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chest cold in first trimester, what to do?

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I have a head cold that is moving into my chest, i can't breathe well..

Any suggestions on what i can take safely?
I have been wanting to inhale some steam but most of the oils are not safe...
i am taking some homeopathic remedies but what else can i do?

Thanks to all of you for your input
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May I ask your homeopathic remedies? Im first tri and today have come down with a miserable head cold.
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You could try just plain hot water for steaming. It would probably help to loosen up any secretions even if it didn't feel as good as using an oil.
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I'm on the downside of bacterial bronchitis right now (started as a sinus infection) and I agree that plain ol' steam works just fine. If you can elevate the head of your bed at all (phone books work great), this will help ease congestion. Otherwise, just watch for signs of bacterial infection (fever that lasts more than 4 days, dark mucous or sputum), pnuemonia during pregnancy is no good!
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Oh, I had an awful chest cold around week 4-5. The plain steam helped some as well as hot lemon, honey water. Strangely, the thing that helped the most was V_icks Va_porub on the feet covered with socks. DH said I made the whole house stink, but it was worth it!
Hope you feel better soon!
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elecampaine tincture!!!! i csannot recommend it enough.. and elderberry syrup. you would find them in a well stocked health food store or herbal apothecary.

pulsatilla and belladonna would likely help. homeopathic remedies i mean..
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Thank you everyone,

I did some more research and ended up steaming an onion and seasalt in a pot, towel over, worked great.
then you lay an onion next to your bed over night, clears the air and pathways, oh, and i made onion soup for cleaning the blood.

For homeopathic remedies i have a few books since there are all different remedies depending on the sypmtoms, but yes, pulsatilla and beladonna are always good, i also got " chestal honey syrup " .
I will try Elderberry, thank you
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I wished I would have read this before I went to the DR day before yesterday...I have a sinus infection that moved to my chest and spent $76 on copay and meds...
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