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I'm also jealous of the glowers! Right now, my acne is worse than it ever has been, and I HATE it! I get up every morning and don't want to put on makeup because I hate the way makeup looks caked on with lots of acne, but at the same time my skin looks so bad that I can't possibly face the world without something on my face! It's a real catch 22. I too am trying to wait patiently in hopes that I will have that pregnancy "glow" in the coming weeks.

Congrats to all the glowers, you deserve it!
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This is so funny! I got told that I was "glowing" the other night too, which cracked me up because I thought I was just sitting there trying (HARD) not to puke. It was after I told my friend that I couldn't have any of her wine right now...wink wink. Then she got all teary (we've been trying a while and she knows it) and said oh, you don't even need to tell me that right now because I was just LOOKING at you across the room and you are glowing. But yeah, haven't changed out of my pajamas in a couple of days and am not making it off the couch very much either...so I don't FEEL glow-y.
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hey ya gals.
I am on the glowing side of the fence as of right now...my cheeks have a constant tinge of pink to them and my skin is very soft and clear. It depends on the time of the day when the glow is more pronounced. after dinner till about 9pm, which has been my bedtime for weeks , my cheeks are bright red.

yeaaaaaa glowing
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I tend to glow and I noticed that it has started. It is totally wonderful, except for the past two pregnancies I felt I rarely got any sympathy for how I was feeling (miserable almost the entire time) because of my glow. I sounded like such a whiner too.

This pregnancy has been easier so I am hoping for health and glow!
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I'm looking better today. Not so greasy. Maybe the glow is coming for me! I hope so!
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