadband for DH as he's a web developer and most likely will be working from home when we get there.

MsMoMpls, I'll definitely look that yahoo group up. I'm extremely shy and have been nervous to start getting in contact with people up there for fear that somehow the move will fall through. We're not moving for a job but really just that we've been in the south waaaaay too long and we need snow and seasons again


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The cool thing is you can join and just lurk for awhile and get to know everyone. It takes lots of people awhile to come to anything but then once you reach out, it gets so much easier. I have met so many amazing women first here on MDC and then in real life.
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