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I wasn't a UC'r either but did give birth at 41w 5 days. I felt the threat of induction if I went past 42 weeks (what an awful stress). I walked the local outdoor mall twice the day before I gave birth. I think it helped.
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I've had 3 ucs; first two were 14 days over, fine perfect babies. my 3rd UC was stillborn and born the day before his due date. as you can see dates have nothing to do with anything. your baby and only your baby knows when the right time is. everything will be great. take some extra long baths or swim or read or meditate. document this time in your life. it's SO short in the grander scheme.
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ahh, yes i have a "comfort lie" they think we have a midwife- my husband side thinks she will be at the birth, my side thinks she has done my prenatal care. my side is all aware of my hippie antics, and know that next time we wont have a midwife(event tho we dont now, lol) we thought about it, i made a appt, then ditched it all together. they didnt feel right, seeing someone about my pregnancy didnt feel right, so i went with what felt right i was digging through the archives and found this post someone made about how they handle their families negative energys and fears- they simply say "you are not allowed to be afraid for me". when they argue or say something back, or have bad vibes going on -" take that outside of my house, i do not want it. if you have fears or negative energy or feelings, you need to take it outside and mull it over to yourself. you can come back when your done, but dont do it in my house" i fully plan to use this, lol. i think it will work with my fam too. they will be the ones at the birth, my mom, grandma, two of my sisters, and a good friend who is very interested in natural birth. (ooh and they will sooo not be in the room, they will be occupying themselves elsewhere, except for maybe my 17yo sister, who i fully intend to make her not want to have sex for a loong loong time, lol) they all know i will kick them out and exclude them in a heartbeat if they are messing up my mojo im with ya. feeling like i should explode any minute. very very very light crampy like contractions all night. and then.. oop nope! all done! and no, dont doubt yourself! i do it, and i hate it, lol. i have to call hubby and have him talk me back down to normal, lol. its just, for the life of me, i want to figure out how to tell family we werent really pregnant when this baby never comes... but i know thats not gonna be a issue, there is a baby in there, s/he's pushing on me right now, lol. i think it might be a song faith is hard to keep, but i spose thats why we have prayer. feel free to email me if you want to talk! ashleebayer@gmail.com
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I honestly cannot remember exactly when I went (pregnancy brain) but I know I was right at 42 weeks, be it 42w1d or 42w2d I cannot remember.

I knew my exact date of conception after several years of charting. Gave birth to a super healthy 7lbs 13oz baby boy in about 5 hours.
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Originally Posted by adbayer View Post
they will be the ones at the birth, my mom, grandma, two of my sisters, and a good friend who is very interested in natural birth.
Just curious, unless your mom and grandma have had homebirths, you SURE you want to have that many people there? They might screw up your birthing energy, and ignore you if you ask them to leave...cuz you might be too preoccupied with dealing with ctx to deal with them, and that can make your labor much longer, if not stall it out completely...
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ya, they are really excited about being there. but they know good and well they are not allowed in the room im birthing in. if i change, they change. they have tasks they will be pre occupied with i am almost sure of my grandmother "coming down with something" and not being there, lol.. and my older sister just found out shes pregnant, so idk if she will be here for sure either but they are not to mess with me.. they know this. they are to occupy each other, out of my sight, and to be quiet,a nd they seem okay with this they are eager to help.. which i find sweet, considering i thought they would flip, lol. my little sister katie will be in charge of the note taking and camera and my hubby, katie, and i will be the only ones in the room when the time comes. my mother and grandmother, and older sister just want to be there to be in the same area when baby comes, they are all a hr away my friend is very interested in my "approach" and was scared into two csections, and just wants to see waht a "normal" birth is like, but she isnt the in the way kind, kwim? idk, it does sound like a lot of people, but i am almost positive they wont make a problem out of themselves thanks for your concern tho! the next one will probably only be dh, Squish, and my mom. i made it all very clear, that if they so much as distract me, they are out and they agreed to not pitch a fit, which made me happy they are just happy so long as they are in the same county when baby is born and DH doesnt seem to mind playing bouncer if they are annoying, we have discussed that, and he "thinks it will be fun to throw your mom out if she is being annoying, esp since she has spent the last month calling me and telling me to have sex with you so the baby will come. oh and lets not forget the play with her nipples discussion"
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good lord, i just realized every one of my posts turns into a mini novel, im sorry guys!
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whew! yall are totally awesome, you know it? i have checked out several forums over the last few years, and generally its like they are all rude until you arent a "noob" anymore, then like a year later they like you, and actually respond to your posts... thanks for being awesome and sweet!
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"Pushed" by Jennifer Block

Here is a passage regarding post dates from the recent book "Pushed" by Jennifer Block p. 11-12

"It used to be that a pregnancy lasting beyond 42 weeks was considered "post-term." But today, inducing on or before 41 weeks is fairly standard across North America. "The biggest indication for induction is post-term pregnancy--41 weeks and beyond," says Hankins. This shift came after a large study that a stillbirth is more likely to occur after 41 weeks. (reference 19) But the absolute risk is extremely small, the difference between .5 stillbirths per 1000 at 40 weeks and 1 per 1000 after 41 weeks. (reference 20) And Hall argues there's no evidence that time spent in the womb is to blame. "The babies who are stillborn at 41 weeks die for the same reasons as babies who are stillborn at 39 weeks," he says. Between 15% and 20% of pregnancies reach the 41-week mark, so potentially removing that tiny risk requires subjecting a very large number of women and babies to the risk of artificial labor, the consequences of which have not yet been fully teased out. Hall calls such a policy "nonsense." "Women should not be led to believe that "another few days will kill my baby," he says.

To the contrary, the French obstetrician and author Michel Odent, also a critic of the induction "epidemic," as he calls it, argues that labor begins when the baby is ready to be born. Odent likens gestation to apples ripening on a tree: "You wouldn't pick them all on the same day, would you?"...Requiring an induction for every woman by 42 weeks is "a little bit childish, a little bit irrational," says Odent. If you induce all women over 41 weeks, this leads to a higher rate of cesarean section."
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I just finished reading one of the Bradley books. It said that the average baby takes 41 1/7 weeks. I'm assuming this included the two weeks before conception as all doctors include in the calculation. I moved my due date from September 25 to October 15, but am totally fine with anything mid September to end of October!
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It would take a collection of factors for me to determine how I felt about longer gestation.

For example, I have Asian ethnicity and it's been speculated that Asians have shorter gestation. I think back to how DD started labor at exactly 39 weeks, yet had signs of post-date such as peeling skin on her hands and feet...I wonder about gestating longer for me personally.

Also my mom had conception dates for her pregnancy and went to exaaactly 40 weeks with each one that was an UC. (Hospital births were badly managed/intervened). In fact, with baby #8 she was 40 +1 without any labor signs so she went to the chiro to make sure everything was optimally positioned, and then had a free acupuncture session, came home and birthed my sister that day lol.

On the one hand I embrace the UC philosophies of trusting your body, and the baby's body, and providence. But on the other hand I do think the process of labor is a complex hormonal process that requires many things to work. In our world of endocrine disruptors, a struggle to find safe and healthy food, sub-optimal conditions for an open pelvis/strong spine etc I would not exclusively assume it was a good thing to go post-date.

That being said, there are many non-medical options to try. As I mentioned previously, acupuncture....massage, exercise, walking, making sure the baby is positioned and your pelvis is open...primrose oil, etc.
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Just back from the Trust Birth Conference, where Dr. Sarah Buckley (Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering) spoke. She shared statistics in her session that showed the the risks of danger to the baby was lower in just waiting even after 42 weeks (but before 43 week) than the risks of an induction (many inductions fail and lead to c-sections, BTW...) As long as your water is intact and your baby is moving, all should be well, unless you intuit otherwise. Your baby will come when he/she is ready!
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Originally Posted by Katie34 View Post
I am in some stages of early labor but it picks up at night (lots of contractions all night long) and slows down in the day.
I am starting to doubt myself here.

I'm probably late on this reply, as it's been 5 days since your last reply...

But I went to 44 weeks and 4 days with my 2nd baby (first UC). My first was born at 40 on the dot.

I also knew when I ovulated, concieved, and implanted so I'm sure of the dates.

I read alot of "ten month Mamas" stuff. Baby was born pink, short squat, healthy, and covered in vernix; placenta was great shape; water was clear, and smelled fine, labor was completely spontaneous after a 3 day prodromal drumroll; lasted about 12 hours (only 2 of it intense really), and birth was simple and easy. great outcome, 10 lb baby

best wishes and happy baby moon
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I am late too! But, I went 42w 3d, and was in on and off labor for days. My little girl was born weighing 7lbs 3oz. Don't doubt yourself! Your body was created to give birth! I hope you are enjoying your baby moon at this point.

Oh, and lovestolearn, I was at the TBC too!
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I went 42 weeks and 3 days with my second, and she was only 7 pounds 1 ounce, so I think she really needed the extra time in there. Trust your body. Your baby will come when he/she is good and ready.
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Has anyone heard from Katie?

NM! I found her! She had a boy!!
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