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Just a vent...

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My kids get to watch one movie a week. We have a family movie night. That's all the television they ever get at home. For the most part. However, when they go some place else I never say they can't watch something. I don't want to be some TV Nazis in other people's homes ya know? I like some input into WHAT they watch but that is all I say about it.

But it bugs me that other people decide that when my kids are at their house they can watch all the TV in the world. It is as if they are trying to make up for what they think my kids are missing at home. We visit my father, he turns the TV on instantly. They stay with my mother, and it feels like all they do is watch TV, etc. etc.

This didn't happen BEFORE we went TV free. Before we made the switch they might watch ONE show at one of these places on occasion.

I'm tired of hearing "Your mommy doesn't let you watch at home but you're at "So and so's house" now, watch all you want!"

Drives me NUTS!
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I hear you. I just posted a similar thread with a somewhat different take. Since we've quit TV culture and made TV a very minimal part of our lives, it's hard to handle it when other people are still steeped in it.
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