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Whats on your babies bum now

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Kimberly is wearing a sugarpeas size 1 with a beccabottoms fleece diaper cover.

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A large Arctic Circle fitted with a lay-in birdseye soaker from Puffin Pants (blue flame print) and a hand-knit wool soaker (light blue with purple trim).
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I'm so excited...I get to participate.

My Carter is in his first snappied cpf with a FCB fleece cover.
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A FCB size 2 diaper in the frog prince print with a FCB size 2 organic wool cover over it
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My cranky Nathan is currently wearing a premium yellow and purple tye dyed swirl ubcpf from Tye Dye Dreams with his yellow and teal heart Knit In Your Pants soaker.

Oh and it's newspaper folded currently..
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ellie's napping in my lap (hence the no caps) in a bumkins cover and a babykicks duz-it-all.
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Lacy is wearing a LC striped dipe w/ no cover!
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A Medium Sugarbums AIO in green.
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Julia is napping in a side aplix AIO from Orange Blossom Baby.
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Veronica has on a boring HH. Which feels like it might be due for a change. We need to do laundry and have reached the bottom of the pile.
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Haley is wearing a FB with a joey in it. She's napping.

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Milo is wearing a darling diapers aio.

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Luke is wearing

a snappied UBCPF and his Littlebums sports print side-snapping PUL cover. Very cute. He's about to get changed into a flag print HH for bedtime, and my dd has HH trainers she wears at night still.

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Daisy Doodles side-snap AIO, with soaker AND doubler because I thought she was going to take a real (i.e. longer than 20min.) nap. It was not to be, but at least she's happy.
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Snoozing away in her stroller after a looooooong walk and wearing a Cot'n Wrap over a snappi'd regular ubcpf!
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Ryan is wearing...

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Eden is dozing on my chest in her small Sugarbums AIO...nice greyish purple fleece with striped inner. Soft and fluffy.
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Noah is at the sitters & I had packed in his bag Fuzzi bunz stuffed with regular UBCPF folded the 'wrong way' & Bummis pre-assembled with same UBCPF

He went off for the day in my favorite combo, a sugar peas fitted & blue steel fleece cover.

Oh, wait, it's after 3 so Daddy's got him at home - who knows what he's wearing! Likely a sugar peas w/ bummis cover - I just brought up laundry this am so Daddy probably picked out his favorite Froggy Bummis.
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Stella is zonked out in a sherpa Posie Patch Snapdragon with her Wedgewood embroidered Sugarpeas wool cover and at "Born at Home" T-shirt... she looks chubby and adorable.
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Ethan is wearing a beautifully made AIO from Valor-Kids in this print. I it because it fits him perfectly and is soooo cute!
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