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Rock Bottom

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After not taking my meds since I ran out in July just after I left my ob (dual care) during my pregnancy. I've been doing really well, but lately have taken a nose dive. I really don't want to go back to the ob/gyn I was seeing because we're done having children and I don't need all the medical aspects. Just Pap's and my meds, but I'm freaked out that another may send me to a therapist since I'll be a new patient. I know why I am the way I am, and PP hormones doesn't help that situation. I don't feel like talking to some strange person. I know the meds that work for me with no side effects and I know they'll help me, I just don't know who to turn to.
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Call your OB for a place to start -- if for no other reason than you have a record with them and you won't have to wait 6 weeks to get seen/prescribed something.

Then, I'd ask for a recommendation for a psychiatrist. I switched over to a psychiatrist for my care after my 2nd was born. I knew I was done having kids and felt like I needed someone who knew the meds and the disease better.
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