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Well my Mom found out yesterday... She asked again who I was planning on going to if I was going to the same MW as last time because she really didn't like her... I said I wasn't that I was interviewing with two others... Then she asked what hospital... and I couldn't come up with something to spin her away from that and said I don't know... and she was like, "!! you're going to have her at home aren't you?!!"

So I tired to give her some information and she said that all research is biased and that I shouldn't read anything because I'm too impresionable.

But she didn't say too much else about it and just said there is no way she could be there and to call her after the baby is born to come down then.

My Dad was better about it and asked some saftey questions and said I had some really good points.

All in all... it went better than I had thought it was going to.
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While it would have been great to have a more supportive reaction- at least you have this conversation behind you!
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hoping to homebirth (VBAC) not sure if it is possible here as we are new to the area or if I will be risked out, but should know soon enough!

I have had 1 c/s, and a UP VBAC (planned UC transfer) with some complications. only time will tell if they will occur in this pregnancy (placenta issues). where I birth will be 100% dependant on that. we are hoping this PG will be free of complications so we can homebirth!

I am psyched any way it goes. Even if I end up in the hospital I know things are going to go well! Can't wait!

3rd times a charm!

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Another homebirther here!
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I am planning our first homebirth. My other two kids were born at the birth center - all natural births. The experiences were great but now that I am doing a homebirth I realized how medicalized the birth center really was.

The homebirthing midwife I am using doesn't want to put a doppler on me until after 12 weeks, she only orders blood tests if necessary, and uses herbs first and foremost. I feel so relieved.
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We're planning a home birth for this baby too! My first two kids were born at home also and I wouldn't have it any other way (unless there's an emergency of course) We're going to be using our same CPM
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We are likely to have a HB this time. We don't really see the reason to be at the hospital unless there IS a reason, you know? And being able to just be at HOME afterwards is the best in my mind.

We're still figuring out insurance issues and all that. DH tells me not to worry about it, but at least we MIGHT be able to be with the wonderful OB around here if I switch to DH's PPO when I quit my job, for backup care. Or else no one will cover my preexisting condition (ha! so sexist) and I'll be utterly justified in paying a midwife. For now I'll be doing any early appts with my current job's insurance's one choice for an OB, yeah. It will in all probablility suck, but any testing and that sort of thing will be free. Hating insurance and the vast majority of doctors (based on repeated and repeated and repeated terrible experiences) makes it easy to know HB is the right choice. I'm just beginning to check out the midwifes in our area.
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another homebirther here very excited because we might move overseas to the middle east in December so a homebirth would be out but with this unexpected pregnancy a homebirth is back in!! Its a dream of mine every since we had our first as a natural hospital birth. I really want to birth in water.
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Hi all!

Another homebirth here! We had our first son in a wonderful birth center, but decided half way through our second pregnancy that home was the place to be. I had a fabulous birth here at home and can't imagine going in any other direction.
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I am so excited to be planning a home water birth with this baby.

I had pre-e with DS, and had an induction with CNMs. It went well, for what it was, but I hated being in the hospital and I hated that I didn't know the CNM who was there on day of delivery.

I had already interviewed and chosen MWs when I was pregnant last fall. They were terrific through my spotting and subsequent miscarriage and I am looking forward to working with them this time around. I haven't called them yet, so I guess I'll just they are working on Thanksgiving!
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Originally Posted by JSMa View Post
So I tired to give her some information and she said that all research is biased and that I shouldn't read anything because I'm too impresionable.
I think your mom is really my mom in disguise. She used to say that to me all the time until I stopped listening to her, and got more bossy.

Originally Posted by CrystalE View Post
I'm going to eat mine too! I just took a workshop a few weeks ago about how to prepare it.
Cool! My home business is placenta preparation. I never thought of offering a workshop on it though! Mind pm-ing me and telling me what that entailed? Thanks!
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Another one here! DS2 was my not-quite-homebirth. It's illegal in *my* state...BUT...I live about a 25 min. drive from the border and a midwife who does births for people from here in a house there. So it's not MY home. but it was a waterbirth in a tub that has seen a lot of babies....including at least one other that I know personally.

NURSE-midwives can do homebirths in my state now. It became legal about halfway through my pregnancy with DS2. At that time, nobody was doing them anywhere near me. (only one 8 hours away) I am putting feelers out to see if I can find anybody who might be border-hopping now that we got rid of our 'sunset clause' on CNM's (an expiration date basically--of COURSE nobody is going to start a practice here if they might not be able to practice in a few years!)

Otherwise...either DH will *finally* stop yakkin and we will move or I will go back to my over-the-border not quite homebirth. (I've also seriously entertained the idea of inviting a person or two who I know with experience, and just um, accidentally staying home too long )

and that is all we'll say about that. It would not be *unplanned* just um, only planned by ME....though dh laughed when I made a comment like that the other day and said 'sure you could'....
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Aaakkkk! I am so sick of states that are making midwifery illegal! Midwives have more experience with actual laboring women than most OBs!


So sorry Peaceful Mama that you have to even think about this---the fact that your state can't support fully trained practitioners with normal labor and delivery is just so frustrating....especially since a lot of OBs are now saying that maybe they aren't doing it right either.
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i'd really like a homebirth this time. dd was born in the "alternative birthing center" of a large nearby hospital. but i labored mostly at home and showed up at the hospital at 9cm, dd was born an hour later. so i feel pretty confident that i could stay home this time. the only thing i am worried about is insurance stuff.
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I hope it works out for you peaceful_mama! All the stupid laws make me so agitated!!! Ugh!

I'm getting insanely excited about homebirth. I've come so far in the past two years. lol I remember thinking "OMG! I could never do a homebirth!" and being so scared. Now I feel so confident and silly for not researching homebirth more for my first... well not that my H would have went for it with my first. His views have actually changed a lot too. It was rather interesting actually, last time we had WWIII over the Vit K shot and eye goop... this time around he was just like, "I know you have done your research and I trust you, choose what you feel comfortable with." Way less drama this time around.

I started making all kinds of lists for things needed and things to remember. My Mom has even been asking more questions! And nothing negative at all from her!

My MW and doula both have five children and my MW delivered two at home, and my doula three at home... so their experience and background has me feeling even more confident... I'm just bursting with excitement really.

Anyway... I just had to share. Not too many places I can bubble over about this where people would "get it" you know? lol
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JSMa--we were totally right there with you on our first. My husband and I thought it was a stretch to use a birth center...and whenever we talked about the idea of a homebirth we were really scared and just couldn't get our heads around it.

And then we had our first, and it was wonderful and easy. The worst part of the entire thing was the drive TO and FROM the birth center. The second time around, we sort of assumed we'd use the same BC and then one day I called my DH and said, "I really don't want to get in the car in labor". He said, "Well, let's do a homebirth then!"

My MIL is the one who has the hardest time with it--she thinks that anyone other than the "best" OB in NYC (we live in Philly btw) is the wrong person to use. She has said things like, "You'd be crazy to use a MW when there are doctors available."

We just didn't tell her until after the baby was born. And even then she was freaking out (we live literally 3 minutes from a major hospital---by the time they prep the OR, we'd be there!)

This time, she'll obviously know what's up, but oh well. Her problem, not ours!

Here's to wonderful homebirths and supportive partners! And yes, let's please keep chatting, because I'm pretty sure that in the end, WE aren't the crazy ones!
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Oh cool! Did you go the Birth Center in Bryn Mawr? I live an hour north of Philly. If you are on facebook, check out the group EmPoWeRd Birth. We have a lot of cool things going on at the moment, such as hosting a movie night each month. Last night we watched Orgasmic Birth.

I'm just so incredibly excited. I meet my MW today! I've started all kinds of lists already too. lol Just the thought alone of not having to drive anywhere for birth this time is just so incredibly freeing and relieves so much stress!!
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I did do TBC in Bryn Mawr. It is such a fabulous place, but was going to be a 45 minute drive from our place in Chestnut Hill.

AND I love my midwives. Who are you using? Just joined the EmPoWeRed Birth group---is it a local thing? Based out of where?
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Yay! So glad to find this thread. We are hoping for a home birth. My DH is 100% supportive. Only thing we worry about is our neighbors. We live in an apt. and the walls are somewhat thin. We heard our neighbor coughing when she was sick, and we always hear our upstairs neighbors TV, but I assume it's on loud. Anyway, our first was born in a hospital and we will NEVER do that again unless necessary. Our second was born in a very hands off birth center that was fabulous and it is our second choice if we can't find a midwife we like. We are interviewing 2 midwives on Monday.
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Oliversmommy, it's geared to North Eastern PA. Most events take place in the Lehigh Valley though.

My MW is from the pocono area, Jenn McFarland.
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