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I'm so happy to know I'm not alone! These boards are a wonderful place for support. Most of my friends don't yet have babies and those who do seem to be more of the non-AP type. I'm NOT judging, but just noticing that they seem to be encouraging all sorts of growing up and independance way before I'm ready to do so w/ my babe. So yeah, I feel almost "weird." Until I talk w/ my sis or come here!

You all are so encouraging!
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I dont think there's anything wrong with you.
I didnt go anywhere without DS (now 13 months) for at least the first 6 months. Now I go to a knitting group one day a week, and most of the time I come home early!
I also have meetings for fire/rescue on Monday evenings, but I can see my apartment from the station, so that's not so bad.
There's no way I could leave him overnight though. 2-3 hours one day a week is about all I can handle.
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I completely understand where you are coming from. Its funny, I have friends who offer to take the baby all the time, or take me out so I can leave the baby with my husband and I just don't feel up to it. I don't want to be away from him, other then the occasional I have to run to the store, hunny can you keep him. Although we usually just go together and he holds the baby while I shop or my oldest son goes with me and does the same. I don't even work outside of the house so there are no breaks for me. And I wouldn't haven't it any other way, well ALMOST any other way.

I DO wish that the baby was a little easier in the AM so I could leave him with Daddy. I want to start working out again and the only time I have time is like 5 am. Well that is when the baby nurses the most (he is almost 9 months old and still nurses all night long). So I can't do that yet. I am hoping the time will come when I can, and really, I see nothing wrong with leaving for an hour a day and the baby getting to be with Dad, but even that can't happen yet.
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I was so happy to see this thread as I was thinking about this same thing this morning. My DS is 7 mos and while I work PT OTH, every other minute of the day, I'm with DS. That's just what feels right. While I do get frustrated sometimes and wish that DH would step up more on evenings and weekends, I feel like something's missing when DS isn't on my hip. I've considered the fact that I might not have any friends left when my attachment to DS has relaxed a little since I'm a social hermit but then DS smiles or laughs or reaches for me and I know that I'm making the right choice for both of us. And who needs friends when you've got the mothering boards, right?
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I am totally, completely, happily obsessed with Motherhood

I hate leaving my DS. I have gone back to work 2 times so far to work on one specific client. Each time I was gone about 2 1/2 hrs, and it was AWFUL. I cried on the way home both times, and barely held it together through my appointments.

I feel pressured by my mom to go back to work, but I dont know if I can really handle leaving him, even for that short period of time. And I KNOW I could not handle being away from him for 'fun',because I would not be having fun, I would be missing my DS
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My son is 7.5 months old, and the longest he has been away from me is 2 hours, one time, when he was with his grandmother. I have left him for an hour or so several times, but not in the evening for the same reasons everyone else has mentioned. That time of day/night, he seems to need his mama, so I am more than happy to put off going out without him until later (when he's ready). (Not that I had that much of an exciting nightlife before he was born, but my husband and I liked to go see a play occasionally, etc.)

I don't feel obsessed or like I am missing out.
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It's more than normal, especially with him being so young. I haven't been away from DD yet, but the times I've been away from DS were a killer.
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I am obsessed with motherhood. I can't stand being away from my son for very long, i don't feel anyone knows how to handle him as well as i do, and i feel the need to do everything involving him. I'm "abnormally" sensitized to the cry of a baby and can't staaaaaand the idea of my son being uncomfortable in any way. I worship him and can't get over the miracle that is him.

We are all obviously missing out on a lot of things like going out with the girls, having the ability to go do things on a whim, manicures/pedicures...but do any of us really care that much? Probably not! Because we're in our own little world...*insert music from twilight zone*

Motherhood is a physical and emotional addiction to baby. This is mostly a good thing, but unfortunately i have "cradle thumb".
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