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So I was wondering--does anybody here know any good ways to naturally whiten teeth? I have heard of hydrogen peroxide being used--do you just swish with it? How often? My teeth aren't really yellow, but they are just a *tad* less white then I'd like them, probably due to the fact that I drink tea.

Also, I have recently had an amalgam (I think that's what they're called--the silver fillings) filling put in a few years ago, on my first cavity (it covers the middle parts of my back 2 molars on the bottom). I now know that these are bad (AH! why didn't I find that out BEFORE I got it filled!!!!) and would like to have it removed and replaced with a better one (I've heard porcelin is good?) at some point. I would really appriciate any suggestions for things to look for when picking out the dentist to do it--I think that it can be kind of tricky to do it right, with the mercury and everthing. I do have a list of qualified dentists in my area that remove amalgams, but I'd like to know if there are certian things I should ask them, etc...before picking one.

Thank you in advance!!!