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Anyone else give their doctor a different LMP?

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Maybe this is late to be talking about this ... but I meant to ask and haven't .. so ...

My LMP was actually Nov 26th but I know I didn't ovulate until CD20. I gave my doctor the date of Dec 2nd (6 days later than it actually is) so that the due date would be more accurate. The first ultrasound agreed completely with the CD20 date. Anyone else do this? Anyone else who charted frustrated at the doctor using a due date you thing is wrong? Past experiences?
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If you have a dr. that won't listen to your charting evidence, then I think the right thing to do is lie. It's about what's safer for the baby and for you, though I can see how starting a patient/dr. relationship this way is pretty irritating.

In an ideal world, I supposed you'd look for a dr. or a midwife that understands charting and respects your knowledge of your body. OBs that read charts do exist--mine introduced me to charting!
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I gave my MW my adjusted date, but then explained my cycle and she agreed with the date I gave her. I tried this last time (with DD) with an OB and they totally did not understand, so I just said my adjusted LMP date.
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My doctor already had my LMP so I couldn't lie, otherwise I would have. My EDD by charting was Sept. 13, my 7 and 8 week u/s showed dates of Sept. 11 and 12 respectively. The OB is using Sept. 8th, by LMP. I see the midwives for the first time on Monday, and they said we'll talk about it and decide what date makes the most sense. I'm leaning toward Sept. 12, the latest of the u/s indicated dates, and the closest to the date by Ovulation date.
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I did. I didn't want to have to haggle and argue when I knew the truth, so I had to give them a LMP 10 days later than the real thing. I was EXACTLY right according to 10 wk u/s.

I'll likely be switching to a homebirth midwife if this is a viable pregnancy (waiting on CVS results). Where I'm at now is an OB who I've mostly used as a GYN and dealt with a few D&Cs for miscarriages- I trust his operating abilities so that's important. But he says things like "We wouldn't LET you go over" regarding my comment that my Dad's birthday is two days after my EDD- haha, yeah buddy. Okey doke.
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OK i feel a little better. I just feel a little naughty about giving her the wrong LMP date.
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mine was only off by one day but i still did...
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I always adjust mine by a week, I dont usually ovulate until day 20-21 and typically have 32-35 day cycles. The docters never take that in to account if I dont adjust the date of my LMP myself.
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i did not lie because i thought my midwife would use my dates..but no. i ovulated on CD 18,. so they are insisting i'm due sept 11th and i say the 15th.. i know i'm right, and if it comes down to being crazy overdue, i will stick with my date .. it was not worth it to me to have an early u/s just to prove them wrong, which is pretty much what they said.. they would go with LMP unless i had an early u/s ..
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I said "well I can't really remember. Could have been this day [actual date] or could have been this day [lines up with date of conception]. I reckon whatever the ultrasound says is right [since it was at 9 weeks so likely to be accurate, AND the due date it gave is pretty on-target for when I think I conceived]." He agreed so we just went by the ultrasound date.

It actually could be a day or two off, but I don't know when I ovulated, I just know when we did the "bd." That was Christmas Eve. The ultrasound put the date of conception as Dec. 26. Could be a bit off, or it could be that I didn't ovulate until then and the sperm just stuck around that long. Either way I'm not worried about a day or two in either direction-- a week or two (which it would be if I went by my actual LMP) WOULD be a problem, though.
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The date my midwife gave me is actually several days later than the date I have (hers is based on LMP, 28-day cycle, and my cycle was shorter than that). I've been contemplating this a little, and have decided that it's probably best to just go with her date, given that if I go past my dates, at least that will push interventions even further off.
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I fudged too. I was not charting, but my periods have been all weird since DS weaned this summer. Skipping, long cycles, short periods, all kinds of craziness. So once I realized I was pregnant, I realized I TRULY did not know my LMP. I wasn't keeping track. So I decided what date I thought and fudged a little later. Then the midwife decided SHE thought it was even later. I am happy, hopefully this will give me space to GIP (gestate in peace!)
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i always tell them that i'm not sure but i think it was this date.. I have long cycles 32-33 days. so they dont' take that into account.. I had an early 6 week u/s (thought I was farther along actually since i got a positive test before I was suppsoed to get my period) didn't think i was actually only 2 weeks prego when i found out but i was..

anywya i figured out my due date and told them i wasn't sure.. u/s was within a day so it was perfect for me and then at my 9 week u/s it was pushed a day later so even better. but i knew it had to be within a 5 day window that df was in town but i wasn't sure which day I O'd on though I knew that i did. If i knew the exact date I o'd i would have adjusted it according to that though it can take a few days to implant. anyway.. yes i would lie.
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