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first lab test and hcg levels question

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Do they always test for hcg levels in the first bloodwork?
My labs came back all normal but it seems i don't get a phonecall back from the nurse...i am not sure if they tested me for hcg levels too or not...?

Does anyone know if that's a standard test?

Thank you
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Hmm...I'm really not sure.

My CNM put in a special order for hcg levels and progesterone levels.

I am not really sure that they do those levels normally..but they might!!! Can you call and ask? I am so impatient..so I call pretty much until I get some answers...
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Thank you

I took your advise and called them again, she said they never test hormones unless special ordered...!?

I wonder why, i thought it is important...or not!?

well, anyhow, i will try not to be so worried...if that's at all possible
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Yeah, mine doesn't either, unless they suspect a problem.
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I don't think mine were ever checked with ds - and I think the only reason mine were checked this time is because of my history of m/c.

If you are wondering, I would certainly call and ask exactly what tests were run, and what your numbers/results were. It's your medical file, you have every right to all the information.
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My "treating my like I'm normal and routine" midwife didn't run either.

My "treating me like I'm infertile and had IVF" doctors did.

It's also why some people have early U/S - with IVF it's important to know if there are one or two embryos and to make sure that there isn't an embryo outside of the uterus.

With a low-tech conception, usually there's a lot less need for monitoring, they go along assuming everything is fine and healthy and normal and nothing to worry about.
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hcg and progesterone levels are only checked if there is a history of m/c, fertility issues, or medical necessity. i wouldn't worry about that part at all mama.

i did not have my hcg levels checked at all w/#'s 1, 2, or 3, and only did w/#4 because of bleeding.

HTH's Tenk
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It's not standard, neither are early ultrasounds. It sometimes seems that way after seeing all the posts about HCG and it's hard to just wait.
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Yeah...I asked for her to order a test for my hcg and progesterone since I had spotting. I never had it done with DD....and they wouldn't have done it had I not asked.

Hang in there. Really there is no need for it to be done unless you are spotting/bleeding, etc.
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Nope, it's not routine. I never had my hcg checked with my first three. I have to for all future pregnancies now because I had an ectopic pregnancy (also why I have to have an u/s asap). I also had a second trimester m/c last October, so I like the peace of mind of seeing things seem to be going as they should.

Seems like we have a lot of mamas here who have used some type of reproductive assistance and/or had previous miscarriages, which is why we have a lot of hcg and early u/s posts
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Yeah, once you have a MC there is a lot of fear the next times around, your mind plays with you and faith goes out the window...terrible, and i am one of them
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