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tomorrow is my due date. UPDATE: THEY ARE HERE!

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And I am still cooking these babies. I have been mentally prepared for these girls for four weeks now (since everyone told me twins come early. WHY do I listen to people?!)

I am not too uncomfortable except for some nasty pelvic pain. And it also takes me about an hour to roll over in bed.

And as much I don't believe the theory that the placentas (or placenta) begins to break down at 38 weeks with twins, I can't help but worry that they might not be getting what they need in there. But if I wasn't worried about that, I would probably be worried about something else since that is what I tend to do when pregnant. Worry. I also get paranoid that they are not moving enough but at the same time how can they with so little room?

Anyway, I guess this was kind of a vent. I just getting pretty impatient about meeting these babies.
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Congratulations on cooking those kids for so long.

FWIW, my cousins are twins and my aunt carried them to 41 weeks without any ill effect whatsoever.
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WTG mama! Carrying twins that long is no small feat! I am only 28 weeks and I'm starting to wonder how on earth I could possibly carry them one more month let alone to 40 weeks

I hope they make their appearance very soon but I am sure they are doing wonderfully in there. Tough not to worry, though, I would too if I were 40 weeks. Seems to come with the territory .
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Thanks, ladies! I am off to hopefully my last midwife appt today. It takes over and hour and a half one way and I am so huge being in the darn car is hell. Maybe my water will break half way?
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I'm so happy for you!!! You've made it sooooo far. I can't wait to see/hear your birth story.
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Hope you have these sweet babies soon and I look forward to your birth story!!
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Molliejo, it sounds like you're doing great. My boys were born at 40 weeks (c-section) and surprised everyone at the hospital. None of the nurses had ever cared for such big, alert and healthy twins before. Enjoy these last few days. You're probably getting more sleep now than you will once they're born--especially since you've got full-term babies who will probably be awake for a significant part of the day.
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Congrats on getting this far MollieJo! I know exactly what you mean about knowing rationally that going beyond 38 weeks is OK, but still worrying. Have you seen this article about twin gestation? Can't say I perfectly understand, but I think that in the absence of complications, there's no problem going beyond 38 weeks. That sounds redundant, but if the study showing that twins should be born at 38 weeks included clear cases where for one reason or another the twins needed to break out, that would skew the statistics.

Maybe you can make better light of it than I have. Great work!

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What a great thing to bake your babes!

I hope that once labor sets in, things will go very smoothly for all of you. Keep us updated!
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Wow! Good job. I made it to one day short of 41 weeks with mine, and I was feeling like a freak of nature. I had been expecting them any day starting at week 36. That was a very long month.

Anyway, the placenta was fine. They didn't move much. They moved often, but the movements were small at the end.
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*come on babies. mama is ready for you*

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Thank you, everyone! It always makes me feel better to come on here.

Jen, I think 'freak of nature' sums it up very nicely. I just don't understand what they are still doing in there! I am beginning to dread every day. It just seems to be getting ridiculous at this point. I wish my husband could stay home from work every day because I don't really have anyone else to help me right now and every single morning he asks me. "Today? Are they coming today?" and it makes me feel crappy that I can't tell one way or another. But I also know that is pretty irrational on my part to think that I should somehow 'know' when I was going to go into labor.

Ah, depressed rambling.

I will get through this. I am just so eager to meet them!
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Just crashing to congratulate you. My gran had her twins at 36 weeks and they were a bit sickly (many years ago now, 1949!), but she met another lady with twins through her doctor who had her twins at 41+1 in a snow storm and a VET delivered them (she was snowed in on her farm and the vet had arrived to help a stallion with a testicle torsion the night before!). Big healthy babies they were too.

I think you're awesome for having gotten so far, congratulations! And i also think that irrational wish to be able to KNOW labour is imminent and the desire to have DH around more mean it won't be long before you get to hold them.
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Aw, was checking in to see how you were doing! They can't stay in there forever. Official eviction notice, you two! Get out! The boobs are better than the uterus, I swear!
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41 weeks tomorrow. SO ready for this to be over. My midwife is suggesting things like castor oil and blue cohosh. I hate castor oil and I have a history of it not working. Not sure what to do here.
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I can't even imagine how hard it would be to go to 41 weeks with twins. Lots of love and birthing vibes coming your direction. Try some sex with orgasm and nip stim? Don't look at me like that, I don't know how you'd manage it!
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We tried everything: castor oil (2 times ... I hate castor oil after that, too), raspberry leaf tea, acupuncture, chiropractor, sex ... they just didn't seem to want to come out.

We thought about it for a week and decided to have MW break my water. I was fearful that if nothing happened once my water was broken, then I had some time limits. MW thought that the problem was that baby A was somehow not descending just right to pressure my cervix just right to start labor. Once she broke my water, I went into hard labor immediately, and 5 hours later, both babies had been born!

I know that having someone break my water wasn't my ideal, but by 41 weeks, I was so ready to be done, and I was convinced that both babies were big enough and healthy enough to face the world outside.
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Well, ladies....my water broke at 1:00 PM today (ten minutes after I last posted! ) and one daughter was born about an hour later, the other ten minutes after that! It was a wonderful homebirth and my sister in law was the one who caught them as my midwife did not make it in time!

Everyone is doing great! I am so happy everything worked out well!

Antonette Irene 8lbs 6 oz
Ramona Jean 7lb 6oz

Thank you everyone for your support! I seriously have no idea what I would do without this forum!
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I just saw this on FB! How wild that you posted here and then had them an hour later. That ROCKS! Welcome girls!!! SO freaking cool that now your SIL can say she caught twins!
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Congrats mama!!!!!

Welcome to the world baby girls - what beautiful names you chose!
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