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Gonna be a SAHM (kind of) & need ideas!!

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This might sound weird so bear with me lol..

OK DS is 13mos & up to this point I have WAH'ed full-time, an 8-5 job. I watched DS in the mornings while I worked & DH or my sis would help out in the afternoons some. Now DH got a new job and I can FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY switch to part-time/flexible (can't quit, we need the health insurance, but I can at least work mostly while DS sleeps or DH is home etc.) SOOOO I'm super excited because this is what I've wanted for so long, but I'm kind of scared too! That sounds silly to even write, but...

I am the type that needs constant stimulation, constantly busy, etc. I am sooo bored by playing with toys and reading the same book to DS over & over & over. I bought some cheap pasta & beans today, thinking I could do some crafts with DS, though I'm not sure how interested he'll be. I'm hoping I'll come up with some other creative ideas, and I joined a meetup group so we can start going to daytime activities. I'm so psyched to finally have lots of time with him!!

I guess what I'm scared about is that I'll get too bored, too frustrated, etc. DH used to be gone only 5 waking hours of the day, now he'll be gone at least 10. DS & DH play so well & DH gets stuff done. I'm not good as housework type stuff, I hate cleaning and doing laundry. I'm worried I won't have enough energy to keep up with DS & do housework, I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & rely a lot on DH. Plus I'm worried I won't be able to fit 20 hours of paid work in & we'll lose our health insurance.

All this sounds so silly because I've been with DS for all but maybe 8-10 hours total in his lifetime, and we've always had fun, and I've always gotten my 40 hours of work in. You'd think this would be an easy adjustment -- and maybe it will be once I'm actually in the situation (this will start the 15th). As much as I hate my job, I like having the structure & knowing that from 8am - 5pm I don't have to think about "what to do next"... and I'm worried DS will fall asleep on me before I get my laptop handy & not only would I not be able to work but I'd be stuck sitting there for over an hour with nothing to do!! (Right now when that happens DH gets me something to do... and DS DOES. NOT. SLEEP. ALONE. lol) DS isn't on any time of schedule, he doesn't even take the same number of naps each day or wake up at the same time two days in a row. I feel like it will all be chaos and I'll be bored to death and too exhausted to move.
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First off, again about the new work situation.

Secondly, treat at least the first week of this as a vacation. Get some novels you've been wanting to read, and go through them as you nap with ds.

Thirdly, find some regular mommy-toddler things to do each week that get you two out of the house. That really makes a huge difference in dealing with the rest of the week.

As for chores and playing with the kiddo, LOs housework. Starting when she could walk Lina would insist on carrying a couple of pieces of laundry to the laundry room with me. Now she helps toss things into the washer (it'd be sooo much easier with a front loader), into the dryer, helps with putting quarters in (with a home washer you could have him help with the knobs), from the dryer to the laundry basket.

And, , everything takes about 5 times as long with "help" so that takes care of all that free time you were worrying about. But the "help" is so adorable you go from to .
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Find your nearest library and find out when the age-appropriate storytime is held and go every single week. You can also check out the storytimes at local bookstores.

Join http://www.momsclub.org and start going to 1 or 2 events a week. My local moms club chapter had events every Tuesday and Thursday, sometimes park days, sometimes craft days, theme potluck parties, field trips to area museums/firestations/policestations/child-friendly-businesses, etc. They also had small playgroups on Wednesdays, at various member homes. Once I settled into my moms club chapter, I found that it was helpful to my psyche to actually volunteer within the group and have regular "jobs" to complete. For a while, I was the newsletter editor and later became the President. Volunteering really helped me feel like I had purpose and deadlines to stick to, and simply helped my psyche.

Attachment Parenting International also has playgroups and if there is one in your area, you should go to it as much as possible.

Depending on your child's personality, I would find the nearest free parenting magazine and I'd check out all the local businesses aimed towards children, and I would start using all of the free visit coupons and offers. Places like Kindermusik, Music Together, Gymboree, My Gym, Mommy & Me classes, gymnastics venues, etc. Get a membership to any children's museums in your area and go once every week or every two weeks.

Take daily walks with your child, with either a carrier or stroller and get fresh air and exercise for both of you.

Hope that helps.

p.s. I found that the more time we spent out of the house, the tidier the house remained.
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Thanks guys!!! I typed up a response before but somehow I lost it (maybe DS had a hand in that lol!) I think I just have "pregame jitters" and once we get to next week, I will really enjoy it. I'm a little scared of change I guess!!
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I just wanted to send up a at the new job for your hubby too!
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Thank you!! So exciting!!
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Congrats! Also, if you are bored in the beginning, don't worry! It takes a little time to get into the groove but like anything, it is what you make it. So if you want more stuff to do, there's tons out there. Sometimes it does take time to find the stuff that interests you but it is there for you. Enjoy your new time with babe.
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You will be plenty busy!!!They say a woman's work is never done.....well definately if they are a sahm. Congrajulations and make it fun.
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