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Husbands job and possible move

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Hi Jamie,

My husband is applying for a job in Milwaukee. Will he get the job? Will this finally be the big move we've been hoping for??

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I do believe your husband will get the job! But I do not know that this will be the big move you have been waiting for. I want you to contemplate something: "Wherever you are, there you are."

In my business, you can imagine that I get a lot of moving questions, career questions etc. People all hoping that the next thing will be everything they are looking for. And if there is one thing I have learned, it's that you have to get satisfied with where you are first, to truly be able to move onto the next thing and have it be "it". I hope that makes sense.

I feel you and your spouse keep searching, hoping for the big move that will change everything. But in the end, the only thing that will change everything is you two. The money might change and that will help for awhile. The location might change and that can definitely bring positives or negatives, but in the end, "wherever you are, there you are".
This is what I feel for you two. So I encourage you to find peace within yourselves no matter where you move. Then and only then, will the move be "the big one you are hoping for"

Your son will not grow up without a father. It will only be a short time. There is someone else for you and him waiting in the wings. He won't come forward for a couple of years, b/c he doesn't want to pick up the pieces. That is not what this relationship will be based on.
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You really hit the nail on the head. I'm so glad you see him getting the job, that at least is a relief. But you're right, we (or mainly *I*) have been searching for YEARS. We talk about the need to be satisfied with wherever we are, but that has been easier said than done for me. So that was very timely, needed advice. Thank you.
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