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SoftBums Problem

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I have an 8 week old and am using both pre-folds and SoftBums. I only bought prefolds in the newborn size with the plan of switching to SoftBums for the rest of the time. The prefolds have been amazing - no leaks, no problems. However, the SoftBums almost always leak. Has anyone out there figured out the key to adjusting the legs so that the diapers don't leak? I know when I researched diapers, these got rave reviews and everyone said they never had any problems with them. Sigh; I suspect it is user error on my part.

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Hopefully I can help! Have you watched the video on the Softbums site yet? That may help.
Also, you have to make sure the legs are very snug, the cover will look smaller than other covers when it's sized correctly. There should be no gaps in the leg. And you really do have to put the Velcro on nice and tight at the waist. Especially if you have a boy, any waist gaps will surely leak up and out the back of the cover.
Did you get your cover new?
Have you tried drying the cover on hot for 10 min?
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I did watch the video and that was helpful. I have been focusing on getting the waist tighter, and this seems to help. I have had fewer leaks since doing this.
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I've seen comments from others who've had chronic leaking with the Softbums, usually out the legs. Maybe the fleece wicks or something.

Anyway, we have epidemics of leg-leaking every so often but it usually indicates a problem with the inserts, not the cover.

Eg we had lots of leaks in the very beginning, then they suddenly cleared up after about a month with no change in our cover sizing; seemed like the inserts needed about 10 washes to reach absorbency and then we stopped having leaks.

It started to happen again a little while ago but a vinegar rinse took care of it; guess we were getting repelling.

Generally when the inserts are performing optimally we don't get leaks. HTH
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