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Benefits/Effects of False Labour

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I'm now 36 wks along, and for about the last 8 weeks, I've experienced intermittent contractions, back pain, cervical pain. Twice I've phoned the doctor and at her suggestion went to the hospital to be monitored. They could see the contractions on the monitor. As the weeks have gone on, these contractions have gotten worse, but still, there is no change in my cervix. Still closed, as of 4 days ago! I have gotten to the point where I just ignore them, although they are quite painful. Today I actually had to sit down during my walk - that was a first! -- due to the pain. It just doesn't seem fair that I have to go through the pain of contractions without getting any closer to having this baby.

So my question: am I actually getting closer, somehow? I mean, do these false contractions have some sort of effect on my body that is more subtle than a dilated cervix but still just as necessary? I'm looking for an upside, I think it would be less frustrating for me if I knew I was "accomplishing" something!
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You are getting closer mama

Birth is much more than your cervix opening - your uterus is contracting, preparing for moving your baby down to be born. Everything our body does to prepare for birth is 'one step closer'.

I know it's hard - but be patient -this baby will be born. You will not be pregnant forever. Enjoy these last few weeks because your life will never be the same again.
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To me, this sounds less like false labor and more like you are overdoing it. Try to get some more rest. Maybe your walks are too long for you now?

One benefit of feeling like this is that it mentally prepares you for labor. By time the end comes you will be so ready for the baby to come that you are willing to accept labor and the pain that comes with it just to get the baby in your arms- and it will all be worth it then! Hang in there and remember that the closer to 40 weeks you are at delivery the better for the baby, despite how miserable you might be feeling.

One thing that always helped me is to rest on my left side and use a rice heating pad on my back for relaxation. Also, drink lots of water.
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Greenmama: are you quite sure I won't be pregnant forever? Never getting to wear lace up shoes again? Never being able to reach the sock in the bottom of the washer over the big belly? I know it intellectually, but don't feel it emotionally. Thank you for your words of encouragement.
Aloneinid: I don't think I'm overdoing it, but maybe I am. The doctor kiboshed all activity until I hit 34 weeks because of the early contractions, but she said that I could add a little bit of activity now that I'm farther along. It's possible that I am compensating for the weeks of sitting on the couch.

This is my second, and this did not happen with my first. It was very cut-and-dry. I didn't experience anything that could be mistaken for labour. When I started having contractions, it was a one-time event and my daughter was born within hours. I guess all pregnancies are different though, aren't they?
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I've been having BH contractions throughout this pregnancy (second for me). I didn't have anything even approximating BH in the last pregnancy until the very end - after 40 weeks. I'm at 30 weeks and have noticed a big increase in my BH, particularly when tired or stressed. My midwife has told me not to worry too much unless they get regular (like 6 in an hour) or keep going for long periods of time. She also suggested I take it easy when I start having them - lie down for a few hours (hah!), take a warm bath, and drink water.

I guess we are just some of the "lucky ones" who get to have a lot of practice before the big day. And my MIL told me that the pregnancy where she had the most BH had the shortest labor too, so we can both hope that's the case for us.

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