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nagging cough for a month now

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Hi there -
Just got off the phone with our pediatrician because my ds (almost two years old) has had this nagging productive cough for about a month now. He had a cold in late January, and he had it for about a week and got all better, with the exception of a cough that lingered on, mostly noticeable when he'd wake up in the morning. Now he does it more during the day too, and sometimes in his sleep. Usually he won't wake up from it but last night he did; seemed like his nose was a little stuffed too. The ped suggested some herbal throat syrup or herbal teas that could help loosen the phlegm (can't really teach him how to spit it all out) but that's it. How can I get him to drink tea? Don't think he'd like it. He said coughs after a cold can go on for 4, 6, even 8 weeks. Anyone had an experience with a lingering cough for that long? I'm starting to use his vaporizer again starting today - I hadn't used it for a month. In fact, I completely forgot about it and went to get it in his room today (it still had water in it from a few weeks back). It had a thick scuz on the bottom of the container (mold) and I felt so awful for not noticing this earllier. Maybe its the mold that was doing this all along? Ugh! Help!
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Ours TOO!!

Have you discussed possible allergies or asthma with your Ped.? Our DS developed allergies after we switched daycares (new location) and when the wind is really high or the weather is changing, he gets a bad cough that just won't quit. Maybe some testing would help? Or, if you're comfortable, your Ped may have some sample allergy meds to try. We come from a family of horrendous allergy sufferers (both me and DH), so we weren't too surprised at the diagnosis. Singulaire is what we use and it works really, really well.
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I just posted about this on another thread.

Wild cherry bark as an expectorant, licorice root as a soother. Boil them up, add pure maple syrup cuz they are *bitter! Several eyedroppers full really work for my 13 month old.

Also- marshmallow root and astragalus are worthy immune system boosters. I add the astragalus to the water I use to boil veggies in, etc. It's tasteless.

Good luck!
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Would he like honey in his tea??

We let our oldest's cough go one for months--thinking it would clear up after a really nasty cold. It turned out to be a huge bacterial sinus infection. I hate going to the dr---so when I finally had to take him in, I felt horrible for letting it go on so long. Kinda catch-22 for us.

The gook was draining down his throat (mostly at night and in the am when he was lying down---but often during the day, too) and causing a cough. Our ENT said he wasn't comfortable with any OTC cough medicines like dimetap, robitussin, FWIW. I really liked him, which surprised me!.

Hope your little one gets to feeling better soon!
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now its out the nose...

Well, now all the gook is coming out his nose, plus he's coughing. Guess the cough was the end of the last cold and the beginning of this one. I guess its good because he can get the stuff out via his nose alot easier than his throat. Poor guy. I'm sure he'd like honey in the tea, but he is just used to juice and milk and water...he drinks nothing else. Of course he loves milk the best and I bet that isn't that best thing with a mucus build up.
I hope this is over soon.
He slept great last night - not a peep - but when he woke up the nose started going and going...
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Same problem here...

My 2yo dd had a cold a while back and now she has a wet cough that wasn't bothering her at night in the beginning, but now she is coughing a lot at night and during the day more. I don't know whether it's a new cold or the old one. She's never been on antibiotics, but if it doesn't stop, my dh wants her on them. Ugh.
You're not alone.
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Thanks, Heather - and to every one else who has responded so far. Grant has never been on antibiotics either, and I hope he won't be. My pediatrician is very cool and into the natural stuff, so hopefully that won't happen unless it would turn really bad.
I just hope he feels good for his big birthday party on the 13th.
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My 3 yo has had a lingering post cold cough for about 3 weeks now. It just sounds like sinus gunk, is infrequent, and doesn't bother him, so I've been letting it run it's course. For bothersome coughs, we've had good luck with Gaia's children's cough syrup (they make two versions, "dry" and "wet" coughs). Ds likes the taste and he only needs to take 1/4 tsp, which is easy to do in a dropper.
The book I have, Smart medicine for Heathy Chdilren cautions against wild cherry bark in young children. Don't have the details, nor the book at themoment, but you may want to check that out 1st.
Good luck!
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