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Hypnobabies-self study or childbirth classes?

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This is our second baby, first homebirth and we are a VBAC. Our first was a Birth Center birth and after a long labor and no progress, a transfer to hospital and a cesarean section. We took Bradley classes the first time around, and I am studying to be a Doula, so we don't really need the educational aspect of childbirth classes. We are having a Doula as well who has tons of experience with HBACs. Money is kinda tight, as we are paying the MW and Doula out of pocket. The home study course is $140 and the classes are $350.

So my question is.....do the classes for hypnobirthing offer things that I would need that the home study doesn't? What are y'all's thoughts and experiences with hypnobirthing?
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I did the hypnobabies home study and loved it!!! I say if you are well educated on childbirth in general, the home study would be the way to go.... just in my experience anyway
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I really like the homestudy program. I think the class would probably cover details you already know -- the homestudy program touches on interventions and nutrition, I just skimmed most of it because I already have a firm understand in that. But if homestudy is cheaper, then I'd certainly go with that. All I needed and have gotten from the program is the hypnosis aspect.

I love the program too, I've been using it for 8 weeks and can't wait for birth to start!
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I can't compare the two because I didn't try a class but I loved the Hypnobabies home study cds. I listened to them obsessively from about 20 weeks on and found them to be so relaxing and soothing. I had no fear at all going into labour and birth, only positive excitement. The only thing that kind of disappointed me is that I didn't consciously use what I'd learned, nor did I listen to the cds while I was in labour. I tried to listen but the woman's voice, which just a few days before took me right to my happy place, drove me insane once I was in labour. I had to turn it off. And labour took me to an entirely different place where I forgot everything I'd learned. However, I loved every minute of DS's labour and birth, despite it being 40 hours and there being a few complications. I have nothing but wonderful memories. So I think that the Hypnobabies really did help me, I just wasn't aware of it in the end. Hope that makes sense and that it helps.
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You can actually call hypnobabies and get a used set for around $80. They're great about getting you new disks if the used ones don't work.

Hooray for discounts!

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I meant to mention the used set option too. They didn't have any when I called but I was able to get mine on either eBay or Diaper Swappers (can't remember now) for less than 1/2 of new.
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I bought mine off Amazon, it was $140, but I read that you can sell it back to them for $75 or $80. I may do that, but I think I would rather keep it so other moms can use it that I know.

Send me good birthing vibes!!!!!
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I'm going to give a vote for the classes, only because I've had the home study version for two pregnancies, and have never been disciplined to do it enough to make it worthwhile. I think that for me, if I was enrolled in a class, that might give me the extra oomph to stay on track.
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I would have loved to do the classes but they weren't available in my area, so I did the home study. It was really good.
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A friend of mine teaches Hypnobirthing, and I know from talking to her that she gives her students a lot of resources that do not come in the home study course. Additional scripts, tools to help those who a script isn't working for, loads of support and experience surrounding positive birth, etc. Also, she has experience working with families who can't (for whatever reason) have a normal birth, and can help those families adapt hypnobirthing to their circumstance.

Also, when DH and I took Bradley classes, I found the time spent together talking about birth was so valuable. We could have just read the book, but that structured time each week to get on the same page was really helpful, since life is busy, and I would have felt like I was always bugging him to practice with me if we didn't have a standing date.
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