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Hello from Marietta, GA

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Hello! I am so I glad to join this forum! I just got in a shipment of the current magazine and realized I am missing out by not being on this board. What an awesome magazine!

I am WAHM to three wonderful children (11 yo DD, 10 yo DS, and 17 mos DD). I am going from a wee bit crunchy to crazy crunchy at the speed of light. It is like I am finally fitting in where I belong. Ignorance kept me locked out of such a wonderful way of life for far too long.

So, we are Christians, we homeschool, cloth diaper (and cloth wipe, family cloth, mama cloth, unpaper towel, etc.), breastfeed for a long time, delay our vax, I made all the baby's food, I am moving to cooking from scratch, we have no trash service because we are crazy recyclers and we are reducing like crazy. We are starting to eat local and organic more than not.

We still have so many changes to make. We want to garden this year for real, get me out of my gas guzzler, and really analyze so many small decisions we make. It is those small, daily choices that add up. We are striving for a more sustainable life.
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Vintage mama loves "mothering"

Great to be here. I, with great credit being given to MY parents, was raised in an "organic" environment during the 50s and 60s. Once married in the early 70s, my hub and I both carried on the saga, having home birthed three out of four children, unschooled them as much as humanly possible, chose not to vaccinate, fed them organic food, nursed them for what seemed like forever at the time, family bedded them with the results of my hub and I having to be VERY creative pertaining to intimacy AND just generally loving mothering, family life AND life itself. To the credit of my children, they are now continuing the saga which began two generations ago, at least. Although I didn't do exactly what my parents did, and my children aren't doing exactly what my hub and I did, I am deeply proud and awed by their sensitivity, their parenting attitudes, their integrity and more than anything, for their being able to "think" outside the box of life. It appears that in today's world, too many young folks are expected to respond/react to life rather than live it............my prayer is that this next generation of parents will be choosing to live their lives as they see fit...........not by rules and regulations put upon them by someone else's whims. You go, mothering readers..............I have been reading this magazine since the early 70s and have never been disappointed.
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Hello and welcome to MDC!

Post like yours - the two of you - give me hope. So, as another "herb witch", "eco gal", and in my function as "breastfeeding mafia" I salute you.
So there's hope that I might have breastfed grandchildren one day?
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Welcome to Mothering!
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Welcome to MDC!
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