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I liked it too and find it realistic... I had DS in a crunchier hospital so my nurses tried to get him to latch (we SNSed for the first three days, then nipple-shielded for three weeks)... So I can't relate to the nurse being so evil, but I totally believe it's the norm!
The scene with the other babe was hilarious.... Pam nursing the other baby....
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Finally got to it on my DVR... hilarious!

Anyone know of a male LC? I work with a male CNM but have never heard of a male LC...

I cracked up when Meredith offered to get her nippleless shirt so Pam wouldnt be stimulated and speed up her labor!
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I loved how Pam was so calm when everybody in the office was trying to get her to the hospital just because she was having contractions.

She actually said, "When we get to the hospital, it will be ok. And if we don't make it to the hospital, that's ok, too."

I was like, YOU GO!!! And when her water broke and she stayed calm and stayed put.... Good for her.

And I totally teared up when she finally got her LO to latch.
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I was wondering if Pam was having the baby this week or next week! I haven't watched it yet! I haven't watched for a couple of weeks, actually. Should I play catch-up first and then watch this one, or just watch it? Would I miss anything leading up to this week?

The last one I watched was the retrospective one, which I did like!
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So, no thread on the new season?  I didn't see one!


I've been enjoying it much more than the past couple seasons!

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this has been a totally great season - I agree!

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