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I am wondering if you see me with my dh long term. We've going through lots of ups and downs lately and I keep having this feeling nagging at me that it may be headed downhill for good. He just doesn't seem to want to put in the effort most of the time.
Thank You!
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I do not think your marraige is at it's end yet. But I do think this rocky road you are on could lead to the place you are worried about. I think your marraige is lacking a solid foundation, thus it will be hard to weather these storms. There is a sense of dislike I feel you both have going on for one another. Just b/c of the constant arguing. But remember, you do really like each other and love one another deep down. You have just gotten to a place where you are both highlighting each others bad sides. You need to find the place where you like each other again. This is key. If you don't do this, then I do feel your marraige will end eventually.

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