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Hey all! Not as young as some of you but I feel like a newbie compared to other mamas in my area! I am 25 and had my son a week after my 22 bday. We are both scorpios so things get a little intense My son was born in a small mountain town where mamas were of all ages and very natural-minded; alternative thinking was mainstream actually. We moved just west of Chicago a year ago and while it is very AP etc. it is quite conservative/traditional in some aspects. Most of the mamas I see are my mom's age, and were finished with grad school, have careers, homes and rings way before they have children. It is really interesting to me, considering the environment where I became a mama, and also since my own extended family considers late teens to early twenties to be the official time to start a family. When I got pregnant, my grandma and my mom said "Well, you are certainly old enough!" I have at times struggles with feeling respected as a mother here, and at times I compare myself to other more mature moms and feel like I'm so behind. I think sometimes people are just curious though, and who knows, maybe they are impressed by how well someone so much younger deals with the day to day parenting issues. I think there are pros and cons to having kids earlier or later in life, and no matter when you decide to have children it is a challenge and something that no one is 100% prepared for. There is nothing like it and it is wonderful I am also so glad that my son has so much family since there is a 20year age gap between all the generations in my family. My son even has a great great grandma who he knows and loves and even helps take care of!
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24 here! Though that may be too old. I always feel so young since my dh is 15 years older than me. I always feel like life is going faster than I would like, but it just ends up that way. I finished school at age 14, college before 18, and then married at age 19. Still I wouldn't change a thing.
Don't worry, I haven't done nearly as much and feel the same way about life just flying by! I'm 22 and DP is 16 years older and it's funny how when we're together, no one questions anything (I think they assume I'm older than I really am) but when it's just me, the bump and DS I'll get those looks and comments like I screwed up my life somehow by being a relatively young mama. Like you though, I wouldn't change it at all
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I'm not as young as some of you mamas, but I'm 22 and I get told allll the time that I look too young to have a baby. Even when I'm wearing my wedding ring!

But I was 21 when DS was born He's 7 1/2 months old too...

And I get how a lot of you feel. All the younger mamas I know seem so uncertain, and just go along with whatever their doctors/mothers say. I try and take my lead from a few older mothers, and the mothers on this board, who do what feels right So we're cosleeping, cding, baby wearing, and all that wonderful wonderful stuff!
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How is everyone doing??
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Hello ladies!!! I've been looking everywhere for this thread I conceived my first baby (due October 19th) a few days after my 20th birthday, with my then-DF. We were married March 2nd and we are SO thrilled and happy to be young marrieds/young parents! We've had a lot of tension with our families being pretty upset with our choices, so it will be nice to have the support of some like-minded women who are also young.

We are PCS'ing to Italy (Aviano) in early June, and I've already located an Italian HB midwife for my birth We plan on extended breastfeeding, cosleeping, babywearing, gentle discipline, cloth diapering, non-circing, and very delayed/selective vaccinating.

Blessings to you all, hope you have a great week!
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Wow, Italy. That sounds awesome. Congrats on your little one on the way!

How is everyone doing?
Let's not let our thread die!
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Any other homeschooling young mamas here?
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